2003 by suchenfz


									           Nokia   Google





             announced the latest version of the
            popular Google Toolbar is out of beta
                and available for download

       announced a new self-service option
              for Google AdSense



              Google Builds World's Largest
           Advertising and Search Monetization


    announced QuickTime® 6.5, the
   industry’s first mainstream media
    architecture for the creation and
playback of rich multimedia content for
  both CDMA 2000 and GSM wireless

iTunes Music Store Downloads Top 25
           Million Songs

       Introduces 20-inch iMac

    introduced a new model of its
revolutionary Power Mac® G5 desktop

 iTunes Sells 1.5 Million Songs During
 Past Week; Five Times Napster's First
          Week Downloads

Unveils G5-Optimized Versions of Final
 Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Shake

Mac OS® X version 10.3 “Panther,” the
next major release of the world’s most
advanced operating system, will go on
  sale tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m.

  Unveils New Generation G4 iBooks

   One Million Copies of iTunes for
  Windows Software Downloaded in
Three and a Half Days. Over one million
   songs have been purchased and
  downloaded by iTunes users in the
             same period

 Apple Launches iTunes for Windows:
Second Generation Online Music Store
 Available Today for Mac & Windows
 Updates iPod: Adds Support for New
  Voice Recording & Photo Storage
   Accessories for Dockable iPods

Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results:
  Revenues Increase by 19 Percent

  Announces Mac OS X “Panther”:
Shipping October 24 With More Than
         150 New Features

Announces Mac OS X Server “Panther”

Releases New Versions of iCal & iSync

  Introduces New 15-inch PowerBook:
 Joins New 17- and 12-inch Models to
       Complete PowerBook Line

   announced that music fans have
 purchased and downloaded over ten
 million songs from the iTunes Music
  Store since its launch just over four
 months ago, averaging over 500,000
            songs per week.

Introduces New 20GB and 40GB iPods

      Ships New Power Mac G5

      Releases DVD Studio Pro 2

 Apple Reports Third Quarter Results

 Introduces Soundtrack as Standalone
Product: Royalty-free Music Production
         Tool for Creative Pros
Unleashes the World’s Fastest Personal
    Computer—the Power Mac G5

    Previews Mac OS X “Panther”

 introduced a major breakthrough in
   video conferencing—the iChat AV
  software application and the iSight
          digital video camera

  Mac OS X Users Top 7 Million and
  Applications Double to More Than

   Releases Safari 1.0: The Fastest
Browser on the Mac—the Best Browser
          on Any Platform

   announced that music fans have
downloaded over 5 million songs from
the iTunes Music Store since its launch
            8 weeks ago

 Introduces Xcode, the Fastest Way to
     Create Mac OS X Applications

 Ships Shake 3, the next generation of
 its industry-leading compositing and
         visual effects software

Final Cut Pro® 4, the next generation of
 Apple’s Emmy award-winning editing
 software for film, HD, SD and DV, will
    go on saleon Saturday, June 14

   QuickTime 6 Downloads Top 100

 announced the release of iSync 1.1,
Apple’s breakthrough synchronization
software that lets users automatically
 sync their contacts and calendars on
   their Mac with those on their cell
  phones, Palm OS devices and iPods
announced that over two million songs
have been purchased and downloaded
 from its revolutionary iTunes® Music
   Store since its debut 16 days ago

      Unveils New eMac Family

announced that its iTunes® Music Store
 sold over one million songs during its
              first week

  launched the iTunes® Music Store

        Introduces New iPods

Apple Reports Second Quarter Results

        Releases Safari Beta 2

      Announces Final Cut Pro 4

     Announces DVD Studio Pro 2

         Announces Shake 3

 announced Apple Remote Desktop™
            version 1.2

Introduces Xserve RAID Storage System

           Upgrades Xserve

  announced its Spring line of iMac®
computers, featuring two new models

   announced the fastest and most
 affordable Power Mac® G4 line ever
    Introduces 20” Cinema Display

  announced that more than 1 million
 copies of its new Safari web browser
 have been downloaded since the free
public beta was posted on Apple’s web
           site on January 7.

  Apple Reports First Quarter Results

    Safari Downloads Top 500,000

Unveils World's First 17-inch Notebook

    Introduces PowerBook® G4, Its
        Smallest Notebook Ever

 Unveils Safari: Fastest Web Browser
     Ever Created for the Mac

unveiled Keynote™, a new generation
      of presentation software

introduced iLife™, an integrated suite
    of Apple’s industry-leading digital
 lifestyle applications, featuring brand
new versions of iPhoto™, iMovie™ and
    iDVD™, and the recently-released
                iTunes™ 3

announced AirPort® Extreme, the next
    generation of Wi-Fi wireless
      networking technology

announced that it is entering 2003 with
 more than 5 million active Mac OS X
users and more than 5,000 native Mac
          OS X applications

Unveils Final Cut Express: Everyone Can
       Now Edit Video Like a Pro
 announced the immediate availability
   of iCal 1.0.1, an update to Apple’s
 innovative calendar program that lets
 users manage multiple calendars and
 share them over the Internet, and the
       release of iSync 1.0, Apple’s
breakthrough synchronization software
            Nokia                 Google

                    launched the next generation Google

                    launched Google Suggest, a new Labs
December            project that provides you with search
                      suggestions, in real time, while you


                         Announces Desktop Search

                    Announces Record Revenues for Third
                      Quarter 2004: reports revenues of
                     $805.9 million, up 105 percent year
                      over year in first post-IPO quarter.

                            launches Google SMS




               Announces Availability of Next-
            Generation Corporate Search Appliance

       introduced a newly designed Blogger


                 Launches Gmail
                files for Initial Public Offering


             announced the integration of local
           search results into Google.com with the
                 availability of Google Local


iTunes Music Store Downloads Top 200
            Million Songs

 Apple Launches iTunes Music Store in

introduced the iPod® U2 Special Edition
as part of a partnership between Apple,
     U2 and Universal Music Group

         Introduces iPod Photo

    Launches EU iTunes Music Store

iTunes Music Store Downloads Top 150
            Million Songs

Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results:
 Revenue Increases 37 Percent Year-
  Over-Year. iPod Shipments Top 2

introduced two new Jam Packs for its
GarageBand™ music creation software

   introduced Logic® Pro 7 and Logic
Express 7, the next major releases of its
   award-winning professional music
creation and audio production software
launched the iTunes® Affiliate Program,
   making it the first download music
  store to offer direct links to a la carte
 singles and albums that generate paid
    commissions to affiliate websites.

