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									                    VALDERS VILLAGE BOARD MEETING MINUTES                               PLEDGE, CALLED TO
                           DECEMBER 1, 2010                                             ORDER & ROLL CALL

Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, the Public Hearing for the proposed 2011
Village Budget was opened at 4:00PM by President Burton. The Hearing remained           2011 BUDGET PUBLIC
open for five minutes with no one in attendance for the hearing. Motion by Burton,
second by Bartelme to close. The regular meeting of the Valders Village Board
was then convened by President Burton. Trustees present: Marcus Bartelme,
                                                                                        AGENDA APPROVED
Christopher Burton, James Freitag, Lyle Schwoerer & James Stanzel.

Motion by Stanzel, second by Schwoerer to adopt the revised agenda as
presented. Motion carried.                                                              MINUTES APPROVED

Motion by Bartelme, second by Freitag to approve minutes from 11/8/10 &
11/18/10 as presented by Clerk/Treasurer Bruckner. Motion carried.                      PUBLIC INPUT

No one present for public input, motion by Burton, second by Bartelme to close
public input. Motion carried.
                                                                                        TREASURER      REPORT
Motion by Stanzel, second by Freitag, to approve the November treasurer's report        APPROVED
as presented by Bruckner. Motion carried.
                                                                                        VILLAGE  VOUCHERS
Motion by Freitag, second by Stanzel to approve November Village vouchers;              APPROVED
check #45939-#46048 and electronic payments totaling $213,812.12 as presented
by Bruckner. Motion carried.

Motion by Bartelme, second by Schwoerer to approve November utility vouchers,           UTILITY  VOUCHERS
check #6808-#6814 and fund transfers totaling $43,423.91 as presented by Utility        APPROVED
Clerk Evenson. Motion carried.

Motion by Schwoerer, second by Bartelme to adopt the 2011 proposed Vill age             2011 VILLAGE BUDGET
budget with a levy of $275,190, and rounded mill rate of $4.85 per thousand dollar      APPROVED LEVY SET
of assessed property valuation for the 2010 tax roll. Motion carried.                   FOR $275,190/$4.85 MILL
Motion by Burton, second by Freitag to approve revised Certified Survey Map for
Warren & Pamela Lutze. The original was approved at the 6/14/10 meeting, and
                                                                                        APPROVED       CSM
was found to have an error by the Manitowoc County GIS Department, so a
                                                                                        WARREN & PAM LUTZE
corrected map has to be refiled. Motion carried.

Board reviewed the proposed 2011 Valders Public Utilities Water/Sewer budgets as
prepared by the committee. The sewer budget carries an increase of $5 per
quarter base fee for each metered service, a total of $20 per year. Motion by           APPROVED 2011 UTILITY
Bartelme, second by Schwoerer to approve the budget as presented. Motion                WATER/       SEWER
carried.                                                                                BUDGETS

The board reviewed a map and pricing for existing proposed parking spaces on US
Highway 151 submitted by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Police Chief
Riesterer is requesting an additional space on the north side of the road in front of
the Park View Apartments for traffic control. There is a DOT public meeting on          DISCUSSED US 151
December 9th from 4-6pm where the board, staff and the public can view the              PARKING SPACES WILL
                                                                                        BE         FURTHER
proposed project and ask questions. The issue will be placed on the January
                                                                                        DISCUSSED AT PUBLIC
meeting for a formal motion after further review with the DOT.
                                                                                        MEETING   AND    AT
                                                                                        JANUARY MEETING
Director of Public Works, Len Heimerman reported to the board that a pre -
construction meeting was held on 11/30/10 with our engineer, general contractor
Kruczek Construction and various subcontractors and utility officials. We are still
waiting on permits from the DNR to start construction. Work will begin on West
Washington Street and Jefferson Street as early as 12/6/10 if permits are received,     UPDATE ON UTILITY &
East Wilson Street & Spancrete Lane to follow. No utility construction work will        STREETCONSTRUCTIO
begin on US Highway 151 until the spring of 2011.                                       N PROJECT START DATE

EMS Director, Mark Busse presented the proposed 2011 EMS operating budget to
the board, with an estimated 700 calls/transports. Motion by Freitag, second by
Bartelme to approve the budget as presented. Motion carried.

Trustee Stanzel read a letter received from A & J Vans commending Chief
                                                                                        APPROVED 2011 EMS
Riesterer’s exemplarily performance in his assistance in the matter of Tammy
Dessart. The board thanked Riesterer for his efforts.

