Acknowledgment of Work Rules


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									This Acknowledgement of Work Rules is given to employees to show that they have
read and understand the company's work rules. This document states that the
employee understands that he or she is expected to conform to the rules and is subject
to termination for failure to conform to said rules. It further states that the employee has
a duty to report violations to a supervisor and that the company reserves the right to
change the rules at any time. This document is useful to employers to preserve the
right to discharge at-will employees with or without cause.
                                  Acknowledgment of Work Rules

Name of Employee: ______________________________________________
Social Security number:_________________________________________

       I have read and understand the Company’s work rules. I acknowledge that I am
expected to conform to those rules and that I am subject to termination for failure to
conform to the said rules. It is understood that any modification to the work rules must
be in writing and signed by an individual with the authority to modify work rules, such as
the President or Vice President. In addition, I acknowledge that I have a duty to report to
my supervisor any violations of the work rules by other employees.

I understand that these work rules do not constitute a contract of employment, express
or implied, between me and (Name of Company) and that I should not view it as such,
or as a guarantee of employment for any specific duration. I further understand that the
Company reserves the right to change these rules at any time.

Witness my signature this the ____ day of _______________, 20______.

                                                                     (Printed Name of Employee)
                                                                     (Signature of Employee)

(Printed Name of Supervisor)
(Signature of Supervisor)

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