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									                             Central Missouri CPCU Chapter
                               Tuesday, October 12, 2010
                          Held at Peachtree Banquet & Catering

President Sandy Henderson called the meeting to order at 12:00p.m. 70 members and guests
were on the roster to attend.

Our featured employer for October was Columbia Insurance Group. Ben Galloway welcomed
three members of senior manager at Columbia Insurance Group; Gary Thompson, Roger
Ballard and Gina Boone. Gary Thompson, President and COO of Columbia Insurance Group
shared an overview of Columbia Insurance Group‟s start, current staffing and market as well as
future goals. Gary also welcomed Dennis Holler of Munich Re who was visiting Columbia.
Dennis is an officer of the Kansas City Chapter. In appreciation for Columbia Insurance Group‟s
continued support of CPCU, Sandy Henderson presented each member of the CIG
management team with a CPCU logo water bottle. Our chapter also presented CIG with a copy
of the dvd „The CPCU Experience‟.

Mitch McGoffin introduced Lt. Debbie Sorrell, Asst. Fire Marshall. Debbie shared information
regarding National Fire Safety Month. The Chapter presented a check for $250 to purchase
smoke detectors for Boone County residents.

Ben Galloway introduced Columbia‟s Mayor, Dr. Bob McDavid. The Mayor spoke on his new
role as mayor and the challenges facing Columbia. An honorary donation was made to the
Voluntary Action Center on behalf of the Mayor.

Officer and Committee Chair Reports:

Secretary update given by Monica Salmons. Monica shared highlights from the September
chapter meeting minutes. Mitch McGoffin moved to approve the minutes, Louesa Runge Fine
seconded, and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer update by Jon Erickson. As of 9/30/2010, checking balance is $7699.15 and
Money Market Balance is$10,783.71. Jon presented the proposed budget for 2010-2011.
Tammy Canton made a motion to approve the budget. Louesa Runge Fine seconded the
motion. The budget was approved.

I-Day update given by Louesa Runge Fine. The I-Day committee had their first meeting on
Tuesday, September 21 from 7:30-9:00am at State Farm Insurance. Discussion was held
regarding dates and location, as well as brainstorming potential topics and speakers.

Please mark your calendar – I-Day will be held on Tuesday, March 8. The Reynolds Center on
the University of Missouri-Columbia campus will again be the I-Day location. Their rental and
food charges are extremely competitive, and the rental fee will remain the same as last year.
We did address the sound and microphone issues we‟ve had in the past; after speaking with the
manager responsible for AV set-up who expressed a desire to correct past problems and
indicated improvements have been made, the committee was comfortable in moving forward.
Several potential speakers have been approached to check their potential availability and fees.
Anyone who has a speaker/topic to recommend should share this with an I-Day committee
member as soon as possible. A reminder of our committee members:
Christy Ford
Amanda Shope
Sandy Henderson
Monica Salmons
Mark Fine
John Reehl
Dave Jansen
Janis Campbell
John Ramsey
Alexis Nixon (representing IPMM)

The next committee meeting will be at Shelter Insurance on Wednesday, October 20 at 7:30am.

Program Committee update given by Tammy Canton.
Next Meeting:          November 9, 2010
                       Peachtree Center
                       Lunch 11:30AM – 1:00PM
Speaker: Shann Sievers, Director of HR for MeM. This will be a career
development program and Shann will be speaking on current tips for resume‟
writing and interviewing.

Announcements:        In November we are looking for our missing members and we
                      need everyone to help. There is a list of members who have
                      not attended a meeting so far this year or last year on the
                      sign-in table for you to pick up as you leave. Bring as many
                      of these missing members to our November meeting as you
                      can. For each missing member you bring your name will be
                      entered for a door prize. There will also be a drawing for
                      those attendees that have not regularly attended.

