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					Small Pets

When I was a kid, I always wanted to have a pet. My parents didn't like
animals, but I loved them. I imagine having a Husky or a Great Dane – a
huge dog that I could wrestle with and take along on camping trips. I
imagined that as soon as I moved out of the house, I would get a huge,
powerful animal that would scare off anyone who wanted to challenge him.
Back then, I didn't see the advantages and small pets. I thought bigger
was better.

Nowadays, I see things differently. Having a big dog is fine if you live
out in the wilds of Montana or someplace like that. Living in a small New
York apartment as I do, however, you quickly come to realize the
advantages of having a small pet. I am amazed every day by the number of
people who have oversized dogs crammed into undersized apartments. Those
animals must be miserable! And miserable animals make for miserable

Personally, I am a big fan of small lizard pets. Small lizards are not
only easy to fit into your apartment, but they are low maintenance as
well. Even a small dog will get cabin fever locked up for too long.
Reptilian small pets, on the other hand, are perfectly content to lie
around on a rock and stare off as long as they get something to eat now
and then.

For kids, fish make some of the best small pets. The big reason for this
is that a fish can't get away. If you're working with really little kids,
you don't want to get them something that will be too big a
responsibility. A cat or a dog, or even a mouse, might be a bad idea
unless your kid is very mature. With small fish pets, however, the kid
can probably handle it. As long as he or she changes the water regularly
and feeds the fish often enough, nothing should go wrong.

Of course, some people make dogs or cats work very well as small pets. I
have some friends in the city who have small dogs that they walk every
day. If they are going to be gone for more than eight hours at a time,
they make sure to have a friend come over or a professional dog walker to
take care of the animal. It requires a lot of organization, but it can be
done. It certainly improves the quality of their lives!