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									             PREVENT! The Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Clark County
               Prevent * Reduce * Educate * Voice * Empower * Nurture * Transform
     Preventing and Reducing Youth Substance Abuse and Underage Drinking in Clark County

                                 PREVENT! Meeting Summary Notes
                                  November 20th, 2008 – ESD 112

Present: Long Vue, Clark County Public Health; Pawnee Brown, Clark County Public Health; Angela
McKinney, Clark County Prevention Specialist; Jingling Beeson, Washougal School District; Jeff
Brockway, Southwest Washington Medical Center; Kathy Deschner, YWCA; Daphne Perry, community
member and retired social worker; Toni Eby, CCSO CMAT; Danielle Hite, Mountain View High School
Senior; Michael Ott, Daybreak Youth Services; Danika Hamann, Mt. View High School Senior; Marquis
Neal; Mt. View High School Senior; Brittney Tyvan, Clark County Youth House, Senior; Cathy Den
Boer, La Center Middle School; Rose Sarkkinen Union High School; Rene Corbin Pacific Middle School;
Colleen Wahto, American Lung Association; Christy Thompson, Skyview High School


A healthy, thriving, community free of the effects of substance abuse


To prevent and reduce youth substance abuse and underage drinking through increased collaboration for
community level change

Welcome and Introductions: Jeff Brockway called the meeting to order, conducted introductions and
welcomed all new and returning attendees.

New Meeting Format: Sondra announced that PREVENT! will be changing their meeting structure and
sub-committee schedule. Rather than having a 1.5 hour monthly meeting in which we invite speakers
and report on progress, with sub-committees meeting separately to work on coalition projects. Our
monthly meetings will be 2 hours with time for sharing resources, receiving a youth update, and
meeting for 1 hour in sub-committees to work on coalition projects.

Members voted to meet from 3:00-5:00.

Committee Projects and Designations: Sondra shared that the coalition currently has 23 activities
assigned to our logic model and 9 additional tasks that have come up in planning meetings that are
not assigned.

Current Designations:

Youth-Serving Committee

         Lead Community Assessment Project
         Facilitate Community Sponsorships
         Work closely with CCPEs
         Provide prevention component to Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor Training
         Youth-led community art or mural

Resources Development Committee

         Recruit members across the 12 Sectors

      Invite community members to Provide trainings/participate in events
      Conduct outreach to minority organizations
      Procure donations
      Research and pursue grants for upcoming Projects
            o Youth Summit
            o From Binge-to-Blackout Event
      Secure six organizations to be sponsors for Prevention Clubs

Media Committee

      Maintenance of website
      Expansion of web presence – social networking sites, etc.
      Promotion for PREVENT!’s events
      Develop Media Campaign to be implemented in two identified schools

Event Committee (suggested committee)

      From Binge to Blackout Event
      Coordinate local Youth Prevention Summit planning
      Ensure that events happen throughout the County (track and rotate)

Advocacy or Inter-coalition Advocacy Group (not yet-formed)

      Conduct assessment to determine local prevention policy issues
      Advocate for increased funding for prevention/intervention services
      Advocate for mandatory prevention curriculum in schools.
      Advocate for removal of Beer Garden from Fairgrounds or reduce visibility and access to
       Beer Garden

Activities for Prioritization and Assignment: Members evaluated each task and made tentative
designations to committees. Committees will decide if they have time this year for the additional task,
or if it needs to be tabled to next year.

      Facilitate free transportation for events (Events Committee)

      Connect WSU MSW students with school counseling departments to provide extra support for
       school counselors (Resources Development)

      Meet with or present to school administrators about the importance of prevention, stress
       reduction, etc. (Resources Development)

      Create social norms messages to parents about not providing alcohol to minors (Media)

      Provide Information to parents about not providing (Media in creating the message, Youth-
       Serving in distribution)

      Create messages aimed at young adults about not providing (for distribution at point of
       purchase and local colleges) (Media)

      Translate information into Russian and Spanish (Resources Development)

       Bring youth-voice into the tobacco enforcement training that law-enforcement officers receive

       Review and revise school tobacco policies and advocate for comprehensive policies that
        include treatment or cessation classes (Advocacy)

Welcome Seniors Announcement: Angela announced that youth attending today are seniors working
on their senior projects. Seniors attending shared which school they attend and their diverse project

Committee Work and Reports: Committee members were given time to identify a chair, a minutes-
keeper, to determine any activities that need to be tabled for next year, and discuss additional
people to invite to the committee.

Events: (Members attending: Michael Ott, Danika Hamann, Marquis Neal, Brittney Tyvan, Cathy den
Boer, Rose Sarkkinen, Rene Corbin) Marquis and Rose shared an update on the “From Binge to
Blackout” event, noting that we are in the process of finding a date; next steps will need to involve
funding and promotion. Marquis shared that schools need more activities and opportunities to be
involved in prevention discussion.

Public Policy: (Members attending: Colleen Wahto, Christy Thompson) Christy shared discussion points
around policy change, noting that we need to understand the current prevention curriculums being
used, what is required and who is accountable. Additionally, they shared ideas about earlier
interventions and supporting policies in education that address children with multiple risk factors.

Youth-Serving Sub-Committee (Members attending: Jingling Beeson, Long Vue, Pawnee Brown, and
Chair: Angela McKinney) Members reported that they are working on each of their identified goals
and will be asking the Peer Educators to consider leading the Evergreen Mentorship training

Resources Development (Members attending: Jeff Brockway, Kathy Deschner, Daphne Perry, Toni
Eby, Danielle Hite) Kathy summed up their discussion by declaring “we need more money and more
volunteers” and they are working toward that goal.


Peer Educators in December
At the next coalition meeting the Clark County Peer Educators will be sharing about their development
and projects for the year. Angela she may send an email requesting what you would like to hear
from the Peer Educators for them to consider as they develop a presentation.

Ex Smoking Resource Available
Long Vue announced a new resource called “EX- relearn life without cigarettes”. It's a booklet in both
English & Spanish created by the American Legacy Foundation with the help of quit smoking experts
at Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center. It has been brought to the public by the National
Alliance for Tobacco Cessation (NATC). Basically EX is a group of people who learned how to quit
smoking. Long has several boxes of EX at the Health Dept. Contact Long (
for more info!

Upcoming Opportunities:

   December 4th Safe Communities Conference

Washington State Meth Initiative is sponsoring a Gang Prevention Conference coordinated by the
Clark County Sheriffs Office, Clark County Meth Action Team and the Safe Communities Task Force.
Specific Topics Include:

*      Signs of gang activity and current trends
*      Risk factors for gang membership
*      Information and support for families
*      Prevention and intervention - doing what works
*      Building community awareness and engagement

This is a free conference but requires registration, please contact Toni Eby (
for more information on how to register.

 December 9th Video Conference on Adolescent Development and Alcohol Use
The NIAAA has scheduled a Video Conference Presentation with two presenters: Dr. Vivian Faden,
Deputy Director of NIAAA’s Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research and Dr. Patricia Powell,
Chief of NIAAA’s Scientific Policy Branch. The Video Conference is from 11:00-12:00, If you are
interested in this presentation contact Sondra for more information on how to participate.

 December 12th Webinar with Dr. Dennis Embry
A webinar presented by Dr. Dennis Embry of Paxis Institute is presenting on the science behind
Reward and Reminder and how this strategy can be applied to reducing underage drinking on
reducing rates of underage drinking. The webinar is from 11:00-12:30 contact sondra for instructions
on how to participate.

Next meeting date: Thursday, December 18th at ESD 112 3:00-5:00

Minutes taken by Sondra Storm


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