Holiday Letter 2006 by qingyunliuliu


									Dear Friends,

       HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope that you had a wonderful time with family
and friends over the holidays. We are back to work and busy setting both
personal and professional goals for the New Year…but before 2006 is too far
away we wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for making our success
possible. This year in lieu of fancy holiday cards and thank you gifts we
decided to donate to a number of charities that our team selected.

        Our amazing staff continues their very busy lives outside the office all of
which brings great dynamics, energy and enthusiasm to our office. A few
highlights from this past year: Mae Rose was born in July to Moira who worked
up until going into labor and was back to work in a flash (was she ever really
gone?); Rebecca’s enthusiasm for walking marathons motivated a client to join
her in completing one in San Francisco and another in Virginia Beach (go
Ellen!) and her training continues; Anne Marie jaunted off to England to
rendezvous with an old friend, camped at Medieval reenactment retreats and
in the spring will present a paper to the 42nd International Medieval Congress;
Mel took a long overdue trip to enjoy her family in Florida over the holidays.

        As the real estate market quieted down from the frenzied pace of the last
few years we took the opportunity to pursue getting licensed in additional
states. So now, in addition to Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia,
Delaware and Florida, we also hold title licenses for North Carolina, South
Carolina, West Virginia, Indiana and New York….New Jersey and Pennsylvania
are still pending. So, if you are considering a 2nd or 3rd home, investment
property or are relocating we can assist you!

       This past year I taught a lot of “Continuing Education” for Realtors.
While teaching requires a lot of research and preparation the whole team
pitches in and helps. We have created a huge game board for “Settlement
Pros Land” (our take on Candy Land) and our own Jeopardy board. Playing a
game helps the 3 hour class fly by. I really enjoy the teaching and I always
learn something new from my class…I just need a power nap afterwards! If
you would like to attend any of our classes just get in touch and we will add you
to our announcement list.

        Starting around November we saw a considerable up-tick in real estate
activity. Talk of multiple offers and quick transactions, as in days gone by, has
gotten everyone excited again, so only time can tell what our spring market will
hold. The economists say that our Washington market is a “micro-market” that
continued to appreciate this year…just not at double digit rates. With interest
rates having taken a recent dip you might want to hop off the fence if you are
considering a transaction sometime in the next year and get it done before
everyone else realizes the market has picked-up. Now is also a great
opportunity to take another look at your interest rate to see if it makes sense to
refinance out of an adjustable rate. Just a thought….
       A very exciting piece of new business for the coming year is that we
have been selected as the designated settlement agent for Fox Hill Senior
Condominium at River and Burdette. Sunrise Corporation is developing this
beautiful compound and anyone wanting more information should stop in to the
sales center. We are giving monthly seminars on the home buying process
and look forward to handling the 240 settlements starting in 2008!

         At the Siegel home it has been a big transition year as Amanda, Cydney
and Nathan left home and went off to college together at Indiana University in
Bloomington. Yes, 3 together…no one can believe it but the girls talked Nathan
into it and he is glad they did. Coincidentally, they are in the same dorm but on
different floors! It made move-in day much more manageable…did I say day?
I meant, move-in week! They are loving college life and see each other often.
Jon, Paige and I have enjoyed our trips to visit at every opportunity and then
some….Freshman Parent’s Weekend, regular Parent’s Weekend and even a
spur of the moment sick visit. Paige who now loves being an only child at
home just turned 12 and she is most delighted about not having to share our 3
dogs. On any given night you can find Dewey, Lewes and Trixie all in bed with
Paige. Quite a sight! Paige is an amazing athlete and plays soccer, basketball
and tennis. Her schedule is packed tight with either games or practices and
she is presently trying out for a new soccer team which will take her to a more
competitive level.

       Our vacation home in Florida has turned out to be a wonderful family
retreat….no TV (by Mom’s choice), which leaves lots of time for books,
Dominoes, pinball, pool and boating. Over one vacation the kids kept a
reading chart as a contest. Amanda won the reading contest with over 500
pages read in a short time but the best was when I woke up one morning to a
note stuck in Cyd’s door….”Don’t wake me up….stayed up all night reading!”
Eureka! I have continued my reading of Presidential Biographies and every
once in awhile spice it up with some Historical Fiction. I have also enjoyed
taking tennis and boating lessons….I’m getting better at both!

         It was great to hear from so many of you that have family and friends in
the Sarasota area, keep making introductions for us and if you want any
information about real estate on the West Coast of Florida I would be happy to
fill you in……now is the time to buy!

      I would love to hear from you, even if it has been awhile, call or write, or 301-907-8100. Thank you again for the privilege of
working with you again and again over the years.


       P. Joy Siegel, Attorney-at-Law
       Settlement Pros, Inc.

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