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					Pop Music

People love all types of music. They love it for background music in
their homes as they are trying to relax, for cruising in their cars on a
hot summer day, or for dancing in a club to that pumping rhythm. There
are many types of music all around the world. However, not all types of
music are as popular as pop music. It’s the music that makes up most of
what is heard on the radio and sells the most records.

Some of the most familiar recording artists are in the pop genre. Britney
Spears and Justin Timberlake are well known artists all around the world.
Almost everyone in the world has heard of them and knows the lyrics to
all of their songs. It is the music that is most listened to and everyone
enjoys. As well, pop music artists are the most successful out of any
genre. They have the widest range of fans from all ages. Young kids can’t
sing-a-long to a hardcore rock song, so pop is more suitable for them.
The lyrics are also friendlier to children and most adults since there
are no harsh words or curses. Even younger kids love pop music idols
including Hilary Duff and JoJo.

It’s also what is heard the most in nightclubs. Unless it is a country
bar, the type of music that is played is the bass pumping sound that
everyone loves to dance to and is familiar with. Dancing to rock music is
hard since there is no distinguished beat. People like dancing to
something that they recognize since they can relate to it. Any other
music just wouldn’t be suitable and wouldn’t make for such an enjoyable

One of the most popular shows on television, American Idol, is all based
around pop music. Contestants enter the singing competition, sing well
known pop songs and get the American public to vote for them based on
their talents. What makes it one of the best shows on television is that
all of the music used is so well known that public can relate to the song
and know if the contestant is singing it good or badly.

The music industry makes up a large portion of the economy. Everyone
listens to music so everyone will in turn buy CD’s. Pop music is more
than just music; it is a business in itself. Money just pours in from the
franchises built around music and it’s not easy to escape. Pop music is
everywhere and it’s here to stay.