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                                    Quarter #1, 2007                        January-February-March                                           Page 1

                                                            Center Street Bridge to Open in January
     The Staff and                                                                                          Drivers coming and going from the down-
  Employees of the City                                                                                     town area can expect a little bit of relief
                                                                                                            in January when the Center Street Bridge
                                                                                                            project concludes construction. The
of Kyle Extend our Best                                                                                     bridge has been widened to six lanes and
                                                                                                            will feature Kyle’s trademark red brick
Holiday Wishes to You                                                                                       features.

   and Yours. Have a                                     Adorning the bridge will be six of Kyle’s
                                                                                                            The Center Street Bridge Project is one
                                                                                                            of the key components to Kyle’s efforts
                                                                                                            to revitalize the downtown area. Next up
    Merry and Safe
                                                         historic cattle style brands from some of
                                                         Kyle’s key families.                               will be the Downtown Streetscape project
                                                                                                            scheduled to begin in Spring 2007.
    Holiday Season              512-262-1010
                                                              City of Kyle Welcomes RSI, Inc. to Economic Base
Inside this issue                                                                                          Kyle City leaders announced on October
                                                                                                           19th that Response-Service-Innovation
Water Restrictions ....................... page 2                                                          (RSI), Inc. and the City of Kyle have
                                                                                                           reached an agreement that will bring the
Speakers Available ...................... page 2                                                           manufacturing company into the City.
New Assistant City Manager ....... page 2                                                                  The unique agreement centers on RSI
                                                                                                           bringing as many as 200 jobs into the
E-Gov and PARD ........................ page 3
                                                                                                           City of Kyle over the next five years. In
Plum Creek Clean Up ................. page 3                                                               turn, the City of Kyle will reimburse RSI,
                                                                                                           Inc. for their land purchase based on the
La Quinta Comes to Kyle ........... page 4                                                                 number of jobs created and retained. The
                                                                                                           reimbursement is doubled if the person
Economic Development .............. page 4                                                                 holding the job lives in Kyle.
Paperless Agendas ...................... page 4        “The City of Kyle is proud to be the new home of a proven company like RSI, Inc.,”
                                                       said Kyle Mayor Mike Gonzalez. “RSI, Inc. has an outstanding reputation as not only a
HEB Update ................................ page 4     great community contributor, but also as a clean and responsible steward of the environ-
Mock Council ............................. page 5

Kyle Fitness ................................ page 6
                                                       RSI, Inc. will bring its Value Added Manufacturing Component Distribution Division
                                                       (electronic interconnect products), and its CRI (Computer Ruggedization and Integra-
Pool Information ......................... page 6      tion) division into Kyle. RSI’s products support military, aerospace, oil, homeland secu-
                                                       rity, and medical markets. RSI’s products are specifically ruggedized for
Christmas Tree Drop Off ............. page 7           use in harsh environments found places such as submarines to aircraft to oil drilling.

Scrapbooking Nights ................... page 7         “RSI looks forward to being part of the business community in Kyle and supports the
                                                       enhancement of the manufacturing infrastructure and the dynamic growth envisioned by
New Wastewater Plant ................ page 7
                                                       Kyle city leaders,” said Harish Malkani, President of RSI, Inc.
Library Update ............................ page 7
                                                                                                (continued on page 4)
Kyle Quarterly, January, February, March, 2007                                                                                     Page 2

