Become An MLM Success By Following Our Lucrative System

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					 I KNOW exactly “How To” make money and
  I want to take YOU by the hand and show
 you OUR step by step system for developing
   a 98% PASSIVE INCOME so YOU can get
       large checks in your mailbox!!

   PLUS- You can get started with NO UPFRONT FEE!!

 (Question) Are you tired of those one time pay “programs” that
never work? Tired of the shady “gifting” programs that just don't
       seem legit, silly money games and outright scams?

Well, as of today, you'll NEVER have to worry about this stuff again, because (I AM the guy)
you've searched for ! I want to help you make money by showing you a system that's SO
easy and affordable to tap into that even grandma down the street can do!

I will NOT stop until you are duplicating my efforts...In
 other words, the ONLY way you can fail, is if you quit

NO hype- NO Bull- This information is 100% REAL and so am I, so you can lower your
guard...This isn't going to be your standard over hyped information to OOH and AHH
you...You're going to get facts and straight talk, what a shocker huh?

My goal is (NOT) to sell you a darn thing, because (I CAN) assure
you by the time you finish this letter and we've spoken, you will
 have sold YOURSELF. I never try to convince people, they must
                      convince themselves

What are we doing? It's simple...We're using my business partners postcard marketing
system that made him $10's of thousands of dollars in a past opportunity years ago and
rebuilt it to where it's 10 times MORE powerful! Now YOU can use it too!!
How it works- When you join our team and the business we promote, ALL you have to do is
mail our simple yet very powerful postcards to mailing lists of names we suggest, and that's
it! No guesswork, no experimenting with your ad dollars, just follow the system

We take over from there and work to close your leads/sales for you! You NEVER have to talk
to people, do hard selling, convincing or answering of questions. Actually, you should
communicate with your new members ONCE they have already signed up...but how hard is
that? By then there's nothing to sell them on, they already joined!! See the power of this?

This gives you a REAL turnkey opportunity we like to call a “passive business in a box”. Folks,
this works and if you need to make 2011 a better year than the last, you MUST take a look
at what we're doing.

Not only will you have a world class autopilot marketing system working for you offline with
the postcards, but we can show you EXACTLY how to market online too! You will have access
to a full time Internet marketer who will help you step by step (that would be me). You
truly have NEVER seen anything like this where you get SO MUCH support!

While the rest of the Internet seems to hide behind emails and rarely answer them, we go
above and beyond to talk to our members. Talking to people on the phone, gee what a novel
idea, isn't that why they were invented? Feel free to call my personal home office, Skype me
or email me! TIP- Avoid doing business with anyone where all they like to do is communicate
by email...Makes you wonder what they have to hide...Just an opinion there

I'm here for you and I won't be disappearing right after you join either....Who hasn't been
there before? You finally join after you were poked and prodded and then what happens, the
person up and disappears...Well that nonsense won't happen here!

  OK it's ACTION TIME, it's time to put the boat in the water and
                       make some money

If you think this sounds like a fit for you, then do this...
   Visit the website below, check everything out. Call
 Doyle (my biz partner) and ask him questions if you'd
like more information. Folks, this IS working and it can
             work for you! Contact us TODAY
        Visit our team leaders website at
 IMPORTANT- You MUST use this ID# 2013619
            if you'd like to join with me
Write this ID number down and be ready to enter
  it when prompted. These numbers are what
              makes the system work!

       NOTE-If the website link above isn't
    clickable, simply write it down and enter
              into your browser bar.

RECAP- ALL you'll have to do is (mail simple postcards) Prepare them
right at the kitchen table and pop them in the mailbox then go about your
business. WE will take care of the rest. You just watch for those
“Congratulations” emails saying you just signed up a new member!!

If you want to work this on the Internet as well, you can get your very
own “presell” website and then I'll show you step by step what to do to
get the traffic coming in! How can you beat a deal like this? You can't


I'm sure you've been on webinars, you've scoured the search engines for hours on
end and maybe you've even clipped out ads in some home business magazines
just hoping and praying that you'd come across the “right” business.
Well, let me say this...You found it right here so you can quit looking! See, finding
the right company and products to promote is only one hurdle of several that you
must jump in order to become successful. Yes you also NEED a system that
anyone can tap into...YES, would got you covered there too.

BUT the (BIGGEST) thing you need is ONGOING support! You need to be able to
pick up the phone and talk to a real live person who can help you. Look, unless
you're already a pro, you're going to need this help. This is what I'm offering you
right now! I love helping people and I'd love to be helping you right now. See the
contact information below...Have a great day!

Craig Wilson
Office phone
From 8am till 9pm CST Mon-Sat only
Skype- craigwilsonrocks
Email- imakealotofsales[at]
Get to know me on Facebook

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