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                        D                            ESTINATIO
VOL. XXI NO. 2                                                                                                                                MARCH 2007

                                           Meetings Industry –                                          Investment firms often track even the most

  Topics               This Time
                                           A Mirror For
                                                                                                        minute details to determine which businesses,
                                                                                                        organizations and industries are strengthening or
                                                                                                        on a down-curve.

                                           The Economy?                                                 Certainly, good economic news on the quarterly
                                                                                                        reports tends to translate into a businesses’
 Meetings Industry –                       We often hear talk about the economic indicators that
                                                                                                        bottom line. Those organizations tend to travel
 A Mirror For The                          are closely watched because they may provide a glimpse
                                                                                                        more, and have more meetings with more people
                                           of an upcoming change in the economy. The major
 Economy?                                  indicators include the Gross Domestic Product report,
                                                                                                        at hotels or resorts in their continuous journey
 Read about how the meetings                                                                            to obtain their growing goals. Should tracking
 industry is a very compelling             the Consumer Price Index, major employment
                                                                                                        meetings and their attendance be an indicator of
 economic indicator – on many              announcements, the Consumer Confidence Index,
                                                                                                        the health of an organization?
 different levels.                         and the Productivity Report.
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                                           But, when you think about it, the meetings industry          Positive Signs For 2007
 Planner-To-Planner Tips                   is also a very compelling economic indicator on
 For Site Visits                           many levels.                                                 The good news is that the meetings industry is
 There’s no substitute for a site                                                                       strong and thriving, according to the recently
 inspection to determine if the            On one level, you can often gauge how the economy is         published FutureWatch 2007 survey conducted
 destination will work for your group.     doing by the number of meetings that corporate and           by Meeting Professionals International (MPI),
 Learn some helpful hints from             association planners expect to coordinate and book for       in partnership with American Express®. In the
 experienced meeting professionals         the future, in a given year. Will the number go up or        survey, association planners expect the number
 for what you can ask during your          down, or is it flat compared to the past year?
 site visits.                                                                                           of meetings held by their organization to increase
                                  Page 2                                                                by 18% in 2007, while corporate planners
                                           Other signs from meeting professionals can also signal a     anticipate the number of meetings held by
 Destination Features                      growth or decline in the economy, such as: Do planners       their organization will increase by 7%. Overall,
 Find out about the legendary              expect to see larger attendance for programs booked a        meeting budgets in 2007 are expected to increase
 La Quinta Resort & Club in                year or two back, but arriving this year? Are associations   by 21% for associations and 18% for
 California. Read about the impressive     adding new programs to meet the demand for                   corporations. In addition, both corporate and
 Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando®.       information and exchanges? Are budgets increasing for        association planners expect to see more attendees
 Discover what’s new at the 220-acre       “extras” at a conference this year?                          at their meetings. They also anticipate increased
 Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Central                                                                       spending per meeting this year.
 California, and at the luxurious          On another level, you can view the situation from the
 Halekulani in Honolulu.                   hoteliers’ perspective: Will my property’s meetings          This is good news for the meetings and
                                Page 3     inventory for the upcoming year grow or decline versus       hospitality industries, and also seems to be
 FAQ’s                                     the same time last year looking forward?                     positive news for the economy at large.
 What is the status of the ALHI
                                                                                                        So, if you ever catch yourself thinking that the
 resorts in Cancun? Is incentive travel
 business demand growing in 2007?
                                           Meeting Patterns                                             meetings industry doesn’t have a huge impact on
 Where are the ALHI “Diamond               Can Be Telling                                               the economy, think again. The Convention
 Tour” stops in 2007?                                                                                   Industry Council estimates the annual economic
                                Page 6     Another – and very intriguing – perspective is               impact is $122 billion to the U.S. economy. But
                                           the level of flexibility from business that is               just maybe, the meetings and hospitality business
 Restaurant Briefs                         booking meetings at hotels and resorts,                      can be a broader index, and truly reflective of the
 During recent visits to New York                                                                       health of the economy as a whole. Since
 City, Cancun and San Diego, David         compared to prior years. If companies,
 Gabri had the opportunity to dine at      industries, or associations significantly change             increased meeting spending is fuel for a
 some great restaurants. Read about        their meeting patterns (such as time of year – i.e.          worldwide economic engine, let’s be optimistic
 his experiences at these fine             peak season to off season – or type of destination           that the FutureWatch 2007 findings are
 establishments.                           or venue), this also can be very telling.                    indicative of prosperity for all.
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                                                ASSOCIATED LUXURY HOTELS

