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					Talent Search

Everyone wants to be famous. Have you ever noticed this about humans? Oh,
of course you have, because you want it too. It's only natural to crave
recognition, popularity and oodles of cash. These are attributes that
often make the world easier to live in. And so tons of aspiring stars try
their hand at success every year. This is how every talent search across
the country makes its money. They feed off of the American dream. Now, I
can't say that I can truly blame them. It is a smart way to make capital
and folks will certainly buy into it, because they naturally hope to
succeed. But, I implore you to STOP and think for a moment before you
empty your savings account.

I can speak from experience when it comes to the standard talent search.
I actually ventured off on two of these back in the 1990s. One was
entitled IMTA, and the other was called Manhattan Model search. Both
seemed like decent competitions at first. I was promised to see dozens of
scouts all in one room. You see, this is what went down with IMTA. They
had me fork out almost five grand for a plane ticket to L.A., 6 nights at
a hotel, and other fees I didn't entirely grasp at the time. Hey, I was
only 19 and this was in 1996. Anyway, I was able to do a few
competitions, and go into a room for a few hours with a bunch of agency
reps and scouts for modeling and film. All seemed okay for the most part.
I made two connections that panned out to something. But, why in the
world did this talent search cost so much. I had to find out. Well, sure
enough I discovered that we were paying for the agents to fly in and stay
at the hotel. How bogus can you get! For me, this talent search turned
out a scam in the end. As opposed to paying all that money and flying
across the country, one could just take a few snapshots and send them to
whatever agencies they please. You don't even need a professional photo
shoot done. If an agency is interested in you, they will set one up.

It's sad to think that I went to a second talent search after IMTA. I
guess I was getting anxious for something. Fortunately this one only cost
me 300 dollars, which is much less than the prior. My advice to aspiring
talents and models is to get online and send information and pictures
electronically now days. The web can save you some major bucks.