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					    Important Phone Numbers La Quinta, CA
Police & Fire Emergencies:    911
Police Non-emergencies:       760-836-3215 (ext.5)
La Quinta Police Sub-Station: 760-771-3220

All numbers are area code 760 unless otherwise noted

                          City Hall:                             777-7000
                          Animal Control / Code compliance:      777-7050
                          Graffiti Hotline:                      777-7095
                          City Manager’s Office:                 777-7100
                          City Clerk’s Office:                   777-7025
                          Community Development:                 777-7125
                          Community Services:                    777-7090
                          Building and Safety:                   777-7019
                          Street Sweeping Hotline:               777-7104
                          Shopping Cart Hotline:              800-252-4613

                          La Quinta Historical Society:          564-1283
                          La Quinta Chamber of Commerce:         564-3199
                          La Quinta Library:                     564-4767
                          La Quinta Senior Center:               564-0096
                          La Quinta Post Office:              800-275-8777
                          L.Q. Entertainment Information:        285-7720
                          Department of Motor Vehicles:       800-777-0133
                          Imperial Irrigation District:          398-5811
                          Waste Management of the Desert:        340-2113
                          Coachella Valley Water District:       398-2651

                          La Quinta Cab:                         564-7575

                          Benjamin Franklin Elementary:          238-9424
                          H.S. Truman Elementary:                777-4240
                          John Adams Elementary:                 777-4260
                          La Quinta Middle School:               777-4221
                          Horizon School:                        771-8555
                          La Quinta High School:                 772-4150