  Planner-To-Planner Tips                                                                                                                            Additional Tips
                                                                                                                                                      For Site Visits
  For Site Visits
                                                                                                                                            Arrive earlier than your
  Meeting professionals agree that there is no substitute for a site inspection. It provides
                                                                                                                                            scheduled appointment to
  the opportunity to experience the destination, to determine first-hand if it will work for
                                                                                                                                            experience the property as a
  your group, and to meet and connect with the staff. But are there tips on how to make the                                                 regular guest, without the VIP
  most of your site visit? We asked several experienced meeting professionals to provide some                                               treatment.
  helpful hints for site visits, and here are their suggestions.
                                                                                                                                            Prior to visiting, ask for recent
                                                                                                                                            references – specifically from the
  T   im Brown, partner with Meeting Sites
      Resource, said, “Assuming the hotel
  meets all of our stated criteria, I want to
                                                                      Karen McNulty, Corporate Director of
                                                                      Meeting Procurement for Genuine Parts
                                                                      Company, recommends that “planners
                                                                                                                                            planner of a group similar to
                                                                                                                                            yours. DMCs, CVBs, associations,
  know what other groups are in-house over                            should ask how much it costs for High-                                travel agents, and other planners
  our dates, and what other meeting and                               Speed Internet Service in their onsite office,
  event activity will take place in adjacent                          and then negotiate to get it at the same rate                         can also be great sources for
  function space.”                                                    as it costs in a sleeping room.”                                      information.

  Brown also suggests that you find out how                           David Betke, Manager of Meeting Services                              Survey your attendees prior to
  the hotel addresses security – such as guest                        for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association,
  safety, equipment in meeting rooms, and                             suggests asking, “When are your union                                 developing your program so that
  proprietary information.                                            contracts up, and do you foresee any                                  you know the desires of the
                                                                      challenges between now and my meeting?”                               group when choosing a location.
  Joan Menzer, Director of Conferences and
  Events for the Association of Governing                             Betke also advises not only asking what other
                                                                                                                                            Visit every room type that will be
  Boards of Colleges and Universities,                                groups are in-house over the dates of the
  recommends that you always ask if any part                          meeting, but if that is the end-user.                                 used by your group (to ensure
  of the hotel or resort will be closed or under                                                                                            the rooms look like the photos).
  renovations during your program.                                    Kenita Hidalgo, Director of Meetings &                                Identify “deal-breakers” prior to
                                                                      Conventions for ACEC, recommends that                                 your visit.
  “I once booked a specific meeting room,”                            you ask to walk through the “back of the
  said Menzer, “because of its beautiful                              house” areas like the service halls of the
  French doors and access to a lovely private                         meeting space and shipping/receiving docks.                           Check out the audio-visual
  terrace, only to discover that the terrace was                      It lets you peer inside hotel operations, and                         capabilities (and ceiling heights)
  being ripped out and replaced during our                            can also help if you need to find “that one                           to ensure your planned A-V or
  program. The beautiful French doors were                            last box” that got lost on the way to the
  even blocked off by plants, so the natural                          onsite staff office.                                                  production will work in that room.
  light and outdoor access we were expecting
  was gone!”                                                          Teresa Williams of GMAC Residential                                   Thoroughly walk through the
                                                                      suggests: “Do your homework ahead of time.                            property to see if there are any
  Steve Hines, president of Onyx Meetings                             Review the hotel’s website and sales kit, and
                                                                                                                                            unique venues that you might
  and Events, advises that you should “ensure                         survey your meeting planner friends. Read
  that assurances like ‘That shouldn’t be a                           any other information that you have access                            consider for your group.
  problem,’ or ‘I’m sure we can work                                  to prior to conducting your onsite visit. This
  something out’ are followed up by specifics                         not only saves time but provides you with a                           Find out about rush hour traffic
  as well as something in writing that actually                       foundation to build on that you can add to
                                                                                                                                            patterns to determine how long
  commits the property to what is agreed to                           once you’re on-site and can actually see the
  during the site inspection, prior to signing                        property in person.”                                                  it will take to get to the hotel or
  the agreement.”                                                                                                                           to off-site venues.
                                                                      By being fully prepared prior to your site
  Hines also recommends that, whenever                                visit – which includes knowing all of the                             Identify if there are any hard-to-
  possible, insist that the Convention Services                       questions to ask – you can rest assured
  Manager who will be assigned to your group                          that you’ll get the most out of your visit                            find meeting rooms (so that you
  accompanies you on the site inspection. “It’s                       to determine if it is the ideal location for                          can address this with attendees).
  a lot easier to have confidence that execution                      your group.
  will match expectations when you’re looking                                                                                               Source: Corporate & Incentive
  at the person who has to make it happen for                                                                                               Travel magazine, Dec. 2006 issue,
  you,” said Hines.                                                                                                                         Author: Diana Rowe

