; April 6_ 2010 - The regular monthly meeting of the Adamstown
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April 6_ 2010 - The regular monthly meeting of the Adamstown


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									                           Adamstown Borough Council        April 6, 2010

The regular meeting of Adamstown Borough Council was held on April 6, 2010.
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM at the Adamstown Municipal Building 3000 North
Reading Road, Adamstown by Council President Dean Johnson.

Council Present: Dean Johnson, Randy Good, Cindy Schweitzer, Ed Zander, Joe Dietrich, Ben
Zentner, and Dave Matz.

Visitors present: Byron Fritz, Jill Pratt, Eric Dickson-EMC, Dan Weider- Fire Company, Mark
Schweitzer, Mike & Donna Wetherhold, Jason Lesher-Grapevine, Lynn Rannels, Sergeant Ray
Burns- ECTP, Martha Thomas, Lois Stober, Jim Heale-Fire Company, Robert Cook, Brian Beck-
Scouts, Divy Agnihotri, Joe Hawley, Dick Lewis, Bob Russo, Mary Lynn-Kellenberger-realtor for
Stoudtburg, other visitors who did not sign in.

Others present: Carolyn Friesema, Mary Burkholder, Mike Palm, and Mayor Buckwalter.

Minutes: February 2, 2010 Minutes
         Council Action:
         Motioned by J. Dietrich, seconded by D. Matz and unanimously carried to approve the
         February 2, 2010 minutes.

          March 2, 2010 Minutes
          Council Action:
          Motioned by D. Matz, seconded by J. Dietrich and approved by a vote of 6-1 (R. Good
          abstained) to approve the March 2, 2010 minutes.

Bill List: Motioned by J. Dietrich, seconded by D. Matz and approved by a vote of 6-1 (Ed
           Zander abstained) to approve the bills totaling $139,308.91 (Invoice for Corporate
           Warehouse in the amount of $1,379.65 omitted) dated 04/07/2010 and noting collection
           of receipts totaling $50,539.92.

           Council raised questions on some of the invoices. The invoice for $1,379.65 for toner
           was pulled for review. Staples invoices will be paid by ordering with a credit card.
           Council expressed their concern and displeasure of bills added at the last minute
           without time for review. Except for routine bills all invoices must be included on the
           check run in the Council packets or the invoices will be held until the next Council

The monthly Police report for February 2010 and report dated April 6 th were accepted by Council.
Sergeant Raymond Burns reported the hiring process has been completed. Two (2) Officers were
hired, Jonathan Zaun of Adamstown and John Appleton of Telford, PA. The officers will start May
10th . Due to recent vandalism in the area, Sergeant Burns reported officers are breaking up one
particular group of kids that congregate in town in certain areas.

Speed Limit on 272
Lynn Rannels-N. Reading Road requested Council consider contacting Penn Dot to do a traffic
study on Route 272 to attempt to have the speed lowered though Borough limits in the interest of
public safety. Lynn stated he sees bicyclists and pedestrians on the side of the road right up
                             Adamstown Borough Council        April 6, 2010

against the guard rail and cars going by faster than 45. The visibility is not good on portions of

Council Action:
Motioned by R. Good, seconded by D. Matz and unanimously carried to authorize the Borough
Office to send a letter to Penn Dot requesting a traffic study.

Adamstown Road
Lynn Rannels- N. Reading Road stated the speed limit sign on Adamstown Road is 25 miles per
hour going up the hill and down the hill is 15 mph. Lynn expressed concern for the children as this
area is in a school zone and questioned why both directions aren’t 15 mph.
Mike Palm and Sergeant Burns will look into the issue.

Council accepted the February 2010 report.

 Fire on West Main Street
 Fire Chief Dan Weider mentioned the fire in the Borough on West Main which affected three (3)
families. The fire department went into the first home and had to vacant due to impending roof
collapse. Two (2) feet of hose was lost in the fire. Dan reported there were eight (8) companies in
all who responded to the fire. The Mayor praised the fire company and the commendable job they
did fighting a fire so large.

 Brush Truck
 Dan reported the brush truck is currently being serviced due to an electrical short.

