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					Bullet Proof Vest

For decades now, law enforcement officers have been protecting themselves
with armor and weapons. They have quite the arsenal in this day and age.
Everything from a bullet proof vest, to a firearm, to pepper spray, to
tazers are employed to ensure an officer's well-being. Considering the
dangerous world we live in, this only makes sense. I watched my father
strap on a kevlar vest the entire time I was growing up. Since he worked
in law enforcement, he was instructed to never leave home without it.
Well, at least not if he was on duty. And the truth is, he never did.

The modern-day bullet proof vest is pretty amazing. You no longer have to
walk around with a metal shell on your torso. These days it's all about
kevlar. This is a high strength polymer, which has the ability to
withstand harsh temperatures and extreme force/pressure. In addition,
kevlar is also lightweight. Pulling on a kevlar bullet proof vest is
nothing like draping sheets of lead from your shoulders. Modern
technology is on our side. No you can have your cake and eat it to. But
what's really sweet is that you can find contemporary kevlar vests in all
shapes and sizes, generally ranging from 300 dollars and up. Maybe you're
just a wealthy business mogul looking for a little extra protection. If
this is the case than a compact kevlar bullet proof vest is perfect for
you. You can actually find one of these that conceals your torso under a
T-shirt or jacket. Now that's some serious casual defense.

Let's talk stab wounds. If you weren't already aware, a bullet proof vest
may not defend against a dagger or dirk. While they may deflect a
slashing motion, many will not stop a thrusted blade. If this is a
concern of yours, then you need to look into a bullet proof vest that
defends against stabs/knives. They do make them, but the cost may go up a
tad. Moreover, there are also kevlar vests with trauma plates built in to
absorb most of the shock. A standard bullet proof vest will decrease an
assailant's target by 50 percent. Now that's something to think about.