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									Product Logos

Anyone with something to sell must have a logo for their company. You may
think that only applies to products, but those offering services should
have them as well. Anything set up to make money should have a symbol or
graphic that identifies the company instantly to anyone who sees it. This
is a smart marketing move because you can put product logos almost
anywhere, and a smart person will do just that. They may seem small, but
they can have a huge impact on success.

Anyone with a new business should put a lot of thought into their product
logos. It is smart to come up with many different ideas before settling
on one. Also, it is a good idea to make sure the product logos being
considered do not look like or resemble the logos from any other company.
That will cause confusion, and may even be grounds for a lawsuit. It may
be very easy to do this accidentally, but if you are faced with a
lawsuit, you are going to find that no one is going to believe it was an
innocent mistake.

Keep a few things in mind when creating product logos. You want something
that reflects your business, yet something that catches the eye. You may
want to study the logos of other products, but use caution that you are
not unintentionally picking up ideas for your own. Color is important,
and if you have a color scheme, use it in your logo. Study what different
colors mean, and you may find that you want to use certain ones to evoke
a certain feeling with the ones you choose. Think simple, yet eye-
catching when creating your logos.

Once you have chosen your product logos, you have to put them on
everything that has to do with your business. Put them on your company
letterhead, your invoices, your business (if you have a physical
location), and on any type of advertising you may do. You should also put
your product linked logos on any promotional items you give away, on your
business cards, and all over your website, if you have one. The goal of
your product logos is to have instant recognition when someone sees it.
They will automatically think of your business, and that will keep you on
their mind. The next time they need what you sell, they may very well
come to you.

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