Air Card for Laptop
Dan reported the Fire Department received a donation of a laptop.
The fire company would like to keep the laptop in Engine 1 to have instance status and internet
access for hazardous waste updates. An air card would be required for the computer. The cost with
a municipal discount would be $45.00-$50.00 month. Dan requested Council consider paying the
monthly fee for the fire company or billing the fire company so that they may receive the
municipal discount.

The Finance Committee will take the request under advisement.

Visitor Business
  Dog Dirt
Jill Pratt- Broad Street expressed her frustration with residents in town who do not clean up after
 their dogs especially along tree lines and sidewalks throughout town. Jill distributed materials to
 Council to show examples of signs and code enforcement that Denver Borough and East Cocalico
 currently have in place. Council agreed this is an issue and has been discussed at many meetings
 with enforcement always being an issue. Joe agreed this is a disgusting lazy habit and believes
 people should be fined if they don’t clean up after their dogs. Joe mentioned an incident in the
 grove he recently witnessed and seeing a mess in the circle in Brookview Estates that people use as
 a dumping ground. Joe stated he is in favor of something on the books.

Sergeant Burns stated this is a code enforcement issue. Police would respond to this type of
complaint, take the information, and forward a report to the municipality for the municipality to
                             Adamstown Borough Council         April 6, 2010

take enforcement action. The Codes Enforcement Officer would be the person who would take
enforcement action. Joe Dietrich will do some more research and come back with a
recommendation for council.

 Land Donation
 Lois Stober-Red Fox Court said that she and her husband Spencer Stober would like to donate
20.68 acres of wetlands they own in the Borough to the Borough. The wetlands are located behind
the Meadows and come back around the back of their farmhouse which is their residence.
 The Stobers had always wanted to donate the land to the Lancaster Conservatory or Fish and
Wildlife but it never panned out. Lois said to the best of her knowledge there are not requirements
for maintenance or expenses which would come with the land. There are two (2) water stubs on the
property which were originally placed for a water line looped to Grant Road. Lois stated there is a
small piece of sidewalk on the property. Currently they do not maintain the sidewalk; she said the
neighbors take care of it.

C. Schweitzer said Council needs to be aware of property taxes. The Borough is tax exempt but,
unless the land is used for public use, it is taxed.

Council recommended the Planning Commission take the donation request under review and come
back to Council with a recommendation.

Boy Scouts
Brian Beck and Tim Leskie of the Cub Scouts stated they would like to do a special operations
presentation at the grove for the scouts.

Tim Leskie works for Berks County Corrections as a correctional officer. The demonstration
would include less than lethal munitions and flash bangs. Tim explained less than lethal is when
the unit is trained to shoot at areas such as the buttocks or the back of the leg on a perpetrator that
would not be lethal. The less than lethal munitions are not metal bullets, they are paint capsules.
The flash bangs are distractionary devices that look similar to a smoke grenade and make a big
flash and a loud bang. The demonstrations would be done with targets.
 The group will contact the Borough Office when a date for the event is confirmed.

 Council suggested the residents surrounding the grove area should be notified before the event.
The Police and the Fire Company were notified of the event. They said no scouts would be
involved in the actual actions of the event or be involved in any way of discharging items or clean
up of any discharged items.

Council Action:
Motioned by R. Good, seconded by D. Matz and unanimously carried to permit the Scouts to have
the presentation with the condition they are finished by 9:00 pm. and a formal letter is sent to the
Fire Company, police, school, and residents who live around the grove.

JR. Council Person
Divy Agnihotri, a freshman at Cocalico High School was in attendance to e xpress his interest in
serving as JR. Council Person. It was suggested Divy submit something in writing to Council
expressing his interest and qualifications. The Personnel Committee will review the letter and
make a recommendation to Council.

                           Adamstown Borough Council       April 6, 2010

Public Works Report
Provided and accepted by Council.

Additional Items:
Pressure Washer
Mike Palm presented Council with three (3) pressure washer quotes.

