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					Compaq AlphaStation XP900 Workstation

   Alpha 21264 466 MHz processor provides performance leadership with up to twice the power of
    comparable solutions
   Powerful application performance and scalability from the latest generation AlphaPowered
   Runs OpenVMS, the industry’s only workstation that can be clustered
   State-of-the-art audio and 2D and 3D graphics
   Best price/performance of any OpenVMS-supported workstation
   All the benefits of OpenVMS Clusters at the user's fingertips -- allows files to be shared with
    other nodes from desktop to data center

The Compaq AlphaStation XP900 continues Compaq’s commitment to its OpenVMS customers by offering
a powerful platform at an affordable price. OpenVMS users have requested increased performance and
advanced sound and graphic capabilities for their workstation environment -- the AlphaStation XP900 was
designed to meet those demands. The Compaq AlphaStation XP900 delivers high performance for
developing and deploying 64-bit OpenVMS applications.
The AlphaStation XP900 is the first high-performance Alpha-powered 21264 workstation supporting the
Compaq OpenVMS operating environment. It represents a new line of Compaq workstations developed
specifically to support Compaq’s ongoing commitment to OpenVMS users. Offering plenty of headroom,
the new workstations will grow with customer needs to incorporate the latest Alpha technology -- faster bus
speeds, larger cache, and more memory.
Designed as a follow-on to the AlphaStation 255 and 500 family, the AlphaStation XP900 delivers high
speed yet requires minimal or no changes to current applications. Since many OpenVMS applications were
custom-developed, users can be assured of continuing OpenVMS support. Compaq will continue to enhance
OpenVMS by adding innovative new features to this industry-leading commercial operating system in future
releases. The AlphaStation XP 900 workstation, and follow-on desktop products, will deliver the graphic
and audio functions that users require -- well into the next century.
Compaq created the AlphaStation XP900 workstation with the future built-in by designing the system to
take maximum advantage of advanced, high-bandwidth technologies and by supporting industry standards
such as 64-bit PCI, PCI RAID, Fast Ethernet, PCI Ultra2-Wide SCSI, and dedicated high-speed processor
cache for investment longevity. The AlphaStation XP900 is Year 2000-ready. Internet-energized software is
included with every AlphaStation system.
The AlphaStation XP 900 is the first 21264 (EV6) workstation running OpenVMS in the industry that can
be clustered, thus providing all the benefits inherent in clustering -- high availability, reliability, resource
sharing, and disaster tolerance. As a result, users can easily share files with other nodes from desktop to
data center and have all the resources of the Internet at their fingertips. Since it is fully supported as an
OpenVMS Cluster node, users can run their application on a server and display it on their client
workstations -- freeing up valuable local disk space.
Here are representative examples of how the power of this workstation can help businesses today.
   Healthcare -- Reliability is not an option in the medical world, but a necessity. The AlphaStation
    XP900 for offers the high reliability users require, plus the ability to take advantage of clustering to
    ensure high availability.
   Manufacturing -- The price wars are on, and manufacturers thrive by bringing new products to market
    faster and at lower cost. To stay competitive, technology will make the difference. A workstation that
    handles up to twice the workload of the competition is definitely an advantage.
   Financial -- Today’s global financial market never sleeps. To keep pace with the economy, users need
    to trade and work at lightning speed. With the AlphaStation XP900, technology changes from an
    expense to a revenue-generating asset.
   Lottery and gaming -- With an affordable AlphaStation XP900, custom-developed solutions can now
    run at breakthrough speed. And using OpenVMS clustering essentially eliminates risks.

   Desktop design
   Alpha 21264 466 MHz 64-bit processor with 2 MB L2 cache
   Optimized to run OpenVMS
   128-bit wide, 1.2 GB/s peak bandwidth
   Up to 2 GB ECC-protected 100 MHz SDRAM DIMM memory
   Up to two available PCI expansion slots
   Up to 20 GB internal IDE storage (2 x 10 GB)
   Up to 27 GB internal SCSI Storage (3 x 9 GB) with optional SCSI adapter
   Dual embedded 10/100Base-T ports saves slots
   CD-ROM standard, plus two 5.25-inch front-access slots for DAT backup
   2D/3D graphics support
   Multi-head graphics support
   Multimedia services and audio support
   OpenVMS Clusters client software license
   Remote console management

   Alpha 466 MHz 21264 processor provides performance leadership with up to twice the power of
    comparable solutions
   Better and faster access with 1.2 GB/s memory bandwidth (peak)
   Powerful application performance and scalability from the latest generation AlphaPowered processors
   Outstanding performance ratings -- SPECint of 25 and SPECfp of 47
   Industry’s only workstation running OpenVMS that can be clustered
   State-of-the-art 2D and 3D graphics, multimedia, and audio support
   Best price/performance of any OpenVMS-supported workstation
   Bet-your-business data availability through advanced OpenVMS clustering technology
   Designed to support 64-bit industry standards -- PCI, RAID, Fast Ethernet
   Exceptional systems management with Compaq server management software
   Compaq-designed innovative I2C-based server management, in addition to integrated ServerWORKS
   Lower total cost of ownership, easier to install, more reliable
   Designed from the ground up just for the needs of OpenVMS customers
   Flexible ordering -- System can be tailored to suit unique needs

Availability and ordering
The Compaq AlphaStation XP900 is orderable in June 1999.
Order No.          Description
                   Compaq AlphaStation XP900 Workstations
SN-DB10Q-AD        AlphaStation XP900 6/466 MHz OpenVMS, 128 MB Memory, 9GB
SN-PB10A-AC        AlphaStation XP900 6/466 MHz OpenVMS, CTO
                   Memory Options
SN-MS310-AA        64 MB Memory Option, 2x32 MB DIMMs
SN-MS310-BA        128 MB Memory Option, 2x64 MB DIMMs
SN-MS310-CA        256 MB Memory Option, 2x128 MB DIMMs
SN-MS310-DA          512 MB Memory Option, 2x256 MB DIMMs
SN-MS310-EA          1024 MB Memory Option 2x512 MB DIMMs

3 years, first year onsite, second and third year return to Depot for Repair

Three-year onsite warranty, 24-hour response standard -- optional warranty upgrades available.

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 Compaq US Call Center -- 800-344-4825
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