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					Small businesses

When I was little, my mom was always very open with me about anything I
had on my mind. She was always talking to me about things that were
important to her, and one of those things was supporting the small
businesses in the area. Though I had no idea why this was so important
when I was a kid, this was something she talked about and did. We rarely
went to large chain stores, but rather, would shop when possible at the
locally owned establishments.

It’s not always possible to shop with small businesses, but if you can,
you really should. If you think about it, when you support these places
you are supporting your community. It is easy to walk into a Wal-Mart to
find what you need, but someone who lives far away from you benefits, and
your neighbors do not. Most like to save money, and items at small
businesses often do cost more, as they can not compete with mass
suppliers. However, they do try to do the best they can to keep prices

Those running small businesses may be able to find something else to do
if their business fails, but even if you don’t care about that, you
should still make sure you shop there. It is often the small businesses
that make up the character and the personality of any community. These
make an area unique, and these businesses can even bring in tourist
traffic. Without them, your community will resemble any other community
where large business drove out the little guy. When there is nothing
special to be found, and area becomes just like any other.

Not only should you frequent the small businesses in your area, you
should do your best to encourage others to do so as well. If we have
nothing in the world but Wal-Mart, everything that everyone has will be
the same. What fun is that? Variety and choice make the world go around,
and I shutter to think of what it would be like to have to shop at only
one type of store. Those who run small businesses might not be your
friends, but they are a part of your community, and are part of what
makes your area special. Don’t let that slip away. Instead, take some
time to remember that though you may spend a little more, you are getting
much more back in return.