Good Works/Networking given by Lauren Sandifer. Lauren reported on the October 20th
social and let everyone know that the club will be making a donation that night to the Honor
Flight and we will take personal donations if anyone would like to. Members can pay for their
guests on the night of the social (I have had several questions re that). Lori Meyer has planned
the November Good Works event. It will be on Thursday, November 18th and we will volunteer
to work at the Central MO Food Bank. Members will meet at 5:30, have pizza and then work
from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Lauren and Lori will ask for an RSVP prior to the event so they can
let the food bank know how many workers to expect and so that we know how much pizza to
get. Members and their families will be encouraged to participate.

New Designee update was given by Ben Galloway. Ben shared an update from the 2010
Annual Conferment meeting.

Candidate Development update was given by Diane Kidwell. In November, the Committee
will be contacting those candidates that have less than 5 exams remaining. They will
encourage them to continue, and provide one of two brochures, “Why CPCU” or “Insuring Your
Success”. Shelter employees will man the CPCU booth at Shelter‟s Education Fair November
11th. The committee will provide brochures to present to employees that may consider
matriculating for the CPCU designation. Again, if your company plans to hold a similar type fair,
let Michelle or Diane know so they can provide your company CPCU representatives with
materials to hand out.

Spread-the-Word update given by Diane Kidwell. Dianne shared that the Chapter has a
variety of brochures to use at industry fairs, and to present along with „The CPCU Experience”
CD to Company Executives as they are highlighted at our meetings. The Chapter has ordered
specific items from the CPCU Marketplace. Beginning today, we will have a CPCU Pen and
Pedometer available for an additional door prize drawing. These items will be used to further
the “Spread-the-Word” efforts of our chapter. Diane encouraged members to invite others to
the Chapter website, so that they can see the educational meetings we offer, as well as, so that
you are informed of upcoming events. Watch for pictures and articles of today‟s chapter
meeting including the presentation made to the Lt. Sorrell; the joint meeting with IPMM on
October 20th for the Honor's Flight; and Shelter's job fair, November 11th. Diane reminded
members to let the committee know if your company is having a job fair, or your committee is
sponsoring an activity, please contact a member of the Spread-the-Word committee so that we
may help cover the event.

Website update given by Matt Bronson. Matt thanked Diane Kidwell for her notes from our
last presentation which have been posted on the website. The program notes and meeting
minutes for all monthly meetings are available on the website. We are looking for volunteers to
contribute to this section, please contact Valerie or Matt if you are interested. Matt gave a
reminder to all committee chairs to please submit event information on the Chapter Calendar
portion of our website as soon as event dates are finalized.

Education Committee update was given by Mitch Magoffin. Mitch shared an update on his
progress toward attaining CPD status. How many points he has and how he got them? He
shared how easy it is to accumulate the points and how other members can do it too. Mitch
also mentioned the e-mail I sent soliciting volunteers for our Speakers Bureau and give
recognition to those who have already responded that they would be willing to join. Plan to
have a firm list by the November meeting that we can work with.

Membership Committee update was given by Sandy Henderson.
The Central MO Chapter is planning to offer free tutoring sessions for CPCU 540 in 2011. This
Finance & Accounting course seems to present challenges for some individuals and we wanted
to help these individuals complete their CPCU studies by providing additional instruction. An
email was sent to individuals in the Mid-Missouri area who still have CPCU 540 to complete,
offering this free service. The response has been very positive, with over 25 individuals
indicating they would like to take advantage of this. Clint Smith has volunteered to teach these
tutoring sessions. Clint is a CPCU student himself, but has passed 540 and has a degree in
Finance. We are extremely grateful to him for stepping up and volunteering. This is a huge
commitment of time and effort. Our plan is to hold an open house later this year to discuss the
specifics on the day of the week, the length of the sessions, the testing window etc. We may
have more than one tutoring session next year, as there is interest in offering this in several
different testing windows. Depending on the success of these sessions, it is possible that our
Chapter could again offer a full-fledged instructor led class for other CPCU courses. This
depends on the interest of the students and if we have someone committed to teaching these
Door prize drawing was made and the winner of a $25 Visa gift card was Roger Ballard. Two
additional door prizes were won by Cindy Larm and Monica Salmons. These two items were
CPCU merchandise.

Meeting was adjourned by Sandy Henderson at 1:07p.m.

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