      Unveils the New iMac G5
 World’s Thinnest Desktop Computer
  Features High-Performance G5

   announced it has begun shipping
    Motion, the revolutionary new
     application that delivers high-
    performance, real-time motion
            graphics design

    Introduces Production Suite, the
  essential software suite for film and
video: Unified Suite Integrates Final Cut
  Pro HD, Motion & DVD Studio Pro 3

 iTunes Music Store Catalog Tops One
            Million Songs

 introduced the new iPod®, the fourth
generation of the world’s number one
portable digital music player, featuring
  Apple’s patent pending Click Wheel

 Apple Reports Third Quarter Results:
Revenue Increases 30 Percent and Net
    Profit Triples Year-Over-Year

iTunes Music Store Downloads Top 100
            Million Songs

 Unveils 30” Cinema HD Flat Display:
New Family of Widescreen Displays for
   Power Mac, PowerBook & PCs
  previewed Mac OS® X version 10.4
“Tiger,” the fifth major version of Mac
 OS X that will ship in the first half of

 previewed the next major release of
  Xcode™, Apple’s powerful suite of
 developer tools, designed to make it
    even easier and faster to build
  innovative Mac OS® X applications

  Previews Mac OS X Server “Tiger”:
“Tiger” Server Includes Support for 64-
bit Applications, Weblog Server, iChat
Server & Windows NT Migration Tools

  iTunes Music Store in Europe Sells
     800,000 Songs in First Week

announced Apple Remote Desktop™ 2,
the second generation of Apple’s asset
  management, software distribution
   and help desk support software

Launches iTunes Music Store in the UK,
          France & Germany

 Apple’s QuickTime 6 Downloads Top
             250 Million

   Unveils New Power Mac G5 Line

 Unveils AirPort Express for Mac & PC

 iTunes Music Store Sells 3.3 Million
        Songs in One Week

iTunes Celebrates Its First Anniversary;
   Over 70 Million Songs Purchased
To kick off its second year, Apple today
 launched the third generation iTunes
                Music Store

 Introduces New PowerBook G4 Line

    Updates Popular iBook G4 Line

 Unveils Final Cut Pro HD: First Video
Editing Software to Deliver Real-Time,
 Native DVCPRO HD Editing & Effects

Introduces Motion: Revolutionary New
Application Redefines Motion Graphics

Introduces Xsan Storage Area Network
             File System

  announced DVD Studio Pro® 3, the
 latest version of Apple’s professional
 DVD authoring application that gives
    users a complete set of tools for
  modern DVD design and authoring.

  Announces Shake 3.5 Designed for
  major motion picture studios and
    leading visual effects houses

Apple Reports Second Quarter Results:
      Earnings per Share Triples

 announced a faster, more affordable
line of eMac™ desktop computers for
          home and schools

iTunes Music Store Downloads Top 50
           Million Songs

         Ships New iPod mini

Streamlines Professional Audio Product
  Line: Introduces Logic Pro 6 & Logic
               Express 6
 Previews Next Generation Pro Audio
 Technology: Demonstration Includes
Innovative New Software Instruments
 & Support for Enhanced Apple Loops

 Apple Reports First Quarter Results:
 Revenue Increases 36 Percent Year-

         Introduces iPod mini

     Over Two Million iPods Sold

    announced iLife™ ‘04, the next
 generation of Apple’s award-winning
  suite of digital lifestyle applications

 introduced Jam Pack, an add-on music
      content package for Apple’s
revolutionary new GarageBand™ music
creation software, announced today as
           part of iLife™ ‘04

         Introduces Xserve G5

  Unveils New Xserve RAID Storage

 introduced Final Cut® Express 2, the
 next major release of its digital video
          editing software

 Mac OS X Users Approach 10 Million

 previewed Xgrid™, a computational
 clustering technology from Apple’s
   Advanced Computation Group
                          Nokia                                    Google

                                                    added a music search feature to Google
                                                                 web search

December                                              announced the availability of Gmail
                                                    Mobile, enabling Gmail users quick and
                                                    easy access to their Gmail account from
                                                             their mobile devices

                                                announced the availability of the first
            Nokia introduces a new Web browser
                                               large collection of public domain books
                      for S60 3rd Edition
                                                           on Google Print.

           launched opensource.nokia.com, a new
              Internet portal for its open source        Google Desktop out of beta
                      software projects.

               Series 60, the world's leading
                                                    nnounced that its hosted web analytics
             smartphone platform, redefines its
                                                     service, Google Analytics, is now free
                 name and visual identity

                                                      launched Google Base, a free online
November                                               service where users can submit all
                                                    types of online and offline content that
                                                     Google will host and make searchable

                                                       announced the addition of local
                                                        merchants' content to Froogle

                                                    announced Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up,
                                                     a new feature that enables AdSense
                                                       publishers to sign up advertisers
                                                          directly from their pages

            introduced the Nokia Local Content
           Channel Solution, CoolZone, that is a announced the official launch of Google
           Bluetooth based end-to-end solution Local, merging the technologies behind
              for distributing digital content to    Google Local and Google Maps
           consumers' phones in retail locations.

           Nokia reports Q3 2005 net sales of EUR    announced a web-based feed reader
                         8.4 billion                       called Google Reader
               launched an early access support
             program to further assist companies
            developing applications for the growing Announces Third Quarter Fiscal 2005
             global market for Symbian OS-based                  Results
              smartphones, including the popular
                     Series 60 Platform.


                Nokia launches a collection of
            connected multiplayer casual games,all announced the launch of Google Blog
               powered by Nokia's SNAP Mobile                    Search
              service, for Java enabled handsets

             introduced "Nokia XpressMusic", a
            dedicated feature brand that makes it
            easy for consumers to identify Nokia's
            growing portfolio of music-optimized
                        mobile devices

             announced that the demo for System
                Rush, the futuristic racing game
             developed exclusively for the N-Gage
September   platform is now available for download.

            announced that it will expand its focus
            on the business world with the launch
              of its new software solution, Nokia
                Business Center, which delivers
            business applications and mobile email
                for smartphones and business-
                   optimized mobile devices.

              announced an initiative to provide
              businesses with the resources they
            need, the know-how and the means, to
            successfully enable workforce mobility.

                                                       added a new feature to Google News
            Releases New N-Gage Arena Launcher
                                                       that enables users to receive Google
             Software For Global Mobile Gaming
                                                       News results as RSS or Atom feeds in
                                                            their feed reader of choice

            introduced a pioneering mobile search
                                                    announced Blogger for Word, a new
             software solution that provides users
                                                   plug-in from Blogger that enables users
              with easy and fast access to leading
                                                     to post text from a Microsoft Word
               search engines directly from their
                                                   document directly to their Blogger blog
                        Nokia handset.

                                                       announced Google Desktop 2 (beta), a
                                                         free downloadable application: By
                                                         combining desktop search with an
                                                      intelligent sidebar that learns the user's
 August                                                 habits and interests, users receive all
                                                       the information of interest to them in
                                                               one convenient location

                                                      launched Google Talk, a downloadable
                                                      Windows application from Google that
                                                        enables Gmail users to quickly and
                                                       easily talk or IM with their friends for

                                                       announced several new features that
                                                      further improve and enhance our users
                                                        search experience from their mobile
                                                                  phone or device

            Nokia reports Q2 2005 net sales of EUR       Announces Record Revenues for
                          8.1 billion                      Second Quarter Fiscal 2005

       announced today that it is using best-of-
         breed open source software as the
July    basis of a new mobile browser for its
        world leading smartphone software,
                the Series 60 Platform

       introduced the Nokia Sensor: users can
                                                 announced the release of Google
        create personal pages on their phone,
                                                Mobile Web Search, a new XHTML-
           including text and graphics. Nokia
                                               based service that enables people with
          Sensor users can also check out the
                                                mobile phones access to an index of
          pages of other Sensor users in their
                                                web pages specially designed for the
        vicinity, exchange messages and share
                                                 mobile phone's smaller screen size
                     files with them

                                                     announced Blogger Images, a new
                                                    feature that enables users to quickly
                                                     and easily post photos to their blog

                                                   announced the launch of Google Earth,
                                                    Google's new satellite imagery-based
                                                     mapping product that combines 3D
June                                                 buildings and terrain with mapping
                                                        capability and Google search

