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Dancing With the Stars


									                   Dancing With the Stars
As a part of the dance department’s instructional program at Crestdale Middle School, assignments for dance
students will include learning about the world of dance through the television show, “Dancing with the Stars”
on ABC Television. Each week students will need to watch the episode, provide feedback of what they learned
and make connections to activities within the classroom. If students miss watching an episode on TV, they
may find each show on the Dancing with the Stars websites. Other resources are to use a family members’
computer, use the computer at school or go to the public library. I encourage parents to get involved with
their children’s assignments by watching the show together. The homework component for grades through-
out the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools district weight in as 10% of the students’ grade. Have fun learning
together as a family. The following page will be the assignments based on the North Carolina Standard Course
of Study (NCSCOS). Mrs. Foxx-Simmons

                                        National Standards for Dance:

   Goal # 1- The learner will identify & demonstrate elements and skills in dance.

   Goal # 2- The learner will understand choreographic principles, processes & structures.

   Goal # 3- The learner will understand that dance is creative and communicate.

   Goal # 4- The learner will apply critical, creative and problem-solving skills in dance.

   Goal # 5- The learner will demonstrate & understand dance in various cultures and historical periods.

   Goal # 6- The learner will make connections between dance and healthful living.

   Goal # 7- The learner will make connections between dance & other content areas.

   Goal # 8- The learner will understand dance as an art form with a range of opportunities for

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