         City of Kyle Remains Under
                                                                                        Speakers Available
          Stage 2 Water Restrictions
Even with the recent rains, aquifer levels in Northern Hays              If you have a question about how your City government works
County remain at or near record lows. As a result, The City of           or just a general question about a City service, there is a good
Kyle remains under Stage Two Water Restrictions.                         chance that some of your friends and neighbors have the same
                                                                         question. In order to address those questions, the City of Kyle is
Theses mandatory water use restrictions are outlined below:              offering to supply the experts to come to your next group meet-
• Please follow a seven day watering schedule                            ing and answer questions.
No outdoor watering between the hours of 10 AM and 7 PM.
• Washing of vehicles or other types of mobile equipment is              No matter what your requested topic might be, we have the per-
prohibited except on designated watering days and times.                 son, or persons, to bring the latest information to you and your
• Charity car washes are prohibited                                      group.
• Use of automatic fill valves to fill outdoor swimming or wad-
ing pools, or ponds, are prohibited.                                     Some of the topics we are available to cover are:
• Washing sidewalks, driveways or other paved surfaces is                  - Public Safety
prohibited                                                                 - City Codes
• Athletic fields must comply with Stage 2 regulations.                    - Parks and Recreation Programs
• Installation of new landscapes may not be started                        - Utility Services
                                                                           - Public Works Projects
                                                                           - City Administration
                        City of Kyle
                Seven Day Watering Schedule
               Your Address            Your Watering                     This program is offered free of charge and is available to neigh-
                 Ends In                   Day is                        borhood associations, youth organizations, school groups or
                  1 or 2                  Monday                         classes, and civic groups.
                  3 or 4                  Tuesday
                  5 or 6                Wednesday                        To schedule a speaker to come to your group meeting, contact
                  7 or 8                 Thursday
                                                                         Jerry Hendrix, City of Kyle Director of Communications, at
                                                                         262-3921 or e-mail at
                  9 or 0                   Friday

                                           James R. Earp, CPM, Named
                                           Kyle Assistant City Manager
                                       Kyle City Manager Tom Mattis      The hiring of an Assistant City Manager is the second of three
                                       has announced the hiring of       new professional positions being added to the Kyle workforce.
                                       James R. Earp, CPM, as Kyle       Also coming on board in the near future will be a Director of
                                       Assistant City Manager. Mr.       Planning. Mattis announced the hiring of a Director of Commu-
                                       Earp joins the City of Kyle       nications in September. These new positions are designed to help
                                       after two years with the City     the City of Kyle keep pace with increasing demands placed on
                                       of Ennis, Texas, where he         City services as the City continues its unprecedented growth.
                                       served as Assistant to the City
                                       Manager.                          Mr. Earp has a Masters of Public Administration from the Univer-
                                                                         sity of Texas at Arlington and is currently working on a Gradu-
                                       His duties with the City of En-   ate Certificate in Environmental Management, focusing heavily
                                       nis included personnel manage-    on sustainable development of cities, from Harvard University.
 Mr. Earp joined the City of Kyle on
                                       ment, budgeting, risk manage-     He also a holds a BBA in Finance and a BS in Economics from
 September 25th after two years with
 the City of Ennis                     ment, economic development,       Tarleton State University and has completed the requirements for
                                       and general management            his Certified Public Manager designation.
                                                                          “Kyle is not only a great place to work, but it is also a great
 Mr. Earp is focusing on similar duties with the City of Kyle and        place to raise my family,” said Earp, “I am excited to join such a
is taking on some of the growing workload that has been man-             capable team and look forward to becoming a part of this com-
aged by Kyle’s existing city staff.                                      munity.”
“James will be focusing on important issues that face the City of        In addition to his wealth of experience and knowledge, Mr. Earp
Kyle that have needed additional manpower that we have not had           brings with him his wife Melinda, and their two children - Jolie,
the luxury of having,” said Mattis. “We are very fortunate to be         age 3, and Landon, age 5.
able to add a professional of James’ caliber to our team.”
Kyle Quarterly, January, February, March, 2007                                                                                           Page 3

                 City of Kyle e-Government Program Benefits Parks and Recreation
                              Participants, Receives National Attention
                                              Mike Brazeal, right,       The City of Kyle implemented e-Government in the City’s Parks
                                              registers for the Fair    and Recreation programs in early 2006 to accommodate a change
                                              on the Square’s Texas
                                              Hold’em Tournament
                                                                        in location as well as rapidly increasing participation numbers.
                                              while Crystal Madow-      Since then, Kyle residents have made thousands of registrations
                                              ell, Kyle Parks Depart-   for Kyle’s recreation programs, using the system to register for
                                              ment Aquatic Director,    everything from fitness and swim lessons, to vendor booths and
                                              uses ReservePartner
                                              to assure his spot,
                                                                        BBQ Cook-off teams.
                                              process his payment
                                              and creates a “class”     The City of Kyle is the second largest city in fast growing Hays
                                              roster for the event      County. The City has seen tremendous population growth, in-
                                                                        creasing from just 5,000 in the year 2000 to approaching 30,000
                                                                        residents today.
With such tremendous growth have come unique challenges, and the City has addressed some of these challenges by employing ad-
vanced technology. By employing e-government technologies, provided by GovPartner - a leading provider of e-Government software
and services, the City is able to do more with less while continuing to provide a high level of quality customer service, even as the
customer base continues to grow at such a rapid rate.

