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					Name: __________________________                           Marketing Per. ___________


Welcome to Newtown. It sits 25 miles from Commerce Town, 10 miles away from
Friesner Airport, and 35 miles away from Poshbury (see the map below).

Directions: Food-Mart executives are considering where to put their new store. Their store will
sell groceries and provisions 24 hours a day (at a premium price of course).They have three
options, each one is considered below. You must recommend a place for the position of the new

1. This site is next to Commerce Town. It has very few inhabitants. However 7,000 people
   travel there everyday to go to work. It already has a competing store (C). There are plans
   to build low cost housing in the area.
2. This site is very close to the exclusive Poshbury. It has 1,000 very exclusive, wealthy
   inhabitants. There is no competition in the locality.
3. This site is close to Newtown. However the 7,000 of the 10,000 citizens of Newtown work in
   Commerce Town and spend little time at home during the working week. This site sits some
   5 miles away from Newtown and 4 miles away from the growing Friesner Airport. It is
   situated on the only road between Friesner airport and Newtown.

 Your recommendation:

Four common pricing strategies are: Economy, Penetration, Skimming, and Premium.

Economy:           Low quality, Low price

Penetration: High quality, Low price.

Skimming:          Low quality, High price.

Premium:           High quality, High price

Directions: Listed below are a series of pricing strategies/polices used by businesses. Which of
the 4 pricing strategies, Economy, Penetration, Skimming, or Premium, would most likely be the
one used by each?

    Wal-Mart launches a new range of own-label soups.
    Cunard launches two new cruise ships.
    A cable TV provider moves into a new area and needs to achieve a market share.
    Holiday Inns try to fill hotels during winter weekends at Aspen, CO
    Burger King introduces a new range of value meals.
    Nokia launches a new videophone.

    Your Answer:
PRODUCT (Product Life Cycle):

In Marketing, the 5 stages of the Product Life Cycle (PLC) are:

     Introduction
     Growth
     Maturity
     Decline
     Withdrawal

Directions: Identify where the following products would currently be on the Product Life Cycle
(PLC) – would they be “Introduction”, “Growth”, “Maturity”, “Decline”, or “Withdrawal”?

     FAX machines
     Land-line telephones
     Internet telephones
     Palmtop computers
     Play Station 2
     Sega Megadrive
     Ipod Touch
     Wii game console

    Your answer:

Clarissa Terrior is one of the new breeds of entrepreneurs who has taken advantage of the
massive opportunities open to e-businesses. Her idea was to sell travel and flights, theatre
tickets, and similar products and services, to consumers that need them at very short notice;
hence the business name Cutting it Short. became extremely popular almost immediately. It was so popular
that Clarissa decided to float the business. This was also a huge success, with stocks/shares
exchanging hands for more than $20.00 each.

Now that the business was a success, it needed a campaign to reinforce its brand benefits and
attributes in the minds of existing consumers, and to generate new ones.

Directions: Your task is to integrate the promotions mix to form a campaign for

Using the different elements of promotion (which are listed below) what product promotion
strategies or promotion ideas would you recommend. Explain your answer.

   Personal Selling
   Sales Promotion
   Public Relations
   Direct Mail
   Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
   Advertising
   Sponsorship

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