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					South Park Dolls

Since the first broadcast in 1997, the animated show South Park has
delighted and enraged in equal measure. The show has a loyal fan base
however and the franchise has achieved cult status. In addition to the TV
shows, the movie and DVDs, there is a range of merchandise, which is
avidly collected. South Park dolls are particularly popular and it's
possible to buy little replicas of most of the characters.

The show centers on four friends who live in Colorado, surrounded by snow
capped mountains and pine forests. Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny try to
make sense of the adult world as they go to school, play with each other
and go about their daily lives. This is definitely a show for grown ups
and there is a lot of political comment and satire. Other characters are
shown at various levels of eccentricity as parents, school staff and
other figures of authority.

The running joke in the show is the constant demise of Kenny. In addition
to being killed in most episodes, Kenny also went mis sing and this is
commemorated in one of the best selling South Park dolls, the Missing
Kenny Doll, which comes neatly packaged in a milk carton. There is also
an inflatable version of Kenny, a figure measuring 23 inches in height.

Chef is another favorite character, one of the few adults that the boys
trust and go to for advice. Their teacher however, Mr Mackey is not so
approachable and his doll is heard to say, that is not appropriate
behavior. Many of the South Park dolls are programmed to talk and t hey
repeat their well known catch phrases. One of Talking Cartman's phrases
is I'm not fat, I'm big boned. Mr Hankey is also wired up to talk and
dispenses his wisdom, separately and with Mr Garrison. Timmy and Jimmy
also talk with Jimmy on crutches and Timmy is detachable from his

Cartman comes in various guises and appears on a voice activated keychain
as well as South Park dolls. His hatred of hippies is well known and
there is a hippie exterminator Cartman action figure. Stan also comes in
various forms, one of which is a Goth Stan figure. The animal population
doesn't always get a fair deal in the show but they too are represented
as South Park dolls, namely the Cow and Sparky the dog. The show will
never be a conventional one and the dolls will go on to be just as