“When we moved to a New City Hall, our department was no longer located next to Finance where all payments for classes and
facilities took place,” explains Kerry Urbanowicz, Kyle Director of Parks & Recreation. “We needed a system that would allow us to
operate and track all financial transactions, which this software provided. What we did not realize right away, was that this web based
system would offer so much more for our programs and department to grow.”
                                                                                                                   Krystal Loyd, Program Co-
 In October, the City’s online Recreation and Citizen Request Management                                          ordinator with Kyle’s Parks
                                                                                                                  and Recreation Depart-
projects were profiled at the National Recreation and Parks Association                                           ment, presented the session
(NRPA) annual conference in Seattle, WA. Krystal Loyd, Program Coordi-                                            “Changes in Technology
nator with Kyle’s Parks and Recreation Department, joined representatives                                         Help Manage Changing
from GovPartner, to present the session “Changes in Technology Help                                               Parks and Recreation Poli-
                                                                                                                  cies” on October 12th at the
Manage Changing Parks and Recreation Policies” on October 12th at the                                             Washington State Conven-
Washington State Convention Center.                                                                               tion Center.

“It is an honor to represent the City of Kyle on the national scene and I’m very excited to share all the great things our Parks and Rec-
reation department has accomplished through our online registration system,” said Loyd. “The system from GovPartner has allowed
our programs to continue to grow without us having to add additional staff.”

                                 Volunteers Needed to Keep Plum Creek Clean
Plum Creek begins in Kyle and runs through Lockhart and Luling before joining the San
Marcos River and heading to the Gulf of Mexico. The stretch of the creek that meanders
through Steeplechase Park collects a large amount of trash and debris from the interstate.
Since 2004, the City of Kyle Parks Department organizes a clean-up effort and invites
volunteers from the community.

Civic organizations like the Boy Scouts and School Organizations like the Leo Club,
have pitched in to pull out hundreds of pounds of trash, branches, tires, signs and cut
down dead trees, remove under-brush and clean the creek in the park.

Keep Texas Beautiful joined the team in 2006, supplying materials like trash bags,
gloves, bug spray and grabbers. This state-wide program has cleaned up creeks, rivers
and lakes all over Texas.                                                                       This photo from the clean-up in 2005 shows Dee
                                                                                                Reeding attempting to retrieve an item from the
The 2007 Kyle Creek Clean-Up takes place at Steeplechase Park Pavilion on Saturday,             bottom of Plum Creek.
March 3rd, beginning at 9:00 AM. Bring your strong arms and spirit, axes and chain
saws and join the team. We hope to reach our goal by noon of 500 pounds of trash and
debris. Help Keep Kyle Clean!
 Kyle Quarterly, January, February, March, 2007                                                                                               Page 4

                                                      City of Kyle Recognized for
                                                    Economic Development Practices
                            The City of Kyle received a Recognition of Merit/Economic Development Award from the Texas Economic Devel-
                            opment Council (TEDC) at their annual conference on September 28 in Houston Texas. The City of Kyle was one
                            of five finalists receiving the recognition among cities with a population between 15,001 and 40,000.

                            “I’m pleased that the City of Kyle is building a reputation as a leader in developing programs and strategies de-
                            signed to build a community through sound economic planning,” said Tom Mattis, Kyle City Manager. “Our City
                            staff has worked diligently over the past couple of years to keep up with our tremendous growth and this recogni-
 “I’m honored to be able    tion is greatly deserved.”
to accept this award
on behalf of the City of
Kyle,” said Diana Blank,    Pedernales Electric Cooperative nominated the city based on Kyle’s forward thinking and progressive approach to
Kyle’s Director of Eco-     economic development. Kyle was recognized for its progressive transportation plan, business incentive program
nomic Development, who
was on hand to receive      and its innovative approach to managing the water needs of the community through diversification of the City’s
the award at the TEDC       water resources.
Awards Luncheon. “Look
for many more new busi-
nesses to come to Kyle in   Other cities listed as finalist in Kyle’s category were Alvin, Greenville, Hereford, and Denison.
the near future.”

