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									                                                                            ACP-WG I-09/WP-03
                   International Civil Aviation Organization

                   WORKING PAPER

                 Aeronautical Communication Panel
                Working Group I – Internet Protocol Suite

                              October 20-24, 2008
                               Montreal, Canada

    ATN/IPS Manual Reference to EUROCAE Documents
                   On VoIP for ATM

                         Prepared by: Eivan Cerasi


This paper provides a brief overview of the EUROCAE Documents VoIP for ATM.
As WGI was expecting to reference these documents, this paper proposes actions in
view of their future publication.
1     Background

1.1.1    VoIP was first identified as a task associated with WGI as documented in the ACP/1

1.1.2    WGI provided a status review of VoIP related activities during WG-W/2, indicating
         the intention to make (if appropriate) an external reference to EUROCAE

1.1.3    Presently, the EUROCAE Documents remain to be published.

2     Status of EUROCAE Documents on VoIP

2.1     Document Set

2.1.1    EUROCAE organized an open consultation on three documents ED136, ED137 and
         ED138 during July 2008. The open consultation provided the opportunity for external
         comment and will lead to the final version of the document set.

2.1.2    ED136 is the operational and technical requirements document. It was the hardest to
         develop. ED136 exceeds existing operational requirements as it includes new
         advanced requirements that have yet to reach a “universal status”.

2.1.3    ED137 is the Interoperability standards for VoIP ATM components document. It is
         intentionally limited to interoperability between components of VoIP ATM System
         and takes on board most (but not all) of the above advanced requirements.

2.1.4    ED138 is the IP Network requirements and Performances documents. It defines the IP
         Network requirements and performances to support ATM VoIP between components
         and is in line with the ICAO ATN/IPS.

2.1.5    Finally the ED139 ER139 Qualification tests for VoIP ATM Components document
         was not part of the open consultation procedure as it will be published as a
         EUROCAE Report.

2.2     Publication of EUROCAE Documents

2.2.1    The three EUROCAE Documents are expected to be finalized before the end of the
         year and then submitted to the EUROCAE Council for approval.

2.2.2    Availability of published documents is expected around March 2009.
3    ACP WGI Review of EUROCAE Docume nts

3.1.1     As a result, ACP WGI is not in position to review the final published version of the
          EUROCAE Documents before the end of 2008 making any referencing from the
          ATN/IPS Manual difficult.

3.1.2     It is expected that these documents can be reviewed during 2009 to progress the
          ACP/1       task     list   relating     to    VoIP     as    documented     in

3.1.3     However, in addition to the availability of published documents for review and
          referencing, a series of activities may impact their content:    New ETSI Plug-tests are foreseen in spring 2009; and    Pre-operational validation of VoIP is expected to be performed by a number of
           European ANSPs.

4    Proposed Course of Action for ACP WGI

4.1.1     In view of the above status, the two following actions are proposed:    In order to conclude the first edition of the ATN/IPS Manual, add a note in Part III
           (Guidance) indicating the imminent availability of VoIP specifications published by
           EUROCAE as a source of VoIP specifications.    Report the situation to ACP members in order that they re-evaluate the tasks
           relating to VoIP for the ACP working groups.

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