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CTN_NIGERIA by xiuliliaofz


									                                REGION : UNITED KINGDOM
                                CARGO TRACKING N°:
                                Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison (BSC)
                                (for office use only)                                                  TPMS NIGERIA LTD.
                                                                                                       Transport & Port Management System
Nigerian Ports authority

Shipper (Chargeur) :
Forwarder (Transitaire) :
Consignée :
Notify party (a notifier à) :
Carrier (Armement) :                                                                     Sailing date :
                                                                                         (Date du départ)
Vessel (Navire) Voyage :                                                                 Port of loading :
                                                                                         (Port d'embarquement)
Port of discharge :                                                                      Place of delivery :
(Port de déchargement)                                                                   (Lieu de livraison)
Bill of loading N° :                                                                     Place/date of BL :
(Connaissement)                                                                          (Lieu et date d'émission)
Incoterm/Contrat de vente                    FOB                    CFR                          CIF/CAF                Other/autres

Kind of shipment                      Description of goods + containernumbers / chassisnumber(s)                                                 Freight
Mode d'embarquem.                                             Désignation                                                                     Fret maritime
I - FCL-Container

Quantity :

 Dry    Reefer    Other                                                                                                                     Charges :

 20'      40'     Other                                                                                                                     BAF :

II - Consolidation/
     Groupage                                                                                                                               CAF :
III - Vehicles

Quantity :                                                                                                                                  Others :
                          Volume (m ) :

IV - Bulk                 Total gross weight / Poids brut (Ton) :                                                                           Value :
    (Vrac)                Origine :

                                                   White (Blanc)    : receivers copy (copie réceptionnaire)

Freight payable at :                               Green (Vert)     : customs copy (copie douane)

Fret payable à                                     Blue (Bleu)      : harbour master's copy

Date CTN-issuance :                                Yellow (Jaune)   : authority's copy (copie agent)
Date d'émission BSC                                Pink (Rose)      : authority's agent copy (copie chargeur)

Name shipper/applicant                      Harbour master's                 Agents' stamp/                             Inspection and ISPS Code :
Nom chargeur/applicant                      visa                             signature/date                             Inspection et Code ISPS :

             NB : Take care of the ISPS CODE rules on Nigerian Ports
             Conformez-vous aux CODES ISPS pour toute cargaison à destination du Nigeria
                                    Nigerian Cargo Tracking Note

Please fill out the calculator to attain the price of your CTN

                          *Note - 1 Cargo Tracking Note required for each B/L*
    1      Cargo Tracking Note For Nigeria          £0 Per CTN                                                              £0.00

    1      20' Container Priced              £50 Per Container                                                          £50.00

    0      40' Container Priced             £100 Per Container                                                              £0.00

    0      Vehicle Less than 5 Tonnes (Unit Weight)                         £50 Per Vehicle                                 £0.00

    0      Vehicle More than 5 Tonnes (Unit Weight)                       £100 Per Vehicle                                  £0.00

    0      Weight/Measure of Consolidated, Break Bulk or Conventional (£5 per W/M)                                          £0.00
               (If less than minimum charge, please enter below the number of CTN's applicable to minimum charge)

           Number of Minimum Charge CTN's for Consolidated, Break Bulk or Conventional                                      £0.00
                                                                       (£50 per CTN under minimum)

                                                                                               CTN Price                £50.00

                                                                        Stationary & Delivery of CTN                    £19.90
                                                  (£19.90 for the first CTN, £8.90 every CTN after)

           Enter Y here if ELSEWHERE CTN Administration Fee (£49.00 Per CTN) applies                                        £0.00

           Enter Y here if international dispatch required                                                                  £0.00

           Enter Y here if you require Dolphin Movers to complete your CTN                                                  £0.00
                      (a copy of B/L & Freight Invoice will be Required)

           Enter Y here if you are paying by Credit Card                                                                    £0.00
                      (this will apply the 2.5% surcharge)
           Enter Y here if you are paying by AMEX                                                                           £0.00
                      (this will apply the 3% surcharge)
                                    Sub Total       £69.90                        Complete CTN Price                    £69.90

Name & Delivery address for CTN & Receipt:

       **In order for speedy CTN delivery the following two options of payment are acceptable**

Please indicate your payment option: (please enter X where applicable)
Payment on account in advance                                              Credit/Debit Card

Please indicate the amount payable                                £                                              Date

                                               CREDIT / DEBIT CARD AUTHORISATION

CREDIT CARD PAYMENT (please enter X where applicable)
VISA               MASTERCARD                           OTHER
Please note there is 2.5% surcharge on all credit cards. (Please add to final amount)

DEBIT CARD PAYMENT (please enter X where applicable)
DELTA              SWITCH/SOLO                          VISA DEBIT         VISA ELECTRON              MAESTRO
There will be no surcharge applied to debit cards.

Full Name of Cardholder

Full Address of Cardholder

Postcode                                                      Tel No

Card No                                                                                                Exp Date

Issue No                                                Issue Date                             Security Code

I authorise the following amount to be debited                         £
                                                                                               The card security code (CSC) is usually a 3 digit
(a maximum £800 can be paid by any form of card)                                               number, which is not part of the credit card
I authorise a debit amount not over                                    £                       number. The CSC is typically printed on the back
                                                                                               of the credit card (usually in the signature field)

                                                               BANK DETAILS
                                                   (FOR PAYMENTS ON ACCOUNT IN ADVANCE ONLY)

Name of Beneficiary:                                    Dolphin Movers Ltd
Bank Name & Address:                                    Barclays Bank Plc
                                                        Edgware Rd & Marble Arch Business Centre
                                                        PO Box 32016, London NW1 2ZH
Sort Code:                                              20-65-63
Account No:                                             70322989
IBAN:                                                   IBAN GB38 BARC 2065 6370 3229 89
Swift No:                                               BARCGB22
BIC Code:                                               6110
                       NIGERIAN PORTS AUTHORITY

The Federal Executive Council at its meeting held on 9th December, 2009 approved the
implementation of Cargo Tracking Note System as part of procedure for cargo security and

Consequently from 11th January, 2010 every commodity loaded or unloaded (Import/Export),
at or with Nigeria as the final destination has to, prior of shipment, obtain a Cargo Tracking
Note or International Cargo Tracking document from a Nigerian Ports Authority representative
at all ports around the world.

Therefore, all cargo destined for or out of Nigeria (Import/ Export) need to be accompanied by
a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) and every bill of lading has to be accompanied by a
corresponding CTN number.

Requirement of Shipper:

A Cargo Tracking Note is with effect from 11th January 2010, part of the documentation
required for cargo clearance, consequently, each bill of lading must correspond to a Cargo
Tracking Note issued by authorised representative.

The Company: “Transport and Ports Management System (TPMS) Ltd (TPMS Antaser Afrique)’’
which is designated by the Federal Government of Nigeria is hereby confirmed as the sole
representative of Nigerian Ports Authority and the only authorised agent to issue a Cargo
Tracking Note.

For further information, please contact the following addresses:

International Operational Office
Duboisstraat 46
2060 Antwerpen
Tel: + 3238270700
Fax: + 3238270600


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