 RSI Continued...                                                                                 La Quinta Inn & Suites
                                                                                                     Coming to Kyle
                                             Kyle’s current plotted resi-                                            La Quinta now means, at least
                                             dential development supports                                            to Kyle city leaders, “Coming to
                                             a population of 60,000. This,                                           Kyle.”
                                             combined with the currently
                                             approved 600,000 square feet                                            Plans are underway to bring a
                                             of retail development, makes                                            La Quinta Inn and Suites to the
                                             Kyle a prime location for                                               City of Kyle. This will be Kyle’s
                                             companies looking for expan-                                            second hotel, joining the Best
                                             sion sites.                         Kyle will be home to a La Quinta    Western, as overnight rest stops
                                                                                 Inn and Suites similar to the one
 RSI’s initial construction project in Kyle will be a 40,000 square                                                  for visitors and weary travelers
                                                                                 pictured above.
 foot facility costing between three and four million dollars with               The 70 room hotel will also feature several meeting rooms,
 an additional $500 thousand investment in equipment. The facil-                 lending the facility to be able to host meetings and conferences.
 ity will be built on three acres of the five acres of land purchased.
 The additional two acres would be available for future expan-                   The hotel, to be located off of North IH35 at Windy Hill Road,
 sion.                                                                           is scheduled to begin construction by the end of the year and
                                                                                 should be open for business by August 2007.
 Construction of RSI’s facility is currently scheduled to begin by
 March 2007 and completed by October 2007 with Plant opera-
 tions beginning immediately thereafter.

               New HEB Getting Closer to Reality                                               City of Kyle Goes to Paperless
                                                                                               Agendas for Council Meetings
                                          HEB hosted a construction
                                                                                 Beginning with the November 8th meeting of the Kyle City
                                          celebration ceremony on
                                                                                 Council, paper is on its way to becoming obsolete as the City
                                          November 1, to celebrate the
                                                                                 moves to paperless agendas for its city meetings.
                                          construction that is underway
                                          on the new Kyle HEB Plus.
                                                                                 The paperless agendas will make preparing the sometimes volu-
                                          The store is scheduled to open
                                                                                 mous council packets less time consuming for city staff and will
                                          in June 2007.
                                                                                 also allow for better communication among staff and council
                                                                                 members regarding the agenda items.
Kyle City Manager Tom Mattis              The 142,000 square-foot store
addresses the crowd at the HEB            will be located at the Northwest
Construction Celebration. The HEB                                                The web based agendas and most of the associated back up
                                          corner of I-35 and FM 1626
Plus store, as well as numerous other                                            material will also be available to the public. The agendas can be
                                          and will create 400 new jobs.
shops and restaurants, are scheduled                                             accessed through a link on the City of Kyle’s web site.
to open in June 2007
Kyle Quarterly, January, February, March, 2007                                                                                               Page 5

                                 Third Graders from Fuentes Elementary Participate
                                           in Kyle’s First Mock Council
                                                                                Third graders from Fuentes Elementary participated in Kyle’s
                                                                                first mock council meeting on Monday, November 20th, at the
                                                                                Kyle City Hall.

                                                                                The students elected their own council representatives from each
                                                                                classroom and a Mayor.

                                                                                During their council meeting, the students heard reports from
                                                                                City staff and received testimony from their classmates regard-
                                                                                ing important City issues. As a result, the mock council voted to
                                                                                install a pool in the Spring Branch neighborhood and to add five
                                                                                new police officers.

                                                                                After the meeting, the students received a police escort to Gregg-
                                                                                Clarke Park where they were treated to lunch and exhibits of vari-
     Students from Fuentes Elementary elected council representa-               ous pieces of City equipment, including fire trucks, police cars,
     tives from each class and a Mayor. Pictured from left to right, Kyle
                                                                                numerous maintenance tools and a garbage truck provided by
     Mayor Mike Gonzalez, mock council members Dakota Bzdon, Sam
     Talamantes, Tenley Lehman, Jonathan Salinas (Mayor), Jada Cherry,          Texas Disposal Systems.
     Jonathon Scheckler, and City Manager Tom Mattis.

