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					           The Task:

• Plan and create design concept
  for interactive activity for families,
  school groups, or junior ranger
  programs that could be conducted
  in Spruce Tree House
         The Team:

• Mark Archeologist Extraordinaire
• Rick Awesome Interpreter
• Amber Excellent Educator
Tangles and Objectives:
•   Space limitations
•   Limited budget
•   Limited time
•   Low maintenance
•   Self-guided
•   4th grade target audience (family groups)
•   Define seep springs
•   Meaningful learning experience
    The Brainstorm:

• Simulated building on-site using
  native materials
• Backpack with artifacts and
  hands-on activities checked out at
  Museum desk
• Activity book that follows adult
        Our Choice:

• Activity book that follows adult
• Page 1                  • Page 2

• Intro to program        • Kid friendly map of
• Introduce a Native        the trail and site with
  American (youth)          all the already
  voice as narrator for     numbered locations
  the whole booklet         marked
  (would introduce each
  location and explain
• Page 3                 • Page 4

• Stop #1 discuss        • Stop # 2 discuss
  – Trees                  – Geology/hydrology
  – View of the canyon       and define seep
  – enviroment               springs
                           – Diagram/cross section
                             of stratigraphy
                           – Tell to look for different
                             layers on way to next
• Page 5                           • Page 6

• Stop #3 discuss                  • Stop # 4 discuss
  – Bingo/ tic-tac-toe               – Look at painting on
     • Have students find              wall and then draw
       different features on the       their own design
       site and mark the
       picture on the board          – It can either be them
       when they find them             drawing a symbol of
                                       their trip to the site or
                                       trying to copy the one
                                       there or something
• Page 7                     • Page 8

• Stop # 5 discuss           • Stop # 6 discuss
  – Have child enter kiva      – Then and Now;
  – Fill in how roof was         compare where
    made starting with 1st       activities took place in
    row of beams above           the Spruce Tree
    the pilasters                House compared to
  – Narrator to talk about       their own house
    past and present             (matching)
• Page 9

• Stop # 7 discuss
  – Give the current
    outline of the Spruce
    Tree House and have
    the student finish to
    see what it could have
    looked like or vise
    versa. (refer them to
    the diorama in the
• Page 10

• Narator thanks child
  for coming to visit
  – Leaving with one last
    preservation message
    relating site and story
    to child’s life
  – Plug for Jr. Ranger
    program (funding
                 Next Steps
• Monitor activity to see if changes needed
  and overall effectiveness
• If working well, add “Fewekes” backpack
  – cf. Anasazi Heritage Center traveling trunks
     • Examples:
     • Stop 2- removing samples of rocks that would be
       at each geologic level to compare.
     • Stop 3- coordinate with selected objects from
       bingo card.
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