                                                       launches Personalized Search

                                                     Google Maps API available, a free
                                                      toolkit that enables developers to
                                                       create computer programs that
                                                   interact directly with the Google Maps
           introduced Nokia Local Business       announced Blogger Mobile: enables
         Connectivity Solution that connects anyone on-the-go to create a new blog
           company's mobile devices to the       and post to it – for free – using their
        enterprise applications and IT services.            mobile phone

                                                 announcing support in Google Scholar
                                                       for institutional access

                                                 announced a beta test of AdSense for
                                                      feeds via the Google Blog

                                                 announced Google Desktop Search for

                                                     launches personalized Google

        Nokia reports Q1 2005 net sales of EUR
                                               Google Maps and Keyhole Integration
                      7.4 billion

                                                 Adds New Local Services to its Suite of
                                                  Mobile Products: From local business
                                                listings to interactive street maps, users
                                                       can now access Google Local
                                                 information via a mobile web browser
                                                   and driving directions using Google

                                                 launched the Google Video upload
                                                program that enables content owners
                                                worldwide to upload their digital video
                                                        files to Google Video

                                                      launches My Search History


         Announces Record Revenues for the
            First Quarter of Fiscal 2005

         announced Site targeting - a Google
           AdWords limited beta feature

         announced enhancements to Google
          Local, including the integration of
                     Google Maps

        announced the formal launch of Google
         Desktop Search, a free downloadable
           application which enables users to
          search for information on their own

        announced a new feature on Google
March   News that enables users to customize
        their front page news as they read it.

            released an updated version of
                  Blogger's Atom API

        announced the Google Local Business
         Center, a free tool for businesses to
         easily add or update their business
         listings that appear in Google Local
           Announces Record Revenues for Fourth
               Quarter and Fiscal Year 2004

           announced two new updates to Google
February              Image Search

             released a new beta version of the
                      Google Toolbar

              added a new search feature that
           enables users to quickly and easily find
             movie showtimes in their local U.S.
               neighborhood from the Google
           homepage or on their mobile phone or
             handheld device using Google SMS

              announced the availability of the
            Google Mini, a search appliance that
           enables small-to-medium businesses to
            access and manage their information
                    using Google search.

           Google's new version of Picasa released

            announced the availability of Google
             Video: Enables Users to Search TV
           Content From PBS, the NBA, Fox News,
                    C-SPAN, and others

              launched the AdWords API, a free
             Google AdWords beta feature that
           enables developers to create computer
           programs that interact directly with the
                     AdWords system.


 announced that iTunes® Music Store
    customers have purchased and
  downloaded more than one million
videos since they debuted on October

   Launches iTunes Music Store in
 Introduces Aperture: First All-in-One
Post Production Tool for Photographers

  Introduces Power Mac G5 Quad &
         Power Mac G5 Dual

Unveils the New iPod: Fifth Generation
iPod Now Plays Music, Photos & Video

Announces iTunes 6 With 2,000 Music
  Videos, Pixar Short Films & Hit TV

Introduces the New iMac G5: Features
    Built-in iSight Video Camera &
   Breakthrough “Front Row” Media

Reports Fourth Quarter Results: Apple
Concludes Best Quarter & Best Year in
          Company History

  Introduces Major Enhancements to
 .Mac, the membership-based online
service. New Features include Groups,
Backup 3, Increased Storage & French
        & German Localization

 Updates Xserve RAID: Delivers up to
     7TB of Storage at Industry
        Breakthrough Price

        Introduces iPod nano
Introduces iTunes 5: iTunes Music Store
    Catalog Tops Two Million Songs

 Launches iTunes Music Store in Japan

 announced that Dashboard, a widely
  acclaimed feature in its Mac OS® X
version 10.4 "Tiger" operating system,
now has over 1,000 widgets available

 Unveils Faster iBooks: New iBook Line
  With Scrolling TrackPad & Sudden
            Motion Sensor
iTunes Music Store Downloads Top Half
            a Billion Songs

 Apple Reports Third Quarter Results:
  Apple Delivers Record Revenue &

iTunes Podcast Subscriptions Top One
      Million in First Two Days

 Apple Takes Podcasting Mainstream:
 Discover, Subscribe, Manage & Listen
    to Podcasts Right in iTunes 4.9

Apple Merges iPod & iPod photo Lines

 European iTunes Music Store Tops 50
      Million Songs in First Year

 Apple To Deliver 2 Millionth Copy of
  Mac OS X Tiger This Week: Fastest
    Selling Mac OS Release Ever

Unveils Preview Release of QuickTime 7
             for Windows
    iTunes Music Store Launches in
     Denmark, Norway, Sweden &

  Apple’s New iMac G5 Line Delivers
Faster Performance, Built-in Wireless &
           Mac OS X “Tiger”

Apple Unleashes “Tiger” Friday at 6:00

  Upgrades Power Mac G5 Line: New
  Power Mac Features Dual 2.7 GHz
    Processors & Mac OS X “Tiger”

   Unveils Final Cut Studio: Major
Upgrades of Final Cut Pro, Motion and
    DVD Studio Pro; Introducing
           Soundtrack Pro

     Introduces Soundtrack Pro:
 Revolutionary New Audio Editing and
      Sound Design Application
 announced Shake® 4, a major upgrade
  to the industry’s leading compositing
  software used by independent artists
and visual effects facilities to create the
 world’s most celebrated visual effects
for film and television. Shake 4 features
   3D multi-planecompositing, cutting-
edge optical flow image processing and
  unprecedented integration with Final
                Cut Pro 5.

Apple Continues to Lead the Industry in
  the Adoption of HD Video at NAB

Apple Reports Second Quarter Results:
Revenue Increases 70 Percent and Net
 Income Increases Over 500 Percent

Apple to Ship Mac OS X “Tiger” on April

  Apple Announces Mac OS X Server

iTunes Music Store Downloads Surpass
             300 Million
unveiled the second generation iPod®
             mini lineup

   updated its iPod® photo lineup

  Unveils Faster, More Affordable

iTunes Music Store Downloads Top a
       Quarter Billion Songs

Apple Reports First Quarter Results:
 Quarterly Revenue & Net Income
    Highest in Apple’s History

       Introduces iPod shuffle

        Introduces Mac mini

 announced iLife’05, the upgrade to
   Apple’s suite of digital lifestyle
  applications, featuring major new
versions of iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and
GarageBand and including the latest
           version of iTunes
    unveiled iWork ’05, productivity
software designed to take advantage of
 both Mac OS® X and iLife® ’05 to help
users easily create, present and publish
  professional-looking documents and

 announced Final Cut® Express HD, a
 major upgrade of its advanced video
         editing application

 Ships Xsan Storage Area Network File

         Upgrades Xserve G5
                           Nokia                                   Google

                                                        The latest version of the Google
                                                       Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox® is now

                                                     announced the release of an innovative
                                                       new mobile client, Gmail for mobile

                                                     launched a new Sitemap protocol and
                                                      additions to Google webmaster tools
                                                                for Google News

              announced Nokia Service Suite, a
             software solution which automates Google Gadgets, which have long been
           both the connectivity over the available available for users to add to the Google
           access methods like cellular and WLAN, homepage and Google Desktop, are
               and also provides the preferred       now available for webpage owners to
           location and presence specific services        add to their own webpages
                         to the user.

           Nokia reports Q3 2006 net sales of EUR          Announces Google Docs &
                         10.1 billion                           Spreadsheets

           S60 on Symbian OS strengthened with
             new features to support its mass        Announces Third Quarter 2006 Results
                     market position

                announced WidSets, a phone
            manufacturer-independent Web 2.0          launching the Google Custom Search
            service, that automatically multicasts     Engine, a new way to bring tailored
                preferred RSS feeds and user-             search to websites and blogs
                      generated content.

