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Groundwater Recharge


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									Dike 4 at a Glance
History: Began operating in 1994 as a
                                                 History of Groundwater
                                                 Management in the East Valley                     Groundwater
successful pilot facility; currently being
expanded into a full-scale facility and
                                                 When the Coachella Valley Water District
                                                 was formed in 1918, the lower portion of
expected to be complete by early 2009            the Whitewater River Groundwater Subbasin
Location: In                                     (roughly Washington Street to the Salton Sea)
La Quinta, near                                  was already starting to experience overdraft
Avenue 62,                                       due to a large demand by agricultural users.
south of Lake                                    CVWD has worked diligently since its formation
Cahuilla                                         to eliminate the overdraft.
Size: 39                                         CVWD constructed the Coachella branch of
recharge basins                                  the All-American Canal to bring an alternative
on 165 acres                                     source of water to farmers in 1949, which
Cost: $40 million (estimated)                    allowed groundwater levels to recover until the
                                                 building boom of the early 1980s.
Recharge capability: 40,000 acre-feet
per year as a full-scale facility                From 1988-1992, CVWD conducted several
                                                 subsurface investigations to determine the
                                                 most favorable sites for groundwater recharge
                                                 in the lower portion of the basin.
                                                 In 1994, the Dike 4 pilot facility went into
Martinez Canyon at a Glance                      operation at the base of the Santa Rosa
                                                 Mountains. It quickly proved to be a successful
History: Began operating in 2005 as a            location for recharge of the lower portion of
pilot facility; If successful, long-term plans   the Whitewater River Groundwater Subbasin.
call for it to be expanded into a full-scale
facility in approximately 2014
Location: Near                                            COACHELLA VALLEY
Avenue 72,                                                  WATER DISTRICT
south of Valerie                                               .O.
                                                              P Box 1058
Jean                                                     Coachella, California 92236
Size: 8 recharge                                                                                   in the
basins on 20
acres as a pilot
                                                         Telephone: (760) 398-2651
                                                             Fax: (760) 398-3711                   East Valley
facility; not yet determined as a full-scale             Email: cvwdmail@cvwd.org
facility                                                  Website: www.cvwd.org
                                                                (Published in 2008)
Cost: $63 million (estimated)
Recharge capability: 4,000 acre-feet per
year as a pilot facility; 40,000 acre-feet per
year as a full-scale facility
Why                                              AQUIFER

 we recharge...
                                                                                               LA QUINTA
                                                                                                                 LA QUINTA CITY HALL
The Coachella Valley is blessed with a                                                                           40 ft above Sea Level
natural groundwater basin. When Native                    DIKE 4 RECHARGE FACILITY
Americans were the only inhabitants, the                  5-84 ft above Sea Level
                                                                                      INDIO            INDIO CITY HALL
aquifer was so full you need only to dig a                                                             15 ft below Sea Level
shallow hole to find flowing water.                                         N

Today, our aquifer is in a state of overdraft,                                                       ELL
                                                                                              IAN W
meaning more water is used each year                                                   ARTES
than can be replaced by natural or artificial
 Natural recharge occurs when
        precipitation atop local mountains
                 seeps, or percolates, into
                           the ground.                                                                                                              Recharge
                                                                                                                                           Benefits Everyone
The sand                                                                                          LE
                                                                                                                     The physics of groundwater recharge explain
and gravel create                                                                         T TO                       how Dike 4 benefits the entire subbasin,
                                                                                M   AP NO
natural filtration for the                                                                                           not just areas down valley or with a lower
water and help contribute to our                                                                                     elevation.
drinking water’s nearly pristine quality.                                                                            Dike 4 is located at the base of the mountain
Artificial recharge occurs at CVWD’s four                                                                            range at an elevation slightly higher than
recharge facilities, two of which directly                                                                           the nearby cities of La Quinta, Indio and
benefit the lower portion of the Whitewater        Sand, Gravel and Water make                                       Coachella. Imagine the lower portion of the
River Groundwater Subbasin. Water is               up the Aquifer                                                    Whitewater River Groundwater Subbasin as
imported from the Coachella Canal to               Some people imagine the aquifer as an                             an air mattress. Now, imagine the air mattress
large man-made ponds that are carefully            underground lake, but it’s more like a                            laying on a surface that dips in the middle
positioned for effective percolation below         bathtub filled                                                    and is on a slight incline. If you use a hose
the clay layer of ancient Lake Cahuilla.           with sand, gravel                                                 to slowly fill the mattress with water, the
The expansion of these facilities, combined        and water in the                                                  portion at the lowest elevation will fill up first.
with other water management efforts, are           small spaces in-                                                  However, the pressure will eventually force
helping CVWD meet its goal of eliminating          between.                                                          the water outward and fill the entire mattress.
overdraft of the aquifer.                                                                                            Imagine the mattress is full and you poke
                                                                                                                     a hole anywhere on the top surface. The
                                                                                                                     pressure would force water out of the
                www.cvwd.org                                                                                         hole, like the flowing artesian wells of
                                                                                                                     the valley’s past.

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