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   Atlanta        Boston       S. California    N. California      Chicago         Dallas        Denver       Kansas City   New York City      Orlando      Philadelphia   Washington, DC    Other Areas
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                                      ASSOCIATED LUXURY HOTELS
                  M e m b e r s To F o c u s O n F o r Yo u r N e x t M e e t i n g

               OJAI VALLEY INN & SPA                                                                  HALEKULANI
                         Ojai, California                                                           Honolulu, Hawaii

         Meet, Relax and Play in Luxury...                                       Some of the Biggest Deals are Closed
       Just 35 Miles South of Santa Barbara                                         in the Most Tranquil Places
                               NEWS                                                                         NEWS
Located just south of Santa Barbara, one of California’s premier            Halekulani has been hosting visitors to Waikiki Beach for nearly 100
destinations, the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa offers the perfect blend            years. Today, its reputation for gracious hospitality, impeccable service
of serenity, luxury accommodations and professional meeting                 and award-winning cuisine is unequaled on Oahu and renowned
space, and recreational amenities.                                          throughout the world. Originally designed to be the ultimate vacation
                                                                            getaway, today's Halekulani has also become one of Hawaii's most
Recently awarded AAA’s Five Diamond rating for excellence                   exciting locations for meetings and conventions. Our ultimate goal is
in facilities and hospitality, the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa is the             to exceed the expectations of our meeting planners, with services,
ideal place for meetings and incentive programs in search                   facilities and amenities all impeccably designed for success.
of perfection.                                                              • 455 elegantly appointed guest rooms, including 43 suites
In this oasis of privacy on California’s central coast, serenity            • 90% of all guest rooms and suites have dramatic ocean views
                                                                            • Over 8,800 sq. ft. of flexible function space
and rejuvenation just come naturally.                                       • Four restaurants and lounges featuring the award-winning La Mer,
                                                                              Hawaii’s only AAA Five Diamond Restaurant
• 308 luxury appointed guest rooms, including 75 suites
                                                                            • Conveniently located just 10 miles from Honolulu
• 5 restaurants and lounges, including the Spa Café and Jimmy’s Pub           International Airport
• 14 meeting rooms with over 16,000 sq. ft. of space                        • All Halekulani guests receive preferred/complimentary access to
• Walk in the footsteps of champions on the legendary 18-hole golf course     Honolulu’s major cultural venues, such as the Bishop Museum,
• Pamper yourself at our award-winning Spa                                    Iolani Palace, Contemporary Museum, Honolulu Academy of Arts
• 800-acre private ranch for trail rides and special events                   and The Honolulu Symphony
                                                                            • Halekulani is the cornerstone of a revitalized Waikiki. Offering
                                                                              world-class boutiques, restaurants, entertainment and activities,
                        Luxury on Sale                                        this beachfront cityscape is the gathering place of the Pacific.
                                                                            • Rated one of the top spas in Hawaii, Spa Halekulani offers services
May 7 – 17, 2007                                                              inspired by the authentic healing cultures of the Pacific Islands.
June 10 - July 14, 2007
August 1 – September 4, 2007                                                                        Luxury on Sale
November 9 – December 18, 2007                                                   April 5 – 27, 2007 / May 6 – 31, 2007 / June 1 – 15, 2007
                                                                                     September 1 – 25, 2007 / November 1 – 20, 2007
Each of the noted dates can accommodate 100 guest rooms per night,          Ask about our 2007 ALHI Meeting Package, including sophisticated and
with some dates up to 175 rooms per night.                                  inspiring spaces, an array of internationally inspired catering options and
                                                                            world-renowned Halekulani guest service.

                For information, visit                                                       For information, visit

         Associated Luxury Hotels provides the National Sales Network to our prestigious membership of over 80 of North America’s
            finest Four- and Five-Star/Diamond hotels and resorts. Let us assist you in placing your next meeting.
                                           LA QUINTA RESORT & CLUB
                                                              La Quinta, California
                              Meet at La Quinta, Where You Are Treated Famously!
Book your next event at La Quinta Resort & Club
and your participants will discover what Hollywood’s
finest have known for almost a century – We treat you
famously! In addition to over 40,000 sq. ft. of meeting
space, impeccable service, and inspiring food and
beverage, the resort offers five championship golf
courses, 41 pools, 53 hot spas, Spa La Quinta, Fitness
and Tennis Center, Camp La Quinta for children,
fabulous restaurants and boutique shops.

What they’re saying...
“I am writing on behalf of Perlmutter Investment
Company and our recent stay at the La Quinta Resort.
To sum up our experience at the hotel and with your
staff, one word comes to mind, PERFECTION! Each and
every detail, request and change was addressed and
executed without hesitation or error. Mr. McCormick,
thank you for employing a staff of true professionals, a
staff that clearly understands the service industry and
customer service.”