                                                     Google News Now Has Archive Search
            released Featured Content for Google
            Earth, a new showcase of multimedia
            overlays in Google Earth that connect
            users to information about the world
                around them from a variety of
                 premium content providers

               announcing a new version of the
             Google Search Appliance (Enterprise)

            announced printable online coupons on
                       Google Maps

             announced the launch of Google Apps
                for Your Domain, a set of hosted
            applications for organizations that want
            to provide high quality communications
             tools to their users without the hassle
             of installing and maintaining software
                            or hardware

       Nokia reports Q2 2006 net sales of EUR      Announces Second Quarter 2006
                     9.8 billion                              Results

                                                 Google Maps for Mobile with Traffic
                                                 and Customized iGoogle for Mobile

          introduced the beta release of the
          Nokia Podcasting Application that
             makes it easy to discover and      Announces limited test on Google Labs:
        download podcasting content on the             Google Spreadsheets
         go. Available for the Nokia N91 and
         other Nokia S60 3rd edition devices

        announced the global launch of its
        Nokia Content Discoverer on-device      Announces Major Imagery Update For
       portal solution, embedded in millions       Google Earth, New Tools And
        of Nokia devices based on S60 and             Innovations in Mapping
                      Series 40

          Nokia launches new online retail       announced Google U.S. Government
       distribution channel for N-Gage games                 Search

         announced the expansion (across
         Europe) of Mobile Search, a free
          software solution for the high-  announced the availability of its several
       performing Nokia Nseries multimedia mobile services in a range of languages
        computers and other Nokia devices
            based on the S60 platform.

                                                 Google Checkout preparing to launch

        announced the release to the global
        open source software community of
        the source code for S60 WebKit, the
          engine for its leading-edge Web          launched Google Co-op, Google
         Browser for S60, marking a turning        Desktop 4, and Google Notebook
       point in the drive toward an open code
       base for web browsers used on mobile
May                     device

         Nokia expands Intellisync Device        introduced click-to-play video ads in
        Management Offering for Businesses            the U.S., Canada and Japan

                                                          announced Google Calendar

           Nokia reports Q1 2006 net sales of EUR launched mobile ads in Japan, Google's
                         9.5 billion              first ads offering to mobile phone users

                                                      announced a smaller, faster Google


                                                      Announces First Quarter 2006 Results

            announces SNAP Mobile, a business
            solution that enables operators and
                 publishers to create online             launching Google Finance Beta
           communities for mobile Java games in

 March     introduced Nokia Lifeblog 2.0 for Nokia
               Nseries, a unique collection and
                storage solution for personal      Introduces Local Business Ads Through
           multimedia content that enables you to                AdWords
               maintain a photo album with a
                     minimum of effort.

           underlined its effort in making location
             based services available to a broad
                  consumer base with the                announced Gmail Chat, the first
              announcement of the Nokia GPS             integration of email and instant
            Module LD-3W, which is compatible              messaging in the browser
              with a wide selection of Nokia's
                Bluetooth enabled handsets.

                                                       launching Google Desktop 3 Beta

                                                   launhes Google Page Creator, a free,
                                                   easy, browser-based tool for creating
                                                           attractive web pages

                                                    announced the availability of Google
                                                         News for mobile devices

           Nokia to Release Python for S60 Source
                                                  announced the planned opening of the
              Code to Open-Source Software
                                                          Google Video store
                   Developer Community

           Nokia reports fourth quarter 2005 net     introduced Google Earth for
                  sales of EUR 10.3 billion                     Mac

                                                        Announces Two More Minis

                                                   announcement of Google Personalized
                                                        Home for mobile devices


                                                         Google News out-of-beta

                                                   announced the latest version of Google
                                                    Toolbar and a new Google Toolbar for

                                                    Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal
                                                            Year 2005 Results

Launches iTunes & Online Apple Stores
           in New Zealand

  unveiled its new line of MacBook
consumer notebooks that now include
     Intel Core 2 Duo processors

Announces iTunes Latino on the iTunes

  Apple’s New iPod shuffle Available
       Worldwide This Friday

 announced that its entire MacBook Pro
line of notebooks now includes the new
 Intel Core 2 Duo processor and delivers
  performance that is up to 39 percent
   faster than the previous generation

  Reports Preliminary Fourth Quarter
Results. Ships Record 1.61 Million Macs

Announces iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED
          Special Edition

 Releases Aperture 1.5: Major Update
Adds Open Library Option and Extends
Announces iTunes 7 with Amazing New

    Introduces the New iPod nano

 Unveils the New iPod shuffle: World’s
    Smallest Digital Music Player is
    Wearable with Innovative Clip

       Introduces the New iPod

announced that its entire iMac line now
   features the new Intel Core 2 Duo
processor in every model, delivering up
 to 50 percent faster performance than
           the previous iMac

 Unveils New Mac Pro Featuring Quad
        64-bit Xeon Processors

  Introduces Xserve with Quad 64-bit
 Xeon Processors: New Xserve is Over
Five Times Faster Than its Predecessor

  previewed Mac OS® X version 10.5
Leopard, the sixth major version of Mac
  OS X, to its third party developers.

 previewed Mac OS® X Server version
10.5 Leopard, the next major release of
 Apple’s award-winning UNIX® server
          operating system

European iTunes Music Store Tops 200
         Million Songs Sold
Apple Reports Third Quarter Results:
  Posts Second Highest Quarterly
Revenue and Earnings in Company’s

Apple Executives to Preview Mac OS X
 “Leopard” at WWDC 2006 Keynote

Unveils New MacBook Featuring Intel
        Core Duo Processors

 Releases Final Cut Express HD 3.5:
Universal Upgrade Delivers Powerful
  New Features & More Real-Time
   Introduces 17-inch MacBook Pro

Apple Reports Second Quarter Results:
Revenue Grows 34 Percent Year-over-
  Year; Earnings Increase 41 Percent

  introduced Boot Camp, public beta
software that enables Intel-based Macs
          to run Windows XP

  Releases Aperture 1.1, a significant
     update to the all-in-one post
  production tool for photographers

 announced Apple Remote Desktop 3,
the third generation of Apple’s award-
    winning desktop management
  software, Now Optimized for Intel-
             based Macs

       Ships Final Cut Studio 5.1

announced iPod Hi-Fi, an all-new high-
  fidelity speaker system that works
 seamlessly with the iPod to redefine
        the home stereo system

 unveiled the new Mac® mini with the
       Intel Core Duo processor
iTunes Music Store Downloads Top One
             Billion Songs

 this week will begin shipping the new
         15-inch MacBook Pro

     Unveils New 1GB iPod nano

 Apple Reports First Quarter Results:
  Apple Delivers Record Revenue &

Unveils New iMac with Intel Core Duo

    unveiled its new MacBook Pro
notebook computer featuring the new
      Intel® Core Duo processor

    announced iLife® '06, the most
 significant upgrade to Apple’s award-
    winning suite of digital lifestyle
            applications ever

announced iWork’06, a new version of
 Apple’s suite of productivity software
with new features designed to make it
  easy for users to create even more
      compelling documents and

  announced the iPod Radio Remote
 which combines the convenience of a
  wired remote control with new FM
radio capabilities for the iPod nano and
         fifth generation iPod
                          Nokia                                    Google

                                                       integrated real-time chat into the
             Nokia unveils "Comes With Music"

December                                            announced the release of a new iPhone
            the Nokia Internet Radio service now
                                                     application that integrates its multiple
                                                         services into a single interface

           unveils the newest device management
                                                  announced the latest version of Google
             features of Nokia Intellisync Mobile
                                                      Toolbar for Internet Explorer

              Nokia today announced that its
             innovative Internet service called
                                                    Launches OpenSocial to Spread Social
            WidSets, launched one year ago, has
                                                        Applications Across the Web
            emerged from Beta to a new service

                                                     Announces Launch of version 2.0 of
                                                      Google Maps for Mobile With "My
                                                    Location" Technology, which uses cell
                                                    tower ID information to provide users
                                                       with their approximate location,
                                                     helping them determine where they
                                                    are, what's around them, and how to
                                                                   get there

                                                        announced that it will apply to
                                                           participate in the Federal
                                                        Communications Commission's
                                                    upcoming auction of wireless spectrum
                                                      in the 700 megahertz (MHz) band.

