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					Wholesale Electronics

Looking at all of the wholesale electronics suppliers on market Street in
San Francisco, I often used to wonder how they could do it. How many
wholesale dealers could there be at once? Although their individual
products varied, they basically all dealt in the same trade and their
stores looked the same. They would sell cameras, DVD players, audio
equipment, computers, and various other wholesale supplies. Everything
about the operation seemed sketchy. Although the products were mark ed
down, you had the distinct feeling that you couldn't really trust what
was being sold to you.

Nonetheless, I always sort of wanted to do what they do. You see, I have
always loved high-tech products and fast business. I have assembled
wholesale computers from parts available at discount rates online, found
great prices on various kinds of wholesale electronic equipment such as
cameras, and in general taken advantage of the high-tech market. Why
couldn't I be a wholesaler dealer? Nevertheless, when I i nvestigated
starting my own store, it didn't look promising. Starting a wholesale
electronics store in San Francisco would be tough. The rent was
outrageous, and unless you already had the connections, it was extremely
difficult to get started. That is when I decided to start selling online.

I figured that I would start with wholesale computer parts. There are
tons of wholesale electronic suppliers out there, but few of them
combined expert information with cut rate prices. I felt that if I
started with a smaller business, focusing on a particular area of
expertise, people would trust me more. I would help them to understand
what wholesale electronics would best fit their needs, and in return they
would become loyal customers.

A lot of my friends thought my approach was naive, but it worked! It took
a long time for me to get some buzz going, but soon my wholesale
electronics company was doing very well. Although I was doing wholesale
drop ship orders, I gave the impression of being a small, locally owne d
computer business. I would answer people's questions free of charge, and
so they would come to trust me. Then I would give them good deals on
discount electronic supplies. Going into business ended up being much
easier than I had thought it would be. I know that a lot of the wholesale
electronic companies fail within the first year, but if you can find a
niche, you can do very well for yourself.