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					Massive shopping malls

This may sound amusing, but back when I was just a kid, I recall my
father saying he'd be a lucky man if he never had to deal with crowded
shopping malls ever again. I really didn't know what he was griping about
at the time, but now I see things more clearly. I too share his feelings
on shopping centers and hectic outlet malls. Unfortunately my wife
doesn't see the problem. To her, strolling through a mall and shopping
for new attire is an exciting thing. Maybe it's because I'm a male, but I
just don't see the appeal. Why go out and fight the crowds when you can
do virtually all of your shopping now days in the comfort of your own
home? Hey people, this is what PCs and wireless Internet are great for.

Picture this; you head out on a Saturday morning. You and your family are
destined for one of the local shopping malls. Most likely the largest
one. Naturally these places have more stores to offer. It doesn't
typically matter if you have to drive an hour to get there. Or should I
say, at least it doesn't matter to your wife and teenage daughters? After
all, this routine shopping for new clothes is crucial stuff. When you
finally arrive at the almighty shopping mall, you search endlessly for a
parking space. It's always like this on the weekend. Everyone and their
tiny dog are out browsing around. It's like folks have nothing important
to do anymore. So you finally snag a parking space. It's time to venture
inside and maneuver through the dense crowds. This is always a blast for
men. As you make stops at random clothing stores, you end up waiting for
the ladies in your family to try on countless outfits, which for some odd
reason takes a LONG time. Then you get to indulge in the gourmet food
court cuisine. Yummy! And women wonder why men despise shopping malls.

I will take the web over massive shopping malls any day. Not only does
the Internet have everything I'm looking for, I don't have to drive
anywhere to shop for it. Nor do I need to battle thick crowds or fight
for parking spaces. I can just lounge on the sofa and surf net -land. On
top of that, I'll find the products or clothing I like for less. Now
that's what shopping is all about.