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					Expanding the Depth and Breadth of

        C1C Naomi Ballard
   Before Immersion
   CSLIP Jordan 2009
   CSLIP Egypt 2010
   Goals of Immersion
   Results of Immersion
   What Happens Now?
   Misconceptions about Arabs
       Being Arab and being Muslim are not the same
         Many Americans use these terms interchangeably
       Muslim=Terrorist
   Uncomfortable
       Differences in dress and appearance
       Mannerisms
       Am I going to offend someone?
   6 weeks of school in Amman at MALIC
   6 weeks of school in Amman at MALIC
   Cultural trips every weekend
       Madaba, Mt. Nebo
       Aum Qais, Ajloun, Jerash
       River Jordan, Dead Sea
       Jerusalem
       Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba
   General Impressions
     Once people realize you are American, they want to
      practice their English with you
     Never met a nation more passionate about their
     Beginning to Westernize

   Very gentle introduction to the Middle East
   6 weeks of school in Cairo at Arab Academy
       Focus on Vocab, Reading, Speaking, Grammar, and
   Cultural homework
       Interviews with locals
       Buying ingredients for a classic dish at the market
       Bartering at Khan al-Khalili

   Cultural trips every weekend
     Pyramids at Giza
     Alexandria
     Islamic Cairo vs. Coptic Cairo
     Aswan to Luxor
     Mount Sinai, Dahab
   General Impressions
       Caught between two times
       Everywhere we went, we were connected to our
       They take nothing for granted

   Immense range of lifestyles in the Middle East
   Use the language
       Not just in class, but on the street
       Improve listening ability
       Engage in conversation
   Broaden my cultural horizons
       Food: Universal Language
       Markets
       Public Transportation
   Opportunities to deepen my understanding of
    their worldview
       US involvement in the Middle East
       Marriage vs. divorce
       Religion
   Opportunities to broaden and deepen their
    understanding of Americans
       Hollywood
       “Stupid American”
       When in Rome…
   Stay in touch with friends I made
   Continue my Middle East education
   Teach those around me
       Off-color jokes
       Disparaging terms
       Generalizations
   Motivate others to go expand and deepen their
       Move outside your comfort zone