Council Action:
Motioned by C. Schweitzer, seconded by E. Zander and unanimously carried to authorize the
purchase of a Karcher HDS 4.0/20-4 hot pressure washer at the price of $3,995.00.

Mike installed vane grates to stop the water from shooting across Main and Broad Street.

Bridge Inspection Reports
Bridge inspection reports from Penn Dot are on file in the Borough Office.

Holding Tank Waste
Mike told Council he would like Council to consider accepting holding tank waste from just one
(1) hauler. Mike explained based on testing, holding times on samples, lab pickup, scheduling
sample pick-up etc he would like to move to a one (1) hauler system . The hauler who has the
most activity is Hickory Run Campground. Mike feels at this time the other haulers waste are so
intermittent it doesn’t make good sense of time and resources to schedule other haulers.
Hickory Run has agreed to pay all fees associated with testing and lab fees.

Council Action:
Motioned by C. Schweitzer, seconded by E. Zander and unanimously carried to go to a one (1)
hauler system and to only accept holding tank waste at this time from Hickory Run Campground.

Grove Restroom Project
Mike Palm reported the project started today and Batlon Constuction does not foresee a problem
with having the restrooms completed before Community Days.

Storm Sewer Drain
Joe Hawley of West Main Street reported a storm sewer drain is caving in on West Main, a couple
houses down from his residence. Mike Palm reported being aware of the problem and will be
addressing it.

Adamstown Library
C. Schweitzer reported last month the Library had requested a commitment letter from the
Borough for the $750,000 loan. The Finance Committee recommends approving the request for the
letter, keeping the $750,000 liquid until August 4, 2010. With this recommendation the committee
is requesting a commitment fee from the Library of $9,250.00 to be paid to the Borough in four (4)
installments starting in May of 2010.

An email was received from Mike Wetherhold expressing concern as to how the $9,250.00 fee was
calculated and requested something in writing to distribute to the Library Board.

                            Adamstown Borough Council        April 6, 2010

Council was provided with spreadsheets showing how the Finance committee arrived at the
$9,250.00 fee. The fee was based on 2% interest reflecting laddering the money out of their
investments, and laddering the money back in. Council discussed the Solicitors review letter and
loan commitment document.

Mike Wetherhold expressed his displeasure in not being involved in the preparation of the
commitment letter and his board decision details regarding the fee calculation.

Council Action- Calculation Letter
Motioned By C. Schweitzer, seconded by D. Matz and approved by a vote of 5-2 (C. Schweitzer-
No, J. Dietrich-No) to approve drafting a letter to the library board showing the calculation for
the $9,250.00 due to the Borough for keeping the $750,000 liquid.

Council Action- Support Letter
Motioned by D. Matz, seconded by R. Good and approved by a vote of 6-1 (C. Schweitzer No)
To approve sending a letter of support to the Adamstown Area Library acknowledging support of
the USDA loan application.

Library Parking
Mike Wetherhold requested something in writing from the Borough stating the Borough would
continue to share parking with the Library as is currently done with the Antique Mall.

Council Action:
Motioned by D. Matz, seconded by E. Zander and unanimously carried to approve writing an
agreement for reciprocal shared parking between the Borough and the library.

Sewer-No Report

Wate r
Boil Water Notifications
E. Zander reported the committee recommends obtaining the services of Swiftreach Public
Notification System Services with a pay as go option to comply with the new DEP requirements.
The cost is a $310.00 annual fee, and $.10 per minute connection fee for notifications. The initial
investment would be $510.00 including the annual fee, a $100.00 setup fee, and a $100.00
scrubbed data fee.

Council Action:
Motioned by E. Zander, seconded by B. Zentner and unanimously carried to hire Swiftreach
Public Notification Services.

Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) Well Permitting Process
Council Action:
Motioned by E. Zander, seconded by C. Schweitzer and unanimously carried to proceed with the
SRBC well permitting process for all three (3) wells. Wells 2 and 3 will be 1 submission and well 4
will be 1 submission.

                            Adamstown Borough Council        April 6, 2010

Lights, Prope rty, and Pavement-
Pavilion at Grove
J. Dietrich reported the Borough has contacted Josele and is waiting to hear if volunteer labor can
be utilized to work on the pavilion. Mike Palm will be doing some painting at the grove.

