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mortgage broker letter - Acquisitions


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									   How Would You Like to Make Extra
  CASH on Your Refi Turndown Leads?
Dear <FirstNAME>,

   When a homeowner runs into trouble with their existing mortgage, the first
place they turn to is a mortgage broker. Most times the mortgage broker
can’t help them because they’re behind on payments, credit is too ugly, or
they don’t have enough equity.

   If you are NOW throwing these leads away, STOP! There is an alternative.
My company will buy these leads from you. You may be thinking “Who would want
these garbage leads?” Well, we would. We specialize in negotiating bad debt
with mortgage companies. I’m not going to get into it now because it is a
long complicated process.

   We have Ex-Bank Loss mitigators on staff that negotiate with these
mortgage companies so we can either buy the note at a discount or payoff the
mortgage at a discount. When the lender accepts a discount, we can then buy
the house at the price we need to, pay the owner some money to move and pay
you your referral fee for bringing us the deal.

It’s A WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone. The homeowner gets some money out of
their home even though they had no equity, the lender gets their bad debt off
their books, we get another property, and you make great money on a lead you
would’ve thrown away. I’d like to get together with you to talk further.

We are getting a lot of deals now that the market has turned on us. I’m not
complaining. I just want you to know how much in need our service is. You
need to call me now at 813-489-5515 if you want to take advantage of this
opportunity. I’ll work with the first 10 LO’s or brokers that call me.

      There are a few more ways I can help you “turn your trash into cash”
whenever you’re dealing with homebuyers as well as folks running into trouble
on their existing mortgage. Please call me. Let’s spend a few minutes on the
phone discussing how we might work together. It’s very simple and there’s no
cost. I’d also love to take you to lunch if you want.

      Call me now at (813) 489-5515. Tell whoever answers that you’re a
mortgage broker and you have leads to sell. Leave a message if I’m out and
I’ll call you back. I look forward to helping you earn more fees and


         Bob Schomaker
         Bob Schomaker
         Acquisitions Manager
         For all your refi turndown leads

P.S… Doesn’t it make sense to create a back end profit center for yourself
without having to spend any more money on marketing or spend any of your
valuable time calling on prospects that are really suspects? Call Me Now…

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