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Starting a business online is easy if you know the right tools and techniques. One of the first things that a web administrator has to do is to increase web traffic. This ebook will provide some useful insights to guide website owners in expanding their site and their business.

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What is Search Engine Optimization Anyway?

Search Engine Optimization , or SEO is a series of techniques for
driving traffic, or visitors to your website.

So what does it mean to drive traffic, or visitors to your website?

If all or part of your business is online, you need visitors to your
website; and not just any visitors. You need highly qualified,
targeted visitors.

It will be critical to develop a strategy that will allow you to
increase the number of people that land on your web pages every

In order for all of these highly targeted visitors to find you, you’ll
need to extend your reach across the Internet so that you optimize

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your website on the many 100’s of search engines out there; the
most popular being Google.

Let’s start with how search engines work. Then focus on search
engine optimization tips and strategies that you can use to optimize
your website and drive 100’s, even 1000 of visitors every day.

Website Crawlers That Look For Your Website Content

Search engines send out what I like to call “crawlers” that land on
your website and absorb all of the information or content that you
have on the site.

 These crawlers want to learn everything about your site. The
crawlers devour your content and then take this information back
to their home base- let’s say Google. The crawlers share the
information found on your site at their home base.

It’s the content and the keywords contained in the content that will
help the home base, in this case Google, rank your website for the
search engines. If you have a high site ranking, your web page
will be found on the first few pages of the search engine. The
lower our website ranking the lower you are in page rank.

Unfortunately, the lower you are in page rank, the less likely you
will be found by people online who are looking for your type of

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The content on your website will need to be presented in a clear,
easy to navigate way so that the search engine crawlers will
quickly learn what your site is about. This is how the crawlers let
the home base know where to rank your website on its pages.

Basically the more you can impress the search engines with your
content, the higher the ranking so you should add quality content
such as articles and videos on a regular basis.

But it’s not enough to just add articles and videos to your site.

The Importance of Backlinks—Another Search Engine
Optimization Tip

The other very important part of search engine optimization is
getting what is called back links to your website.

Back links are links that connect another website directly to pages
on your website. When a visitor finds your “back link” on someone
else’s website, and clicks on it, the visitor is redirected to your

Back links are crucial because your ranking in with the search
engines is heavily based on how many other comparable websites
are linking back to your website.

Search engines like Google view the fact that other relevant sites
are back linking to your site as proof of your authority or expertise

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in your subject matter which means that the search engines will
move your website up in the rankings.

So, How Do I Get These Back Links?

If you have a small business with a small budget which accounts
for most businesses on the web, you’ll want to get your back links
organically; that is create videos and articles that can be distributed
to other websites which in turn will provide back links back to
your website.

You’ll also want to create high quality content that people will
naturally want to link to.

If you’d like to learn about the many free or super cheap search
engine optimization tips there are that will help you rank higher in
the search engines and drive quality traffic, click on the link below
for more information.

Many new businesses fail, simply because they have not optimized
their website. Your business does not have to be one of them if
you think strategically and use the many resources available to you
to drive free or low cost traffic to your site.

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn more search engine
optimization tips that helped me drive 100’s of daily visitors to my

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