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									Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Does the vision that you had for your life when you left high school
match the reality you find yourself in? Have the dreams that you had as a
child been fulfilled? There are not many people that can answer yes to
these questions because what we visualize as youth is often different
than the actual way life turns out. I wanted to be a social worker, which
is the degree that I received, but the reality of the job duties that go
with this position are quite different than what I imagined when I
decided to go into the field.

Through the years I have come to realize that social workers do a bit of
everything. At this point in my career I am working with the homeless.
Our agency provides low income housing and case management services to
help people get a fresh start in life. This means that I help out with
everything from setting up counseling appointments to setting up fire
extinguisher inspections. I am a landlord and case manager rolled into
one. I used to work for an agency that handled child protection
assessments. I was required to spend a great deal of time in the
courtroom making recommendations regarding where children should live and
what counseling services the family needed. It was a high paying job with
a great deal of stress. I never thought that I would switch from working
with the county attorneys office and the sheriff’s department to changing
light bulbs and calling companies for fire extinguisher inspections. The
change in employment has been the best thing that ever happened to me.

Now that I am doing the hands on work with the clients that need the
support that our program provides I realize that this is why I wanted to
be in social work in the first place. My former job required that I wore
business suits and I was in the role of dictating to people how they were
going to change their lives. Now I wear casual clothes and sit across a
kitchen table from the clients and develop plans that they want to work
on. I also need to make sure that the housing unit we provide for them
are safe and well maintained. This program is located in a rural area. I
have discovered that it is difficult to get a company that will come out
and perform fire extinguisher inspections. Most of the larger companies
service metropolitan areas and only come out to the rural sites
occasionally. I am now working with the volunteer fire department’s chief
to help locate a person that can do the fire extinguisher inspections for
the housing units. It is just another task in the life of a case manager.

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