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									Sticker Paper

One of the things I have always loved about my children is how creative
they are. I don't want to brag, but they are some of the most resourceful
kids I have ever met. No matter where they are, they always find
something interesting to do. Last weekend was a great example. We had a
wind storm, and it caused a power outage. It couldn't have come at a
worse time. You see, we were having family movie night that evening. When
the power went out, it completely ruined our activities for the night. We
couldn't watch movies, make popcorn, or do anything else. We couldn't
even heat up food because we had an electric oven!

While they were helping me to find a flashlight in my study, my kids
stumbled upon some of my stickers paper. It was basically a sticker label
paper meant for printing your own designs. I used it for my business. I
run an Internet shipping company, and I'm often in need of cheap, easy to
use labels for packages. By using printable sticker paper, I save a lot
of money. Rather than ordering premade printed packages, I can print out
my own labels and still have it look professional.

I don't know why I had never thought about using the printable stickers
paper for craft projects before. It was actually very affordable, and
perfect for creating your own designs. I never used the photo stickers
paper, you see, but rather the inexpensive type that would work well for
printing and writing by hand. It was more than good enough for a craft
project. My kids both loved scrapbook stickers, so we set up a few
candles, gathered around with the sticker papers and some markers, and
went to work.

There is something about having the lights off that made it much easier
to entertain ourselves than usual. We actually spent hours and hours just
drawing and making different designs. We would each make our own
stickers, then trade with each other. When the lights finally came on
about 11 o'clock, we were actually disappointed! Mostly, I was just proud
of my kids for their ability to find their own amusement. I have always
thought that the ability to entertain yourself is a sign of intelligence.
I know that parents love to think the best of their children, but you
should have seen some of the things they did with the stickers paper!
They took a simple craft project and made it very artistic.

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