Flower Circle Donation
Rebecca Mccafferty requested an annual donation of $50.00 for flowers and mulch for the circle at
the Grove.

Council Action:
Motioned by J. Dietrich, seconded by E. Zander and unanimously carried to approve a $50.00
donation to Rebecca Mccafferty to purchase flowers and mulch for the Grove.

No Parking Signs in Brookview
 The circle in Brookview is an area where people park. This area that residents park at is an issue
because the Fire Company had trouble maneuvering their engine when they were in Brookview
Estates. J. Dietrich displayed where he would recommend no parking signs be placed at the stop
sign and between signs at the intersection of Michael Lane and Rebecca Drive.

Council Action:
Motioned by J. Dietrich, seconded by R. Good and unanimously carried to authorize the placement
of two (2) no parking signs in Brookview Estates, at the stop sign and intersection of Michal Lane
and Rebecca Drive..

Weed and Feed at the Grove
The annual weed and seed at the Grove provided by Total Lawn Care will cost $1,030.00 for a
spring and a fall treatment.

Council Action:
Motioned by R. Good, seconded by D. Matz and unanimously carried to authorize Total Lawn
Care to provide weed and seed treatments at the Grove.

Installation of Street Light
Met Ed recently removed a street light from Second Avenue when they realized the light was not
under contract. This prompted a complaint from a resident. Joe demonstrated current lighting in
Willow Street. The cost of a light would be $12.78 per month to the Borough. Council agreed there
is sufficient lighting in the area and declined to pass a resolution to add another light.

Health Insurance
Ben reported the Personnel Committee reviewed sixteen (16) quotes for health insurance.
The Committee recommends Council consider approving the same plan the Borough Employees
currently are using which is Highmark Blue Shield. Ben reported the Borough will be paying less
this year due to the Employees contributions to their health care.

Council Action:
Motioned by B. Zentner, seconded by D. Matz and unanimously carried to renewal the Highmark
Blue Shield Health Insurance beginning May 1 st through April 2011.

                             Adamstown Borough Council         April 6, 2010

Employee Lifetime and Disability Insurance
Council reviewed and discussed the life and disability insurance.
Council Action:
Motioned by B. Zentner, seconded by R. Good and unanimously carried to renew life and
disability insurance for the Borough Employee at existing levels of coverage.

Part-Time- Position
This seasonal part-time position is a 16-18 hour per week position which includes mowing and
other light duties as assigned. Ben requested Council vote to approve the process for hiring the
individual. Due to time constraints and the limited nature of the position Ben felt it would not be
necessary for Council to vote on the specific person being hired.

C. Schweitzer stated she feels new hires should be approved by Council.

Council Action:
Motioned by Ben Zentner, seconded by D. Matz and approved by a vote of 6-1
(C. Schweitzer-NO) to authorize the Personnel Committee to interview and hire the public works
part-time employee.

Pre-Tax Contribution
Currently Borough Employees receive no tax benefit for their health insurance contributions. Ben
recommends setting up a premium only plan – based on the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) that
permits contributions to be made with pre-tax dollars.

Council Action:
Motioned by B. Zentner, seconded by J. Dietrich and unanimously carried to authorize the
creation of a IRC premium only plan permitting pretax contributions by Borough Employees for
their health care contribution.

Roads and Bridges-
Curb Project
Randy requested that Council grant permission to advertise the curb cut, repair and overlay project
on Main Street. This project is estimated to cost $232,000 with 50% being covered by a grant from
the county. The streets to be included are:
 East Main near intersection with Bowmansville Rd
 Bowmansville Rd (East Main to 272 R/W)
 Broad Street
 South Poplar
 Evergreen
 Main Street (Western radius return at Broad to centerline of Willow Street.