            Nokia today unveiled SEEK, the third    announced that Postini's email security
            dimension of its mobile sharing site,     and compliance services have been
                          MOSH.                     added to Google Apps Premier Edition

                                                       announced the availability of video
            Nokia reports Q3 2007 net sales of EUR
                                                       units, the first offering for content
                          12.9 billion
                                                            distribution on AdSense

             S60 smartphone software evolves to
            enrich the user experience: Expanding Starting today, a YouTube layer will be
            the platform with intuitive touch user   available in the Featured Content
              interface, sensor technologies and           folder of Google Earth
                complete web video experience

                                                     Google Analytics Unveils New Features,
                                                               Urchin Software

                                                     Announces Third Quarter 2007 Results

                                                        introduces Google Finance tab on
                                                      iGoogle and Gadgets API for market

             unveils enhanced mobile email for
             Microsoft Exchange server, delivers
                                                     New Features from Google Book Search
             mobile email to broader user base,
                      adds functionality

               Nokia revamps its location-based
            experiences. Launched in February of
                                                  announced the availability of AdSense
               this year, the Nokia Maps mobile
                                                 for Mobile, a program that contextually
            application and the Nokia Map Loader
                                                  targets ads to mobile website content
             for PC's have each been downloaded
                      over 1 million times.

                                                     added features for presentations to the
September                                                   Google Docs application

                                                      Google AdWords Introduces Google
                                                       Gadget Ads, a New Interactive Ad
                                                  announces a simple new way to embed
             Nokia Music Store announced
                                                              Google Maps

           introduced Ovi, the company's new       announced the launch of Sky, a new
          Internet services brand name. Music,     feature that enables users of Google
          games and maps among the first Ovi        Earth to view the sky as seen from
                         services                               planet Earth

         Nokia reports Q2 2007 net sales of EUR
                       12.6 billion


                                                    officially released Mapplets: a New
                                                    Tool for Customizing Google Maps

                                                  Introduces Hosted Site Search for Small

                                                 Announces Second Quarter 2007

                                                Intends to Bid in Spectrum Auction If
                                                  FCC Adopts Consumer Choice and
                                                     Competition Requirements

                                                   Picasa Web Albums for mobile

       announced that it will introduce a new
                                                worldwide expansion of its pay-per-
        company structure from January 1,
                                                     action advertising beta

                                                   Google Desktop now on Linux

                                                   launches YouTube for mobile

                                                    Google Calendar for mobile

                                                    announced a new version of its
                                                    powerful web analytics solution,
                                                           Google Analytics

                                                  Introduces New Search Features and
                                                     Unveils New Homepage Design

                                                  Google Translate adds new feature to
                                                 convert search results into 12 different

                                                 announced new innovations for Google
                                                      Maps that offer a whole new
                                                 perspective on search: Street View and

                                                 Launches Gears Open Source Project to
                                                    Bring Offline Capabilities to Web

                                                 Google Checkout for mobile launches

                                                  Website Optimizer Now Available to
         Over 100 million S60 devices shipped
                                                   AdWords Advertisers Worldwide

        Nokia reports Q1 2007 net sales of EUR launching a Mac™ version of its Google
                      9.9 billion                      Desktop™ application

        Nokia Announces Open C SDK Plug-In
        Availability for S60 Devices, enabling   launching My Maps, a new feature of
        easier porting of Linux-targeted open      Google Maps that enables users to
April   source projects to Symbian OS-based      quickly and easily create custom maps
          S60 smartphones and increased           for personal use or sharing through
        productivity for developers of mobile                    search
        applications running on S60 devices.

                                                    announced that Google AdSense™ for
                                                    Audio is now supported by the leading
                                                             radio station systems

                                                    Announces First Quarter 2007 Results

            announced that the Nokia Software       announced today a limited beta test of
            Updater application is now available         pay-per-action advertising

 March     Nokia announces platforms to connect
           advertisers and media publishers with
                                                 has made some additions to the Google
            mobile: Nokia Ad Service and Nokia
                                                     Pack service, a free collection of
           Advertising Connector enable delivery
                                                            essential software
             of the right ad to the right mobile

           announced that its smart2go mapping        introduced Google Apps Premier
             and navigation platform has been        Edition, a new version of Google’s
             downloaded around 30.000 times        hosted services for communication and
           during the first two days of being made collaboration designed for businesses
                           available.                             of all sizes

             Nokia 6110 Navigator hits the road
                      (map included)

           CEO announces new products including
            the next generation of Nokia Eseries
           devices, plus navigation and Mobile TV
            devices targeted at the mass market

           announced the launch of a new Forum
             Nokia business community, Forum
            Nokia PRO Imaging Zone, designed to
              drive the development of mobile
             imaging technologies and enhance
           consumer experiences in capturing and
            sharing images with the latest Nokia
                       Nseries devices.

               announced that it is making its
             smart2go mapping and navigation
           platform, available for free download,
           enabling millions of people to use the
            most comprehensive map coverage
                 offered on a mobile device

            Nokia Mobile Search adds ability to
             search for content stored on your

           introduced a new Feature Pack for S60
                      on Symbian OS

           Nokia reports fourth quarter 2006 net    New Innovations, Features for Google
                  sales of EUR 11.7 billion             SketchUp and Google Earth

                                                    New Version of Google Groups Gives
                                                    Groups Their Own Home on the Web

                                                    Google Mini Integrated Solution Now
                                                    Offers Secure Search for Businesses of
                                                                   All Sizes

                                                    Announces Fourth Quarter And Fiscal
                                                            Year 2006 Results

  Hit Television Programming Now
  Available on the iTunes Store in
Canada: Programs from Canada’s Top
 Networks, US Favorites & NHL Now
         Available on iTunes

   released Final Cut® Express 4, a
 significant upgrade to its powerful
  video editing software based on
Apple’s award-winning Final Cut Pro 6

 iPhone on Sale This Friday Night at
Apple, O2 and Carphone Warehouse
       Retail Stores in the UK

Apple Sells Two Million Copies of Mac
   OS X Leopard in First Weekend
Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results:
Quarterly Mac Sales Set New Record.
 Quarterly iPhone Sales Exceed One

  announced that it has expanded its
    iTunes® Plus offering to over two
million tracks and lowered the price of
 all iTunes Plus tracks to just 99 cents.
All iTunes Plus tracks feature DRM-free
         music with high quality

  Apple to Ship Mac OS X Leopard on
              October 26

 Announces Mac OS X Server Leopard

        unveiled Logic® Studio, a
 comprehensive suite of professional
 tools that gives musicians everything
   they need to create, produce and
perform in the studio and on the stage