Board reviewed proposed new ordinances 7.10 Operation of ATV’s on Roadways
for the Purpose of Snow Removal and 9.20 Regulation of Smoking and Tobacco              POLICE       CHIEF
Products in Public Places as drafted by Riesterer and prepared by Bruckner.             COMMENDATION
Riesterer explained the need for the two new ordinances. Motion by Stanzel,             LETTER READ
second by Freitag to approve Resolution 2010-6 Notice to be Posted for
Addendum to the Municipal Code. Motion carried. It gives the public notice the
proposed ordinances are now available for public inspection at the Village Office       REVIEWED PROPOSED
prior to adoption at the January meeting.                                               NEW ORDINANCE 7.10 &
                                                                                        APPROVED RES 2010-6
                                                                                        TO   POST    PUBLIC
                                                                                        NOTICE OF PROPOSED
NEW ORDINANCES FOR PUBLIC INSPECTION                                                APPROVED TO MAKE
                                                                                    APPLICATION TO BCPL
12/01/2010 MINUTES                                                                  FOR TWO LOANS FOR
Board reviewed with Bruckner the revised estimated maximum amounts need ed to       2010-2011 STREET &
borrow, which now include engineering and 10% for project contingencies for the     UTILTY PROJECTS
2010/2011 Utility & Street Projects. The funds will be borrowed from the State of
Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL). The utility portion a 10
year term loan and the street portion a 20 year term. This type of loan allows
prepayments, which will provide additional interest savings after other existing
notes are paid. Additionally by taking outs loans and Bruckner completing the
paperwork, a savings of approximately $15,000 will be realized over the revenue
bond option. Bruckner explained the process takes about two months, starting with
submittal of application request forms, adopting resolutions at the next meeting,
and then filing certificates of indebtedness. Motion by Schwoerer, second by
Bartelme to submit loan applications as presented in the board packets. Motion
                                                                                    APPROVED TO PAY OFF
Motion by Freitag, second by Stanzel to approve to pay off the current BCPL note    ENTIRE LOAN BALANCE
on the Liberty/Washington Street Project on 1/15/11. Motion carried. Bruckner       OF              THE
estimated an interest savings of approximately $2,400 by paying it two years and    LIBERTY/WASHINGTON
two months early, utilizing our current street project savings funds.               STREET PROJECT

Motion by Schwoerer, second by Stanzel to approve beverage operators’ license       APROVED BEVERAGE
application for Jennifer A. Ott. Motion carried.                                    OPERATOR LICENSE

Motion by Schwoerer, second by Stanzel to approval renewal of a three year
                                                                                    APPROVED     THREE
contract for audit services for 2011, 2012 and 2013 with Ihlenfeld, Skatrud &       YEAR CONTRACT FOR
Anderson Inc. with a stipulation that the Village receives its audited financial    MUNICIPAL AUDITS
statement by May 1st each year. Motion carried.

Board reviewed with Riesterer proposed providers for pound services for the
Village as Manitowoc County no longer has a countywide contract with the            APPROVED          TO
Lakeshore Humane Society. Riesterer meet with officials from Lakeshore Humane       CONTRACT       WITH
Society in Manitowoc and the East Shore Humane Association in Chilton. After a      EASTSHORE HUMANE
lengthy discussion of options, including the possibility of housing strays at the   ASSOCIATION INC. FOR
village shop, a motion by Schwoerer, second by Bartelme to finalize the terms and   2011         POIUND
sign a one year contract with East Shore Humane Association for 2011 stray animal   SERVICES
services. Motion carried.

Motion by Freitag, second by Stanzel to approve Resolution 2010 -7, Disbursement
of the Village Share of Surplus Dog License Funds from Manitowoc County. Motion
carried.                                                                            RES 2010-7 APPROVED
                                                                                    DOG SURPLUS FUNDS
Board discussed current late pet license issuance penalty of $5. Motion by          TO BE DISBURSED TO
Bartelme, second by Schwoerer to increase to $15 per animal if not licensed by      VILLAGE        FROM
April 1st of each year. Motion carried.                                             COUNTY
                                                                                    APPROVED LATE PET
Motion by Freitag, second by Bartelme to adjourn the meeting at 5:37PM.             LICENSE     PENALTY
Motion carried.                                                                     FROM $5 UP TO $15

Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                    MEETING ADJOURNED
Lori Bruckner
Village Clerk/Treasurer

                                                                                    12/01/2010 MINUTES

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