Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Initiative

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					        Caruth Juvenile Delinquency
                Prevention Initiative
 Big Brothers Big Sisters requests: $2,993,750

                                                 Create and promote a
   Pilot an effective     Advance the frontier
                                                    successful model
 approach to prevent         on successful
                                                  ready for replication
  and reduce juvenile      intervention with
                                                 based on independent
crime in Dallas County.     high-risk youth.
                                                 third party evaluation.

   Mentor 1,000 at-risk Dallas County youths
                          Adjudicated Youth:
                   87% will stay out of jail

                            Truant Youth:
                   96% will stay in school
Save the State of Texas $66.7 million over 5 years
                      Goal and Objectives

Goal: To improve public safety in Dallas County through
three specific one-to-one mentoring initiatives targeted at
youths who are highly at-risk of future criminal behavior.

                                      Early Indicators of
                                      Future Criminality:
                   Measuring Success
          Deliverables and Outcomes over Three Years

Improved Public Safety through Decreased
Criminal Behavior
• 85% of adjudicated youths are not rearrested

Improved School Attendance
• 65% of truant youths decrease absences

Improved Academic Performance
• 60% of youths improve grades

Replicable Model
• One independently-evaluated, documented
  model ready for statewide scaling
                               Evaluation Plan
Big Brothers Big Sisters selected Dare Mighty Things,
a nationally-recognized subject matter expert, to
conduct an independent evaluation.
 Evaluation tools include:
 1. Pre and post Youth Outcome surveys
 2. Strength of Relationship surveys
 3. Annual achievement surveys to measure:
     • Academic performance
     • School attendance
     • High-risk behavior
     • Court involvement
 4. Quarterly and Annual Performance Evaluations