                                                                            2nd Annual Hays Health Fitness
                                                                            Challenge Begins January 27th
                                                                   The 10 week competition and opportunity to make lifestyle changes for better
                                                                   health, better fitness, and better nutrition is back! All participants will receive
                                                                   before & after fitness assessments & photos, a lifestyle journal, admission to
                                                                   4 better health workshops, access to personal trainers for advice & questions,
                                                                   challenge T-shirt, registration for the finale 5K Fun Run, 5K finisher T-shirt
                                                                   and GREAT RESULTS!

Wende Jones, Owner of Results and Challenge Co-Director, says “Diets don’t work! This is not about deprivation. It’s all about
moderation and choices. Successful weight management is a lifestyle choice, not a quick fix. You can take control of your weight and
maintain positive lifestyle changes with the right knowledge, the right nutrition and the right exercise choices.”

One of the 2006 winners, Patty had this to say of last years Challenge “I fit the profile of the yo-yo dieter you’ve all heard about. Since
college days, I have lost and gained so many pounds and inches I can’t keep count of them all. I told myself this time will be my last
time. I set a goal to be in the best shape possible by my 50th birthday, which gave me two years. The Fitness Challenge started me off
on the right foot. In fact, I won and in 10 weeks I lost 20 pounds and 50 inches!” Patty has since continued her fitness journey and this
past June received her Personal Trainer certification from AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America) and now works with
others starting their lifelong health and fitness journeys.

So are you ready to jump-start your health and fitness journey? There is no better gift than the gift of health this holiday season. Sign
up now as an individual for $85 or a team (up to 5 people) for $250 or if you wait till the kick-off $100 for an individual and $300 for
a team. The challenge also raises funds to promote and create fitness and nutrition programs for youth in Hays County. Anyone can
participate. We welcome all ages, including youth! Youth 17 & under must register with an adult.

The official start date and kick-off is Saturday, January 27th at two different locations; the San Marcos Activity Center and the Hays
Performing Arts Center. Going on simultaneously at the Hays PAC is the Hays Health Fair for the community. Free vital testing and
health information will be available for the entire family. Packet pick up will start at the Hays Health Fair at 9:00 AM with assess-
ments following from 9:30 AM to 12 Noon, and again at the San Marcos Activity Center at 2:00pm with assessments following from
2:30 PM - 4 PM. Visit our web site for more information and/or to register at
Kyle Quarterly, January, February, March, 2007                                                                                 Page 6

                      Kyle Fitness                                                   2007 Pool Passes
 2nd Annual Hays Health Fitness Challenge                                  Season passes and punch cards will go on sale April 16th,
 The 10 week fitness challenge is back with better prizes, better          2007! Passes can be purchased at the Parks & Rec. Dept.;
 competition, for better health! All participants receive a Chal-                 located upstairs in the City Hall building.
 lenge T-shirt, Sponsor Goody Bag, Pre & Post Challenge As-
 sessments and Photos, Nutrition/Fitness Journal, 4 Workshops,                               2007 Season Pass Rates:
 Free 5K registration & T-shirt and GREAT RESULTS! See                                              Residents:
 comlete story on Page 5.                                                                      $30.00 4yrs. - 12yrs.
                                                                                              $35.00 13yrs. - 17yrs.
                                                                                              $40.00 18 yrs. - 54yrs.
 Nutrition & Weight Management Program                                                      $30.00 Seniors (55yrs.+)
 This exciting new program supports a philosophy of true, long-                             $150.00 Family Pack of 5
 term, lifestyle changes, rather than short-term, radical dieting.                               Non Residents:
 Taught by certified fitness and nutrition professionals who care                              $60.00 4yrs. - 12yrs.
 about YOU and YOUR results, not a generalized approach. It                                    $70.00 13yrs - 17yrs.
 combines personal sessions and group classes to provide mem-                                 $80.00 18yrs. - 54yrs.
                                                                                            $60.00 Seniors (55yrs.+)
 bers with peer humor, support and understanding.
                                                                                            $300.00 Family Pack of 5