   Apple Sells One Millionth iPhone

Introduces All New iPod nano: World’s
 Most Popular Music Player Now Plays

   Introduces New iPod classic: New
   160GB Model Holds Up to 40,000

Unveils iPod touch: Revolutionary Multi-
   touch Interface & Built-in Wi-Fi
          Wireless Networking
 Unveils the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store:
 Wireless Music Downloads Directly to
          iPod touch & iPhone
Custom Ringtone Maker Now Built into

Announces Hit Television Programming
 Now Available on the iTunes Store in
               the UK

          Unveils New iMac

     Introduces iLife ’08, the most
  significant upgrade ever to Apple’s
award-winning suite of digital lifestyle
 applications, featuring a major new
 version of iPhoto® and a completely
           reinvented iMovie

announced significant enhancements
to its .Mac online service, highlighted
 by the debut of .Mac Web Gallery, a
 new feature for sharing photos and
        movies on the Internet

   introduced iWork’08, a significant
    upgrade to Apple’s productivity
software suite featuring new versions
of Pages and Keynote word processing
  and presentation applications, and
     introducing an innovative new
     spreadsheet application called

 iTunes Store Tops Three Billion Songs.
iTunes recently surpassed Amazon and
   Target to become the third largest
        music retailer in the US

 Apple Reports Third Quarter Results:
  Record June Quarter Revenue and
  Profit. Mac Sales Set New Record
iPhone Premieres This Friday Night at
         Apple Retail Stores

 announced that iPhone users will be
  able to enjoy YouTube’s originally-
 created content on their iPhones. In
   addition, Apple announced that
   YouTube is now live on Apple TV

   Safari for Windows Public Beta
 Downloads Top 1 Million in First 48

 unveiled a near final version of Mac
OS® X Leopard, the sixth major release
    of the world’s most advanced
operating system. Scheduled to ship in

Introduces Safari for Windows: Public
   Beta Available Today for Mac &

iPhone to Support Third-Party Web 2.0
 Applications: Innovative New Way to
    Create Applications for iPhone

  Announces New Mac OS X Server
        Leopard Features

  Warner Music Japan Catalog Now
Available on the iTunes Store in Japan

       Updates MacBook Pro
 Latest Intel Core 2 Duo Processors,
   Memory Up to 4GB and Higher
Performance Graphics Across the Line
     YouTube Coming to Apple TV

 launched iTunes® Plus—DRM-free
music tracks featuring high quality 256

 announced the launch of iTunes U, a
dedicated area within the iTunes Store
 featuring free content such as course
    lectures, language lessons, lab
demonstrations, sports highlights and
   campus tours provided by top US
        colleges and universities

Updates Popular MacBook: Faster Intel
Core 2 Duo Processors, 1GB of Memory
and Larger Hard Drives Across the Line

Apple Reports Second Quarter Results:
 Earnings Grow 88 Percent Year-over-

unveiled Final Cut Studio 2, a significant
upgrade to the industry’s leading video
            production suite

introduced Final Cut Server, a powerful
   new server application that works
  seamlessly with Final Cut Studio 2 to
 provide media asset management and
     workflow automation for post
production and broadcast professionals
announced that the 100 millionth iPod®
  has been sold, making the iPod the
 fastest selling music player in history

Introduces Complete My Album: Turns
Individual Songs Into Complete Albums
           at Reduced Prices

        Apple TV Now Shipping
  iPod shuffle Now Available in Five
           Brilliant Colors

 Apple Reports First Quarter Results:
 Revenue Exceeds $7 Billion; Record
         Profit of $1 Billion

Apple Reinvents the Phone with iPhone

premiered Apple TV, an easy to use and
   fun way to wirelessly play all your
favorite iTunes content from your Mac
or PC on your widescreen TV, including
 movies, TV shows, music, photos and

iTunes Store Tops Two Billion Songs, 50
  Million TV Shows & Over 1.3 Million
   Movies Sold, making it the world’s
  most popular online music, TV and
              movie store.

   Introduces New AirPort Extreme
                           Nokia                                   Google

            Nokia's Mail on Ovi public beta goes
                  'live' around the world

               Introducing personal Internet
           experiences with the Nokia N97 mobile
             computer. New Ovi services include
                      Maps and Mail

            unveiled the Nokia N97, the world's
             most advanced mobile computer

December   released the latest version of its award-
                 winning mobile mapping and
           navigation service, Nokia Maps, as well
              as its personalized online mapping
                       experience on Ovi

              announced the launch of Nokia
           Messaging, which mobilizes consumer
           email and consumer instant messaging
             (IM) solutions on Nokia devices.

           Nokia 5800 XpressMusic now shipping         launched Gmail voice and video chat

                                                  launched On-Demand Indexing, a new
             announced it is developing a smart
                                                    feature for Google Site Search that
            home platform, Nokia Home Control
                                                       allows businesses to quickly
           Center. The platform is opening a new
                                                  incorporate new pages and important
           era for networked home services and
                                                 site updates into search results on their

November    Nokia updates its 4th quarter 2008    announcing the launch of SketchUp 7
           outlook and gives preliminary outlook    and SketchUp Pro 7, the newest
                         for 2009                versions of their 3D modeling software

             Inform, Involve, Empower - Nokia's
            service mantra for emerging markets
              with Nokia Life Tools. Timely and   New Version of Google Mobile App for
           relevant information for smaller towns    iPhone, now with Voice Search
              and rural areas directly to mobile
                                                         lauches SearchWiki: users can add,
                                                        delete, re-sort or comment on search
                                                       results for any query, to create a set of
                                                       search results that's customized just for

            announced the availability of the latest
             Software Development Kit (SDK) for           Announces AdSense for Games in
             SNAP Mobile, its end-to end solution        Effort to Fuel the Growth of Online
               for connected mobile gaming in                           Gaming
                     Java(TM) technology.

              Qt Software today announced the
               porting of Qt to S60 on Symbian          ANNOUNCES THIRD QUARTER 2008
              OS(TM), the world's leading, open                   RESULTS
                    smartphone platform

                                                         Google Analytics Unveils Enterprise
              Nokia Q3 2008 net sales EUR 12.2
                                                        Class Feature Set, Updated Interface,
 October                  billion
                                                        and Integration with Google AdSense

            Nokia launches pioneering 'Comes With        Google Earth Comes to iPhone and
             Music' digital entertainment service                   iPod touch

               announces the new Nokia 5800
            XpressMusic, a mobile device for music
            that brings innovative new features to
                       the mass market

              introduction of S60 5th Edition, the
             latest release of the world's leading,
              open smartphone platform, S60 on
                          Symbian OS.

               Nokia brings Microsoft Exchange         announced Google Video for business,
              ActiveSync corporate mobile email         a new application in Google Apps for
             solution to 80 million mobile devices         sharing video in an organization

                                                       launched Google Chrome, a new open
                                                                 source browser

                                                     launching a one-two combo of Picasa
                                                      3.0 (beta), the next generation of its
                                                    free photo-editing software, alongside
                                                    a major technology upgrade to its free
                                                    online photo-sharing site, Picasa Web

                                                     DoubleClick, a premier provider of
                                                      digital marketing technology and
            Nokia's Services & Software unit grows
                                                   services, announced the new capability
                     and focuses its efforts
                                                      to serve video ads into Microsoft
                                                      Silverlight 2 video environments

                                                     announced an all-new version of the
                                                      Google Search Appliance integrated
                                                    hardware and software solution, with a
                                                     new architecture that can index all of
                                                     an organization's content—up to 10
                                                      million documents—in a single box.

