2010 China-Chengde 3rd International Photographic Exhibition

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					         2010 China-Chengde 3rd International Photographic Exhibition

Deadline of submission: August 10, 2010 (Arrived date)
Judging: August 20, 2010
Exhibition: September 25, 2010 in Chengde City, China

     China·Chengde International Photographic Exhibition is jointly organized by
China Photographers Association and Chengde Municipal People’s Government.
Since 2006, two exhibitions have held successfully and enjoyed great popularity as
well as support from professional and amateur photographers from home and abroad.
     Now 2010 China·Chengde 3rd International Photographic Exhibition will be
held soon. We cordially invite professional and amateur photographers submit enries
to the exhibition.

I.      The rules
  1. The exhibition is open to all photographic organizations, professional and amateur
photographers all over the world.

  2. The themes and numbers of photos sbumitted either monochrome or color are
free, series photos are accepted.

 3. The number of each series photos is 4-8 and stuck together in correct order with
one transparent adhesive tape. Individual vertical pictures in group photos are kindly
required to put in horizontal way together with other pictures of the same sesries.

 4. Photos once accepted or awarded in previous national and international
photographic exhibitions held by China Photographers Association are NOT eligible.

  5. Size of entries: The long side for rectangle pictures is 10 inches(25cm), square
pictures should be 8 inches x 8inches ( 20cm x 20cm ). And the size of abnormal
photos should be no larger than 80 square inches. The photos submitted should be
unmounted. Please fill in the entry form (download from on your
computer and send it together with your photos to CPA..

  6. The size for digital images, high resolution is required: the long side of the
images is no lower than 2400 pixels in JPEG. Format. Please send the entries
together with the entry form to the e-mail box of the International
Liaison Department of CPA and informing the subject of the email is “Chengde

  7. Photographers are fully responsible for the legal issues concerning the copyright,
the right to portrait in relevant of the entries, as well as the right of reputation.
   8. The organizer of the exhibition shoulders No responsibilities for the damages or
losses of entries during the course of mail or any other accidents.

  9. Entry fee: Euros 12/USD 15/per person.(Cash only, no check) .

  10. The disqualified entries will not be judged.

II.     Awards:
   Around 200 photos ( groups ) will be accepted in the exhibition. Of which:
   1, Color pictures: 120 pictures ( groups )
Gold medal: 3
Silver medal: 5
Bronze medal: 8
Excellent works: 12
   2, Monochrome pictures: 80 pictures ( groups )
Gold medal: 2
Silver medal: 4
Bronze medal:
6 Excellent works: 10.
Besides medals, all awarded and accepted works will get a certificate and a catalog
      Gold medal winners will be invited to attend the opening ceremony of the
exhibition held in Chengde city and one-week photo creation around the city. They
will bear their return travel fare to and from Chengde while the city government will
be responsible for the expenses including food, accommodation and local traffic
during their stay in Chende.

III.    Postal address:
   Addressee: Mrs. Zhou Jing
   International Liaison Department of China Photographers Association
   (Chengde Photographic Exhibition)
   The Fourth Floor,
   Wan Shang Hui Digital Mall,
   No. 2, Zhushikou Eastern Street,
   Chongwen District,
   Beijing, P.R. China
   Post code: 100062

  Tele/Fax: 86-10-65255117


  P.S. Please mentioned in the evelop:

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