 If reserve funding is available there are four (4) additional alternates to be considered at an
estimated cost of $113,585.69.
1. Main Street- centerline of Willow Street to the center line of S. Poplar
2. Main Street centerline of S. Poplar to west side of the intersection of Adamstown Road
3. The overlay of Evergreen Road
4. The overlay of West Washington Street

                            Adamstown Borough Council        April 6, 2010

Council Action:
Motioned by R. Good, seconded by D. Matz and unanimously carried to advertise the curb and
road overlay and repair project.

Saturday Meeting
Randy reported Bob Lynn and Farley Fry of Hanover Engineering recommended Borough Council
meet and annually inspect roads and infrastructure such as the sewer plant to see what maintenance
needs done. Stoudtburg Road was specifically mentioned as a problem area. The meeting will be
advertised. Randy stated the meeting will take place in April or May and requested Council
Members to give Carolyn dates they will be available to tour the Borough starting at 7:00 am on a
Saturday in April or May.

Stoudtburg Road
Randy mentioned the condition of Stoudtburg Road continues to worsen. With the slow pace of
building at the Village, the Borough will not be able to wait until the Village is complete before
action will need to be taken to repair the road.

Fire & Safety-No Report

Unfinished Business
Table Legs
Dean reported he followed up with the Company who sold the Council Tables without legs and
 confirmed this is their typical procedure.

Resolution 2010-03-Emergency Management Survey
Council Action:
Motioned by C. Schweitzer, seconded by E. Zander and unanimously carried to adopt Resolution
2010-03 adopting the notification and resource manual and emergency operations plan for
Adamstown Borough.

Maintenance Building at the Waste Water Treatment Plant
Mike Palm reported they started moving equipment today and the project will start this Monday,
April 12th .

Status of Skatepark
Council received a letter from Alecia Kloiber about the status of the skatepark. The fundraising
continues but at a slower pace due to the economy. The SLAAP committee would like Council’s
permission to replace the sign at the proposed site.

Council requested Carolyn contact Alecia for information on the dollar value of their fundraising.
Council stated they would like the new sign to be more professional, state what SLAAP stands for
on the sign, and present the design to Council so they can review the sign prior to installation.

Parking during a snow event
Carolyn reported many residents called and requested an alternate place to park during a snow
emergency. The pool parking lot was discussed as a possible option with the understanding the
parking lot would not be plowed open until the snow ceased and road clearing operations were

                            Adamstown Borough Council         April 6, 2010

Special Council Meetings
Mary Burkholder will look on the Borough’s web site to ensure the email notification is working
properly so emails go out to residents who put their name on the mailing list for notifications when
the site is updated.

New Business
Recreation Board Appointment
Council Action:
Motioned by D. Matz, seconded by J.Dietrich and unanimously carried to appoint Carolyn
Freisema as Treasurer of the Recreation Board to a three (3) year term, 2010 through 2013.

C. Schweitzer mentioned that Carolyn would be working on Recreation Board business during
regular working hours. Carolyn stated she spends about 2 hours a week on Recreation Board work
in the summer when the pool is open.

Stoudtburg Village- Mixed Use VS Commercial Use
Dean reported after consulting with the Borough Solicitor the Borough cannot force a developer to
use a certain inspector unless the Borough would opt to have one (1) inspector. As it stands now if
a developer wants to build a residential property instead of a mixed use or commercial unit the
Borough has no jurisdiction to mandate otherwise.

Several Village residents, potential buyers, and a realtor discussed their concern that the developer,
Terence Douglas is building units a residential but marketing them with the potential they could be
mixed use. There is little the Borough can do to force the developer to construct the units as mixed
use. It’s suggested that the Borough request a summary of the current mixed use and residential
units and have the Borough office verify this list against the building permits issued to determine
the current commercial ratio and develop a tracking method of those units built as mixed-use.

Designation of Agent Resolution-Feb 2010 Snow Storms
Motioned by C. Schweitzer, seconded by R. Good and unanimously carried to authorize Carolyn
Friesema to execute all forms and documents for the purpose of obtaining financial assistance
under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Act (Public Law 93-288 as amended
by Public Law 100-707.)

Motioned by J. Dietrich, seconded by D. Matz and unanimously carried to adjourn.

Attested: FINAL
Mary Burkholder
Adamstown Borough Secretary


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