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					                                                                                         leaders in executive coaching

Peter Salsbury
“Helping high performers discover untapped potential
 and putting it to use is what matters most in my work.”

Peter’s experience as a member of Plc Boards for the last 15 years (including
Marks & Spencer as CEO) has led to his specialisation in one-to-one work at the
most senior levels in commercial organisations. He approaches the long-term
improvement of performance by using current issues to develop more effective
leadership and management methods. He believes in the need to take risks, make
decisions and be comfortable with your accountability with the outcome. You will
certainly need to maintain a sense of humour to handle these well!

Experience                                                                                        Selected Client
Peter has exceptionally wide experience through his long career at Marks & Spencer.
After three years as a trainee and manager in stores, he developed his career as a buying         BP
and marketing executive. His achievements in these P&L driven roles led to his                    Bradford & Bingley
appointment as the youngest member of the plc board – as HR Director. During the                  British Energy
following eight years, he took on successively more senior roles, including Retail
                                                                                                  Cable	&	Wireless
Operations, Estates and General Merchandise as Managing Director, before being
                                                                                                  Capital One
appointed as CEO. He joined The Change Partnership in 2001.
Professional Expertise                                                                            Ede & Ravenscroft
                                                                                                  Ford	of	Europe
Recent assignments include:
•	 	 orking	with	a	newly	appointed	CEO	to	handle	an	experienced	and	challenging	plc	              Morgan Stanley
   Board effectively                                                                              My Travel
•	 	 oaching	a	high-performing	trader	in	financial	services	to	add	line	management	
   C                                                                                              Railtrack
   capabilities to his repertoire                                                                 RBoS
•	 	 elping	a	Finance	Director	to	transition	from	a	successful	Divisional	Director	to	his	        Somerfield
   new	position	as	Group	Finance	Director                                                         Standard Chartered
•	 	 cting	as	the	advisor	to	a	CFO	needing	to	manage	with	a	large-scale	financial	crisis,	
   A                                                                                              Uniq
   whilst coping with considerable external and internal pressures                                Zurich

•	 	 upporting	a	plc	board	member	through	a	critical	period	of	structural	and	cultural	
   change, during which all but one of his colleagues were removed and the values of
   the organisation were threatened
•	 	 ransitioning	a	FTSE	100	Finance	Director	to	become	CEO
•	 	 dvising	the	Managing	Director	on	building	an	International	Management	team
•	 	 onstructing	a	programme	with	the	board	to	develop	a	director	of	one	of	their	
   businesses to become Managing Director
•	 	 ssigned	to	‘rescue’	the	career	of	a	successful	banker	who	had	problems	with	key	
   relationships, having been promoted
•	 	 oaching	and	giving	strategic	advice	to	a	CEO	undertaking	a	programme	of	
   acquisitions and consequent change in a plc

Education, Qualifications, Professional Positions                                                 Contact
Peter maintains an involvement in corporate life as Chairman of TR Property plc
                                                                                                  +44 (0)20 7907 2450
and	is	Deputy	Chairman	of	Highway	Insurance	plc.	He	continues	to	support	the	
development of vocational education through his membership of the Council
                                                                                                  +44 (0)7810 657167
and Strategy Committee of City & Guilds.
BSc Economics – London School of Economics