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					                      Target Marketing List Corporation
                       5575 S. Semoran Blvd. Suite# 508
                               Orlando, FL 32822
                     Tel: 321-251-4484 Fax: 321-251-6296
                                    *“In by 3:00 Out by 5:00"

Our Internet files represent the most current
                                                   Healthy Choices
and freshest data in the marketplace. On any       Dieting/Weight Control
                                                   Healthy/Low-Fat Cooking
given day literally hundreds of thousands of       Health/Natural Foods
                                                   Physical Fitness/Exercise
people surf the Internet filling out forms to      Self-Improvement
request information on a myriad of subjects,       Walking for Health
such as Debt Consolidation, Diet, Health,
                                                   Music Preferences
Investments and Travel to name a few.              Alternative Music
These leads are not only opt in but they are       Contemporary Christian
not incentivized, making them excellent            Easy Listening/Light Sounds
prospects for your client’s offers. In             Jazz
addition, all of these leads can be provided       Metal
with a 24 hour turnaround, making them the         R&B
most responsive lists available in the             Rock (hard & soft)
marketplace today.                                 Own a CD player

These leads are Date & Time stamped and            Other Lifestyle Interests & Activities
                                                   Automotive Work
have IP address as well, assuring accuracy.        Avid Book Reading
                                                   Bible/Devotional Reading
                                                   Buy Pre-Recorded Videos
                                                   Cable TV Viewing
                                                   Casino Gambling
                                                   Cruise Ship Vacations
                                                   Cultural/Arts Events
                                                   Other Lifestyle Interests & Activities >continued
These are some of the categories you can           Electronics
choose from:                                       Fashion Clothing
Foreign Travel                    Registered Voters
Frequent Flyer                    Current Affairs/Politics
Grandchildren                     Democratic Contributor
Home Furnishings/Decorating       Donate to Charitable Causes
Home Study Courses                Environmental Issues
Home Videogames                   Our Nation’s Heritage
Home Video Recording              Republican Contributor
Home Workshop                     Support Health Charities
House Improvement Projects        Wildlife/Environmental Issues
Military Veteran in Household     Collectibles
Moneymaking Opportunities         Art/Antique Collecting
Own Vacation Home/Property        Collectibles (All Types)
Photography                       Stamp/Coin Collecting
Recreation Vehicles
Science Fiction                   Outdoor Sports & Recreation
Science/New Technology            Bicycling
Stereo/Records/Tapes/CDs          Bird Watching
Travel for Business               Boating/Sailing
Travel for Pleasure/Vacation      Bowling
Travel in USA                     Camping/Hiking
Veteran’s Benefits Programs       Fishing
Investor                          Horseback Riding
Mutual Funds                      Hinting/Shooting
Real Estate                       Motorcycling
Stocks/Bonds                      NASCAR Enthusiast
Home                              Sailing
Own                               Scuba Diving
Rent                              Snowboarding
Live in School Dorm               Snow Skiing
Live with Parents                 Soccer
Spanish Spoken in Home            Tennis

Education                         Pets
Completed Graduate School         Household Pets (non-specific)
Completed College                 Own a Cat
Completed High School             Own a Dog
Some Graduate School
Some College                      Daily Data Categories
Some High School or Less          Debt Settlement
Vocational/Technical School       Online/Continuing Education
                                  Health and Life Insurance
Occupation                        Online Dating
Clerical                          Survey Sweepstakes
Tradesman/Blue-Collar             Automobiles
Federal Employee                  Health/Diet/Fitness
Home Office Worker                Business Opportunity Seekers
Homemaker (full-time)             Payday Loan
Middle Management                 Credit Card Seekers
Military Personnel                Retail
Military Veteran                  Domestic & International Travel
                                  If you don’t see the category that you’re
                                  looking for, call or e-mail us with your
Student                           request.
Upper Management/Administrative
Working Woman

Gourmet Cooking
                                  *Applies to In-House Databases
Outdoor Gardening
Vegetable Gardening

Charities/Volunteer Activities
Community/Civic Activities