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									Custom Made Wholesale T Shirts

When I first became interested in the wholesale supply t shirt business,
I thought that it would be almost impossible to succeed. You see, there
were already so many people involved with t shirt screen printing. How
could you make a niche in a market where the products were so easy to
make, and there were already so many well-established people. At the
time, I have to admit, I was a bit naive. I really did not know all that
much about the way the clothing wholesale business works. It isn't about
the product at all. Supply and demand simply do not apply to clothes,
unless you are working with expensive and hard-to-find materials. It is
all about buzz.

The wholesale t shirts that I sell, between you and me, are not that
special. It is true that I have some custom printed t shirts that are
pretty clever and unusual, but they are not all that remarkable. What I
have been able to do, however, is to capture a local niche. My wholesale
t shirts are associated, in the minds of consumers, with a West Coast
look that is just starting to come into its own. For the mainstream
audience, they are off the map. For those kids who need to stay on the
cutting edge, however, they are a must-have commodity. And believe me,
there is more than enough wholesale t shirt business among that market!

Another thing about custom wholesale t shirts is that, once you make a
name for yourself, you can really keep a step ahead of national
competition. If someone wants to get a shop to print custom t shirt
designs for them, their band, or their company, they aren't going to shop
over the Internet. They are going to shop down the street, particularly
if their local t-shirt screen printing shop is pretty well known in the
area. Since almost everyone around here has seen our designs, it makes
good business sense for a client to get us to print their t shirts with
our logo on it. That, in turn, makes us look even better.

Don't get me wrong. Not having a strong Internet presence definitely
hurts my wholesale t shirts business. A lot of people do go to the first
cotton t shirt wholesale outlet they find on the Internet, even if they
are just down the street from us. Even so, we still do good business by
focusing on our strengths.

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