Simple Squamous Epithelium

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					      Simple Squamous Epithelium

• Single layer of flat cells
   – lines blood vessels (endothelium), closed body cavities
   – very thin --- controls diffusion, osmosis and filtration

What is the primary function of this tissue (protection or transport)?
 (Hint: What is its function as an endothelium,…as mesothelium?)
    Examples of Simple Squamous

• Surface view of lining              • Section of intestine
  of peritoneal cavity                  showing serosa
       Is this endothelium, mesothelium, or neither?
        Simple Cuboidal Epithelium

• Single layer of cube-shaped cells viewed from the side

Where would you find simple cuboidal epithelium in the body? Does
 it typically function in protection or transport in these locations?
Classification of Epithelial Tissues
       Example of Simple Cuboidal

• Sectional view of kidney tubules
Why do some cells look as if they do not have a nucleus?
    Nonciliated Simple Columnar

• Unicellular glands =goblet cells secrete mucus
   – lubricate GI, respiratory, reproductive and urinary systems
• Microvilli = fingerlike projections of cell membrane
Describe the differences between cilia and microvilli in terms of
  both their structure and function. Are you likely to find them
  on the same tissue? Why or Why not?
Example: Nonciliated Simple Columnar

      • Section from small intestine
      The term “brush border” is often used to describe
        this tissue. What does it refer to?
Ciliated Simple Columnar Epithelium

 • Single layer rectangular cells with cilia
 • Mucus from goblet cells moved along by cilia
Example Ciliated Simple Columnar

       • Section of uterine tube
    What is another name for this organ?
    Stratified Squamous Epithelium
• Several cell layers thick
• Surface cells flat
• Keratinized = surface cells
  dead and filled with keratin
   – Example…?
• Nonkeratinized = no keratin in
  moist, living cells at apical
   – Example …?
   What is the primary function of this epithelium?
   If this epithelium is a portion of a mucus membrane, where does the mucus come from?
Example of Stratified Squamous

         • Section of vagina
Stratified Cuboidal Epithelium

                 • Multilayered
                 • Surface cells cuboidal
                    – rare (only found in
                      sweat gland ducts &
                      male urethra)
  Stratified Columnar Epithelium
• Multilayered
• Surface cells columnar
• Rare (very large ducts & part of male urethra)
              Transitional Epithelium

• Multilayered
• Surface cells varying in shape
  from round to flat if stretched
• Lines hollow organs of the urinary List the expandable organs of the
  tract that expand from within      urinary tract.
              Pseudostratified Columnar
                                              • Single cell layer
                                              • All cells attach to
                                                basement membrane
                                                but not all reach free
                                              • Nuclei at varying

Name one location where you would find this
How would you describe its function?