 The program provides nutritional counseling, menu planning,                                  2007 Punch Card Rates:
 exercise and stress reduction techniques. It is a “wellness                                         Residents:
 program” that addresses the health of the mind, body and spirit.                               $10.00 4yrs. - 12yrs.
 Each 12-week session includes eight weekly group classes and                                  $15.00 13yrs. - 17yrs.
 three individual appointments. Participants receive the follow-                              $20.00 18 yrs. - 54yrs.
 ing:                                                                                        $10.00 Seniors (55yrs.+)
                                                                                                  Non Residents:
                                                                                                 $30.00 4yrs. & up
 - A personalized exercise program including cardiovascu-
 lar, strength, and flexibility training designed to fit into your
 weekly schedule.                                                            For more information contact the Parks & Rec. Dept. at
 - A personalized menu plan that is easy to follow and makes                             (512)262-3939 or by e-mail at
 room for individual tastes. Diet analysis software and nutrition               
 journals will be used to encourage healthy eating habits.
 - A better understanding of the stressful situations in your life
 and ways to control or eliminate this stress.
                                                                                    Kyle Pool Staff 2007
                                                                        The Parks & Rec. Dept. will soon be accepting applications for
 Sessions will begin January 22nd. There will be three classes          our 2007 pool staff. These positions include Lifeguards, WSIs
 to choose from: Mondays at 7:15pm-8:00pm, Tuesdays at                  (Swim Instructors), and Cashiers. Each position has its own
 10:15am-11:00am, or Thursdays at 6:30pm-7:15pm. To give                required qualifications and certifications that must be obtained
 quality personalized attention, space will be limited in each          before you will be considered for a pool staff position. Please
 class! Registration begins December 13th!                              review the job description online for required certifications.

 Visit our website at to find out more               Applications will be accepted starting February 5, 2007, and
 information or to register, or email Krystal Loyd at programs@         can be picked up at the Kyle City Hall or downloaded at www.                                               Direct questions to Crystal Modawell, Aquatic
                                                                        Supervisor, at 262-3939 or e-mail
 Kyle Fitness Program Classes
 Kyle Fitness is proud to provide affordable group fitness with
 exceptional certified instructors. We offer many classes includ-
                                                                                       Polar Bear Club
 ing morning and evening cross-training classes and Pilates.                               On Monday, January 1st, 2007, The Kyle
 Coming soon is a Lunch Express class.                                                     Pool will host the third Annual Polar Bear
                                                                                           Swim. To become a Polar Bear, you must
 Starting in January all classes will go to 6 week sessions;                               have registered at the City of Kyle adminis-
 excluding the first session which is a mini-session. Come try it                          trative offices before December 15th.
 out and see if it is for you; your first class is always free! View   You don’t have to be a Polar Bear to Swim. The pool will be open
 our class descriptions online at Please           to the public from 1 pm to 3 pm on New Years Day.
 direct questions to Krystal Loyd at
                                                                       And the best part: YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO JUMP IN
                                                                       THE POOL TO JOIN THE CLUB!
Kyle Quarterly, January, February, March, 2007                                                                                              Page 7

                Kyle Community Library                                                            Scrapbooking Nights
One of the new programs the library plans to offer after the first                Come join us for Scrapbooking Nights with sample displays,
of the year is a bilingual story-time session. The first program                  special tips, nightly specials and a technique presentation. Pre-
will begin on January 13, 2007, and will be offered on Friday                     registration is required to guarantee your spot. Please mark your
mornings from 10:30 to 11:30. Programs will include children’s                    calendars to join us at the Train Depot from 7 PM to midnight
wonderful stories read in Spanish and English as well as an                       on January 12th, February 9th, March 23rd, April 20th.
exciting craft activity and music for the children. This new
story-time program will be in addition to the regular story-time
program which is offered in English each Wednesday from
10:30 to 11:30 and also includes music, a craft activity, and
great stories read in English. All are invited and are welcome to
either or both programs.

In addition, the library will also be offering origami classes to
be held during spring break, March 13, 14, and 15th. The pro-
grams will be offered for beginners and for advanced enthusi-
asts of origami. The beginner’s program will start at 1:00 p.m.
and the advanced program will begin at 2:00 each of the three
days the program is offered.

A class, Introduction to Basic Computing and Learning How to                                   Christmas Tree Drop off
Do E-mail, will begin on January 8th. The class will meet once
a week on Monday mornings from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. Those                          Holidays are here and plans are underway to assist Kyle resi-
who are interested should call the library at 268-7411. Class                     dents dispose of their Christmas Trees. Natural Christmas Trees
size is limited to six people so call and make reservations early.                make excellent mulch that can be used in City Parks and Land-
Acceptance is based on “first come, first served”.                                scape projects to make our facilities more enjoyable year round.

