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My first computer had Microsoft office already installed on it. There was
no reason for me to worry about whether or not to use it as a word
processor. After all, it worked pretty well, and it was already
installed. With my new computer, however, I have been wondering whether
or not to download Microsoft Office for a while. A Microsoft Office
download can be pretty expensive, but it would also be really convenient
for a few reasons.

You see, I do about half of my work at home and half of my work in the
office. The problem is that in my place of work, they use Microsoft
office suite. This is what makes me want to download Microsoft Office.
Getting a Microsoft Office download would make everything convert more
seamlessly. As it is, I have been using Word Perfect – and an old version
at that. A lot of the formatting is different, and I waste a significant
amount of time making my documents look just right at the work computer.

On the other hand, there are so many alternatives to downloading
Microsoft Office, and some of them are cheaper. For example, I saw
website claiming to offer free Microsoft Office downloads. Instead, it
offered a program called OpenOffice. Apparently, Open Office is a free
word processor program. It allows you to edit documents, insert clipart,
and do all the other things that you can do when you download Microsoft
Office, all for free. One of my friends told me that it is actually an
extremely trusted word processor. Apparently, although it doesn't have a
very good spell check, all the other features work perfectly well. Best
of all, it is free.

Still, right now I'm thinking that I might download Microsoft office
anyway. After all, I can always write it off as a business expense. You
see, no matter how good programmers, there is always some sort of
incompatibility. Different word processors handle your text document
slightly differently, and I don't really want to have to worry about
things going wrong. If I download Microsoft office, I can insure that it
is always working with the same text laid out in the same way no matter
which computer I'm on. That's pretty important to me. Even though the
price tag is pretty steep, I am starting to think that it is worth it.
After all, there is nothing more embarrassing than accidentally printing
out a badly put-together document!

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