              Nokia Q2 2008 net sales EUR 13.2      First Models from Cities in 3D Program
                          billion                               Now Available

                  WidSets, a mobile content
             consumption, creation and sharing
            service is getting a boost from Forum
               Nokia, Nokia's global developer
                                                    ANNOUNCES SECOND QUARTER 2008
               program. Developers can easily
  July                                                         RESULTS
              develop widgets for WidSets and
              instantly make them available for
             download to a rapidly growing user
        introduced today the Nokia E71 and       announced Google Site Search, a
       Nokia E66 - the latest email-optimized service that provides quality search to
       devices from the Nokia Eseries product any website with the flexibility of cloud
                       range.                               computing

        announced the launch of the Nokia         unveiled Google Map Maker, a new
       Advertising Alliance, which will simplify product that allows users to contribute
           mobile advertising for brand          and edit Maps data for regions around
                     advertisers.                               the world


       Nokia releases software for developing
                                                  launched Google Web Security™ for
        connected mobile games in Java(TM)

                                                announced a preview release of Google
                                                  Friend Connect, a service that helps
                                                     website owners grow traffic by
                                                 enabling any site on the web to easily
                                                 provide social features for its visitors

                                                Google App Engine to Announce Open
                                                Sign-ups, Pricing Plans, and New APIs
                                                            at Google I/O

                                                 unveiling the Google Earth API and
                                                browser plug-in: the Google Earth API
                                                allows web developers to quickly and
                                               easily turn their web pages into 3D map

          S60 extending the lead in Internet      announcing a preview release of
        innovation and experiences: Internet    Google App Engine, an application-
           services extend beyond desktop      hosting tool that developers can use to
         experiences with context aware and      build scalable web apps on top of
                  personal Widgets                     Google's infrastructure

        Nokia Q1 2008 net sales of EUR 12.7       introducing a new version of the
                      billion                        Google Earth desktop client


                                                  launched the Google Cities in 3D
                                                Program, which invites cities, towns,
                                                and other local governments to share
                                               their 3D data with the public by adding
                                                a model of their city to Google Earth


            announced the launch of the
           global Nokia Media Network, a
            premium advertising network           issues a statement on Microsoft's bid
              including over 70 leading                         for Yahoo
           publisher and operators as well
             as Nokia media properties.

                                                 announced a series of security products
            announced that the Beta version of       Powered by Postini that deliver
                    Nokia Maps 2.0                  message filtering, encryption and
                                                 archiving for any business environment

                                                 announced Google Apps Team Edition
                                                  as the simplest and fastest way for
                                                 groups of employees and students to
                                                   collaborate within an organization
                                                           using Google Apps

                                                      introduced Google Sites™, an
                                                 application that makes creating a team
                                                 web site as easy as editing a document

           Nokia Q4 2007 net sales of EUR 15.7    announces faster, more customizable
                         billion                   Google experience for iPhone Users
                                             announced the release of the iGoogle
          Consumer experiences take center
                                              Themes API, which allows for user-
            stage with Nokia at CES 2008
                                                 generated iGoogle Themes

                                             Announces Fourth Quarter And Fiscal
                                                     Year 2007 Results

Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results.
 6.9 Million iPhones Sold. Mac Sales
         Reach All-Time High

 ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC Offer Lineup of
  Programming in HD on the iTunes
  Store. iTunes Tops 200 Million TV
  Episodes Sold, Including Over One
         Million HD Episodes

  New MacBook Family Redefines
Notebook Design. Industry’s Greenest

  Introduces New iPod nano. Fourth
Generation iPod nano Features Apple’s
       New Genius Technology

Introduces 2nd generation iPod touch
Announces iTunes 8. Features Apple’s
New Breakthrough Genius Technology

App Store Downloads Top 100 Million

Apple Premieres Movies on the iTunes
  Store in Australia & New Zealand

 Apple Reports Record Third Quarter
Results. Revenue Up 38 Percent Year-
   Mac Sales Reach All-Time High

Apple Sells One Million iPhone 3Gs in
            First Weekend

iPhone App Store Downloads Top 10
     Million in First Weekend

    iPhone 3G on Sale Tomorrow
  iTunes Store Tops Over Five Billion
              Songs Sold

 Apple Introduces the New iPhone 3G.
    Twice as Fast at Half the Price

  iPhone SDK (SW Development Kit)
   Downloads Top 250,000 since its
         launch on March 6

 Introduces MobileMe Internet Service:
    a new Internet service that delivers
    push email, push contacts and push
calendars from the MobileMe service in
   the “cloud” to native applications on
  iPhone™, iPod® touch, Macs and PCs.

    Apple Previews Mac OS X Snow
        Leopard to Developers

Apple Premieres Movies on the iTunes
          Store in Canada

Apple Premieres Movies on the iTunes
          Store in the UK

      Award-Winning Television
  Programming Now Available on the
iTunes Store in France: Programs from
France’s Top Networks & Hit US Shows
       Now Available on iTunes

HBO & Apple Bring Critically Acclaimed
Television Programming to the iTunes

 Apple Executives to Showcase Mac OS
      X Leopard and OS X iPhone
Development Platforms at WWDC 2008
  announced that new movie releases
  from major film studios and premier
 independent studios are available for
  purchase on the iTunes Store on the
     same day as their DVD release.

Apple Updates iMac: Now with Faster
Processors & Faster Graphics Option

Apple Reports Record Second Quarter
Results: Revenue Up 43 Percent Year-

Final Cut Server, a powerful software
solution for media asset management
   and workflow automation, Now

  announced that the iTunes Store
 surpassed Wal-Mart to become the
 number one music retailer in the US

      Award-Winning Television
  Programming Now Available on the
  iTunes Store in Germany: Programs
from Germany’s Top Networks & Hit US
    Shows Now Available on iTunes

  Apple Releases Aperture 2.1 with
   Powerful Image Editing Plug-In

Apple Releases Safari 3.1: The World’s
  Fastest Browser Now on Mac and

 updated its AirPort Express® mobile
base station with 802.11n to deliver up
  to five times the performance and
twice the range of the previous model
   announced that more than 100,000
 iPhone™ developers have downloaded
the beta iPhone Software Development
  Kit (SDK) in the first four days since its
             launch on March 6

 Announces iPhone 2.0 Software Beta:
   Includes SDK & Built-in Microsoft
         Exchange ActiveSync

  announced that iTunes is now the
 number two music retailer in the US,
    behind only Wal-Mart. iTunes
      Customers Top 50 Million

     Introduces New MacBook and
          MacBook Pro Models

   Introduces Xsan 2, the first major
    upgrade to its easy to use, high
 performance, enterprise class Storage
Area Network (SAN) file system for Mac
                OS® X.

  Releases Aperture 2, the next major
  release of its groundbreaking photo
   editing and management software

Adds New iPhone & iPod touch Models

  Apple TV Update Coming Soon, will
allow movie fans to rent movies on the
    iTunes® Store directly from their
            widescreen TV

      MacBook Air Now Shipping
  Apple Reports First Quarter Results:
 Best Quarterly Revenue & Earnings in
  Apple History. Mac, iPod & iPhone
     Sales Break Previous Records

Introduces MacBook Air—The World’s
         Thinnest Notebook

  introduced Time Capsule, a backup
    appliance that automatically and
 wirelessly backs up everything on one
  or more Macs running Leopard, the
  latest release of Apple’s Mac OS® X
operating system including the amazing
    Time Machine automatic backup

 Enhances Revolutionary iPhone with
         Software Update

 Announces Major Software Upgrade
          for iPod touch

 Premieres iTunes Movie Rentals With
       All Major Film Studios.