ESL (English as a second language) classes are offered each                       Simply bring your tree - real ones only please, no artificial trees
Monday from 10 a.m. to noon. These basic classes are offered                      will be accepted - to one of three Kyle City Parks. These parks
to assist the Spanish speaker become more fluent in English.                      include Gregg-Clark, Steeplechase and Waterleaf Parks. Be sure
                                                                                  to remove all decorations and stands.
Clases de ingles como segundo idioma se ofrecen todos los
lunes de 10a.m. a mediodia. Estas clases basicas se ofrecen para                  Christmas Tree drop off begins on December 26th and continues
ayudar a gente que habla espanol aprender el idioma de ingles.                    through January 13th.

For more information about these programs and about the
library, check our web site or give us a call at the Kyle Commu-
nity Library at 268-7411.

                             Kyle Unveils New, Improved Wastewater Treatment Plant
                                                                                 Ribbon-cutting ceremonies and an open house marked the No-
                                                                                 vember 18th dedication of the newly expanded Kyle Wastewater
                                                                                 Treatment Plant. Located on New Bridge Street in the Waterleaf
                                                                                 subdivision, the facility collects and treats wastewater from Kyle’s
                                                                                 27,700 residents.

                                                                                 The nine-month, $2.8 million expansion project doubled the
                                                                                 plant’s processing capacity from 1.5 million gallons per day to 3
                                                                                 million gallons per day. The upgrades also included installation of
                                                                                 a new lift station, aeration system and automated screening system
                                                                                 that will improve the plant’s overall performance.

Kyle Mayor Mike Gonzalez cuts the ribbon to the City’s new wastewater            Participating in the activities were City Manager Tom Mattis, vari-
treatment plant as City officials and representatives from Aqua Texas look on.   ous City and Hays County officials, representatives from the Texas
Pictured from left to right are TCEQ Region 11 Director Patti Reeh, Mayor Pro-   Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and Aqua Texas,
Tem David Salazar, Assistant City Manager James R. Earp, Council Members         Inc. President Bob Laughman. Aqua Texas operates the plant as
Dan Ekakiadis and Linda Tenario, Mayor Mike Gonzalez, City Manager Tom
Mattis, and Aqua Texas President Bob Laughman.                                   part of a public-private partnership with the city.
Kyle Quarterly, January, February, March                                                                                                                     Page 8

                                                   City of Kyle Calendar of Events
December 2006                                                                         March 2007
       26th – Christmas Tree Drop Off Program                                                  3rd - Creek Clean up
                                                                                               6th - City Council Meeting, Kyle City Hall
January 2007                                                                                          7 p.m.
        1st - Third Annual Polar Bear Club Swim, Kyle Pool                                     8th - Scrapbooking Nights, Train Depot
                1 p.m. to 3 p.m.                                                                     7 p.m. to Midnight
        2nd - City Council Meeting, Kyle City Hall                                            15th - Next Kyle Quarterly in Your Mailbox
                7 p.m.                                                                        20th - City Council Meeting, Kyle City Hall
        12th - Scrapbooking Nights, Train Depot                                                       7 p.m.
                7 p.m. to Midnight                                                            23rd - Scrapbooking Nights, Train Depot
        13th - Last day to drop off Christmas Trees                                                  7 p.m. to Midnight
        15th - City Council Meeting, Kyle City Hall
                7 p.m.                                                                April 2007
        27th - Hays Health Fitness Challenge Kick-Off                                          3rd - City Council Meeting, Kyle City Hall
                Hays Performing Arts Center                                                           7 p.m.
February 2007                                                                                   4th - Easter Egg-stravaganza
         5th - Applications for Pool Staff being accepted                                      16th - Pool Passes Go On Sale
         6th - City Council Meeting, Kyle City Hall                                            20th - Scrapbooking Nights, Train Depot
                 7 p.m.                                                                                7 p.m. to Midnight
          9th - Scrapbooking Nights, Train Depot                                               21st - Pitch, Hit and Run Local Competition
                7 p.m. to Midnight                                                             23rd - Swim Lesson Registration Begins
        13th - City Council Meeting, Kyle City Hall
                 7 p.m.
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