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Hurdle Alu-Matic                                         the same time, can be ordered as extra equipment.       Mini hurdle
Fully automatic aluminium                                Adjustable heights from 686 mm to 1067 mm. IAAF
                                                                                                                 Mini hurdle is a must for training. This hurdle is
hurdle. Adjustment of the height                         certified no E-99-0007.
                                                                                                                 perfect for different types of training and play. Mini
and base weights is done simultaneously with one         art no 1126 426                               290 €     hurdle is light, thanks to manufactured completely
single handgrip. Base-weights are made of steel                                                                  of PVC. There are 2 heights, 6” (15,2 cm) and 12”
with Teflon bearings. All protruding parts have been                                                              (30,5 cm). Sells in sets of 6 pcs.
eliminated to prevent injuries and facilitate stacking
and transportation. The ingeniously simple hurdle                                                                Mini hurdle 6” (6 pcs)
cart on which you can transport up to 8 hurdles at                                                               art no 1126 410                                  59 €

                                                                                                                 Mini hurdle 12” (6 pcs)
                                                                                                                 art no 1126 411                                  66 €

Hurdle Alu Viking II                                     Hurdle Alu Viking Training                              Hurdle crossbar
Competition hurdle manufac-                              Very light training hurdle, manufac-                    Hurdle crossbar of weatherproof reinforced plastic.
tured completely of aluminium.                           tured completely of aluminium. This                     120 cm.
The base weights are galvanized to make adjustment       training hurdle has the same construction as its big    art no 1126 428                                   27 €
trouble free and easy. Height adjustment is control-     brother hurdle, Alu Viking II (1126 420), but without
led with safety spring locks. New design with special    counterweights. Adjustable heights from 686 mm
lowest height. Adjustable heights from 686 mm to         to 1067 mm.
1067 mm. IAAF certified no E-99-0008.                     art no 1126 423                                 85 €
art no 1126 420                                157 €

  All prices are ex Works and ex VAT

  82        track and field              hurdles
Water jump steeplechase                              Splash guard                                            Freestanding steeplechase
hurdle                                               Fabric splash guard to be placed under water jump       hurdle
Under structure of powder coated steel with hurdle   hurdle 1126 430.                                        With strong laminated wood hurdle crossbar. Under
bar of strong wood. For concrete embedment.          art no 1126 433                              168 €      structure of powder coated steel with hurdle bar of
Length 366 cm. Adjustable height.                                                                            strong wood. Length 396 cm or 500 cm. Adjustable
IAAF certified no E-03-0366.                                                                                  height. IAAF certified no E-99-0009.
art no 1126 430                            1 143 €                                                           art no 1126 429                              1 298 €

Hurdle cart sideloaded                               Hurdle cart                                             Hurdle cart steel
Steel cart with capacity of 40 hurdles. Four racks   Hurdle cart of galvanized steel profile. Takes approx.   A very stable cart made of strong steel profiles with
on each side for easy loading and unloading. Made    10 hurdles.                                             a skid rail for the hurdles. Very easy to manoeuvre
from a strong steel frame with sliding rails for     art no 1126 450                            1 005 €      with parallel front steering. The cart is open to the
hurdles.                                                                                                     back, making it easy to load and unload. Equipped
art no 1126 445                           5 239 €                                                            with large pneumatic tires. Capacity 30 hurdles.
                                                                                                             art no 1126 443                              2 087 €

Tilt hurdle                                          Small (40–60 cm)                                        Cart for steeplechase hurdles
Practise hurdle in three different
                                                     art no 1127 020                                64 €     Steel cart for one set of steeplechase hurdles.
heights. The hurdle returns automatically            Medium (55–84 cm)                                       art no 1126 436                              3 882 €
to upright position after being knocked down.        art no 1127 021                                72 €
                                                     Large (66–106 cm)
                                                     art no 1127 022                                79 €

                                                                                                                               All prices are ex Works and ex VAT

                                                                                                               hurdles           track and field            83

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Description: Hurdle originated in the United Kingdom. 17th and 18th century, the British are often beyond the shepherd the sheep pen, this game evolved into hurdles. A track and field events have been 100 years of history.