 Introduces New Apple TV Software:
 allows movie fans to rent movies on
 the iTunes® Store directly from their
           widescreen TV

Introduces New Mac Pro: Fastest Mac
Ever—Eight Processor Cores Standard

    Introduces New Xserve—Most
      Powerful Apple Server Ever
                            Nokia                                  Google

                  Nokia makes it easier for web
               publishers and developers to create  announced that it is opening the new
              applications with integrated services DoubleClick Ad Exchange, a real-time
                  with Ovi APIs and Ovi SDK Beta     marketplace for display advertising
            introducing a new breed of applications                space
             for the web and smartphone platforms

              announced the launch of the new
            Nokia X6, featuring Comes With Music

               announced lifecasting with Ovi, a
              partnership with the world's largest
                   social network, Facebook

            marked the next phase in the evolution
            of Maemo software with the new Nokia
            N900. Taking its cues from the world of
             desktop computing, the open source,
            Linux-based Maemo software delivers a
             PC-like experience on a handset-sized

            introduced Nokia Money, a new mobile
              financial service offering consumers
 August        with mobile device access to basic
                         financial services

                                                        beginning to roll out new gadgets
            After more than 25 years as a pioneer
                                                      leveraging Opensocial to all iGoogle
              and leader in the mobile industry,
                                                      users in the U.S. With the new social
               Nokia will bring its rich mobility
                                                       gadgets, users will be able to share
              heritage and knowledge to the PC
                                                      content, play games and collaborate
            world with the new, Windows based,
                                                       with friends right on their iGoogle
                      Nokia Booklet 3G

             Ovi Mail by Nokia hits 1 million mark
       Nokia Q2 2009 net sales EUR 9.9 billion

          AT&T* and Nokia announced the
          availability of the Nokia Surge, a
                                                 Google Voice mobile app for Blackberry
July     socially supercharged smartphone
                                                              and Android
         powered by the nation's fastest 3G

         According to the study conducted by
       Frost & Sullivan amongst European and
           Russian consumers, Nokia is the          GOOGLE ANNOUNCES SECOND
            number one choice for mobile              QUARTER 2009 RESULTS
        navigation over other leading handset

       NOKIA CONNECTION 2009: Asia-Pacific

                 unveils Nokia E72

       announced the commercial launch of
June   its pioneering Nokia Life Tools service
                       in India

        introduced three time-saving mobile
           development tools for desktop
        designers and developers of Internet

        Nokia N97 mobile computer to begin announced a new edition of the Google
             selling worldwide in June              Search Appliance

                                                  launches Google Web Elements: an
            Ovi Store opens for business            easy way to incorporate Google
                                                    products onto a website or blog

              Nokia shapes the future of social
           location with enhanced Ovi Maps and       Java Language Support in App Engine
           the release of the Ovi Maps Player API

                                                            announces Google Wave

                                                      announced a new version of Google
           Nokia Q1 2009 net sales EUR 9.3 billion
                                                                App Engine

             Introducing the thinnest QWERTY
                                                      ANNOUNCES FIRST QUARTER 2009
            smartphone - the Nokia E71x - with

           Windows Live Hotmail is now available
 April      on Nokia Messaging, the service that
           enables people to access their personal
                email on their Nokia devices

            introduces Nokia Point & Find, a new
            way to connect with information and
                     services on the go

                                                      Google Analytics Launches Individual
                                                             Qualification Program

                                                     released a preview of Google Voice, an
                                                        application that helps you better
                                                      manage your voice communications.
                                                      Google Voice will be available initially
 March                                                 to existing users of GrandCentral, a
                                                         service acquired in July of 2007

           Nokia 5800 XpressMusic hits shelves in
                                                           launches Google Earth 5.0
                     the United States

           unveiled the Ovi Store: the world's first
                                                     launched Google Latitude, a feature in
              content and application store to
                                                       Google Maps for mobile and iGoogle
February     personalize content according to a
                                                      that allows you to share your location
              person's social connections and
                                                           with your friends and family
                      physical location.

           Nokia to deliver highly relevant content Announces Launch of Google Toolbar 6
                        with Ovi Store                   Beta for Internet Explorer

                                                            announces Google Sync

            announced today that it has shipped
           the millionth Nokia 5800 XpressMusic             launches Picasa for Mac

             Nokia Q4 2008 net sales EUR 12.7        Announces Fourth Quarter And Fiscal
                         billion                             Year 2008 Results

                                                  Launches Reseller Program for Google
                                                  Apps: Authorized resellers will be able
            announced that its Qt cross-platform
                                                  to sell, customize and support Google
             User Interface (UI) and application
                                                  Apps Premier Edition for customers of
           framework for desktop and embedded
                                                      all sizes, creating new revenue
            platforms will be available under the
                                                   opportunities for partners and easier
                Lesser General Public License
                                                     access to Google's popular cloud
January                                                services for more businesses

Apple’s App Store Downloads Top Two

introduced the new iPod nano, adding
a video camera, mic and speaker to the
   world’s most popular music player

announced the new iPod touch lineup
       starting at just $199

        introduced iTunes® 9

Dr. Eric Schmidt Resigns from Apple’s
           Board of Directors

   Launches iTunes Store in Mexico

Apple to Ship Mac OS X Snow Leopard
            on August 28
 Updates Final Cut Studio with More
      Than 100 New Features

Unveils New Logic Studio with Major
Upgrades to Logic Pro and MainStage

 Apple Reports Third Quarter Results

Apple’s App Store Downloads Top 1.5
         Billion in First Year

 Apple Sells Over One Million iPhone
             3GS Models

 Safari 4 Downloads Top 11 Million in
             Three Days

   Announces the New iPhone 3GS

Updates MacBook Pro Family with New

   Unveils Mac OS X Snow Leopard

      Releases Safari 4 browser
Apple’s App Store Downloads Top One
        Billion in Nine Months

Apple Reports Second Quarter Results.
  Best March Quarter Revenue and
      Earnings in Apple History

 Movie Fans Can Buy & Rent Films in
 High Definition on the iTunes Store

  Apple Previews Developer Beta of
iPhone OS 3.0. Beta Release Provides
New SDK, Over 1,000 APIs & 100 New

    Announces New iPod shuffle

Apple Updates Consumer Desktop Line

      Introduces New Mac Pro

Announces Safari 4. New Nitro Engine
Runs JavaScript More Than Four Times
 iLife ’09 Shipping January 27. Major
     Upgrades to iPhoto, iMovie &
  GarageBand. iLife ’09 also includes
   iWeb™ ’09 for authoring custom
 websites and iDVD® ’09 for creating

 Apple Reports First Quarter Results.
Best Quarterly Revenue and Earnings in
            Apple History
      iPod Sales Set New Record

   announced several changes to the
iTunes® Store: * All Songs DRM-Free
 * Users Can Download Songs Directly
Onto iPhone 3G Over Their 3G Network
           for the Same Price
   * In April 2009, Songs on iTunes Will
   be Available at Three Price Points

 Introduces 17-inch MacBook Pro With
Revolutionary New Built-in Battery That
  Delivers Eight Hours of Use & 1,000

Introduces iLife ’09. Major Upgrades to
iPhoto, iMovie & GarageBand. includes
iDVD® and an updated version of iWeb

 Introduces iWork.com Public Beta for
       Online Document Sharing

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