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free typing games


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									Finding Good Free Typing Games

Whether or not you support educational learning programs, you have to
admit that in some cases they make sense. Online math games, History
programs, and other leading video games have their supporters, but almost
no one can argue with free typing games. You see, typing is an almost
purely mechanical skill – sort of like learning the musical keyboard, but
without the art. The point of typing is to be able to do it quickly,
accurately, and without thinking about it. Although you can take the old
approach and type a long passages of boring text on the computer, you
might find better results with a free typing game. Video games are great
for making something that might otherwise be tedious into an enjoyable,
educational activity.

One of the great things about free typing games is that they can help you
learn to touch type at a more rapid pace. When you are just using a
typing text book, it is bound to be tedious. You'll be bored, and being
bored means you'll be less likely to pay attention. With free typing
games, however, things takes on a much more fun aspect. There are time
limits, sounds, pictures, scorers – all the things the make video games
fun. Although free typing games won't be quite as fun as fighting video
games, they will still be interesting enough to engage you. And modern
science says that, when the mind is engaged, learning happens much more

All free typing games are pretty much the same. They will all teach you
how to use all the letters, and most of them will divide them all into
bite-sized lessons. The only thing that really matters is whether you
like the free typing game or not. Some people like a much more arcade-
like feel to their online typing tutor than others. Some people like the
feeling that they are competing, while other people view this as
stressful. Try out a few different ones, and see if any of them catch
your fancy. There are plenty of typing tutor programs out there, so you
don't have to settle for the first one you find.

 Before you settle on one of the free typing games, make sure that it is
not a limited free trial offer. Some video games let you use them for a
short period of time in hopes that you'll decide to buy them. Usually,
you can't complete one of these programs without registering first. If
your typing program fits this description, plan on paying around 30
dollars to complete the program.

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