                                         - Suzanna Ferebee
                           Perlmutter Investment Company          Facts
                                                                  • La Quinta Resort & Club has 796 Spanish-style casitas and suites,
"As the dust settles from the recent AMTDA 80th                     all boasting upgraded features in all of its guest rooms, including
Annual Meeting in La Quinta, CA, I wanted to take the               new carpet and high definition flat screen televisions.
opportunity to thank you and your staff for the time and          • 23,000 sq. ft. full-service Spa La Quinta and Yamaguchi Salon
commitment to help make our meeting successful. It was
the best attendance we have had in several years, and the
                                                                  • 41 heated outdoor pools and 53 hot spas
psyche of our members was noticeably upbeat."                     • Fitness and Tennis Center with 23 tennis courts, five hydro-courts
                                                                    and 10 lighted for night play.
                                           - Jean J. Bryant
                                                      CEM         • Camp La Quinta (Kid’s program)
                                                                  • Executive business services
                                                                  • 11 Boutique shops and five golf pro shops
                                                                  • Four resort restaurants and five golf clubhouse restaurants
                                                                  • 90 Holes of championship golf
                                                                  • Over 40,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, including three indoor venues
                                                                    and two unique outdoor venues.

                                                                  Luxury on Sale
                                                                  May 20-25 / June 10-15 / July 13-20 / September 19-26 / October 7-12
                                                                  Ask about our ALHI Meeting Package, offering great value
                                                                  from audio visual to spa specials.

                                                                     For More Information on La Quinta Resort & Club,
                                                                                                                                          Page 3

           La Quinta Resort & Club is one of Associated Luxury Hotels’ Worldwide Membership of Luxury
     Four and Five Star/Diamond Hotels and Resorts. Let us assist you in placing your next meeting.

                                                        Orlando, Florida

                 Unique Options for Extraordinary Meetings and Events
Whether it’s the tropical paradise of Royal Pacific
Resort, the rock star treatment provided by Hard
Rock Hotel® or la dolce vita – the sweet life –
experienced amid the Mediterranean luxury of
Portofino Bay Hotel, Loews Hotels at Universal
Orlando® Resort offers a wide variety of options
for meetings of all sizes. Each is just steps away
from two amazing theme parks and a spectacular
nighttime entertainment complex, delivering an
extraordinary meeting and event experience.
The three hotels have consistently won AAA’s
Four Diamond Award, as well as accolades from
Successful Meetings, Corporate & Incentive Travel
magazines. Universal Orlando® Resort received
the 2006 Planners’ Choice Award from
MeetingNews magazine.

What they’re saying...
“As a meeting planner for GE team meetings, this
experience was by far THE BEST! Exceptional
people helped us pull off the most memorable team
meeting ever. Our planning experience was FUN -
that never happened before. Hats off to the entire        Facts
Universal team!”                                          Portofino Bay Hotel, A Loews Hotel
                                        -Bonnie Jaske     • 750 stylish guest rooms and suites
                                                          • 8 restaurants and lounges, including Bice Ristorante
                                       GE Healthcare
                                                          • Three themed swimming pools
                                                          • Over 42,000 sq. ft. of meeting and function space
“Our post conference survey showed this was the           • 15,040 sq. ft. Tuscan ballroom and 7,670 sq. ft. Venetian junior ballroom
highest rated meeting ever. The entire Universal          Royal Pacific Resort, A Loews Hotel
Orlando experience contributed to this success,           • 1,000 guest rooms and suites
from the park to the hotel to Jimmy Buffett's®            • 5 restaurants and lounges, including Emeril’s Tchoup Chop
                                                          • Lagoon style swimming pool with sandy beach
Margaritaville® and Emeril's Tchoup Chop. Our             • Over 85,000 sq. ft. of meeting and function space
company has been in business for 10 years. This is        • 41,503 sq. ft. Pacifica ballroom, divisible into 12 sections
without a doubt one of the best overall experiences       Hard Rock Hotel®
we have had, from the beginning with sales                • 650 guest rooms and suites
through the service provided by both the hotel and        • 5 restaurants and lounges including the Palm Restaurant
other outlets.”                                           • 12,000 sq. ft. pool with sand beach and underwater stereo
                                                          • 6,000 sq. ft. of meeting and function space
                                    -John McKennon
                          Meeting Management Services
                                                          Luxury on Sale
                                                          Any NEW groups booked in May, September, November, or December 2007 by
                                                          April 30, 2007, worth 100 room nights or more will receive:
                                                          • One-hour complimentary Cocktail Reception (premium brands)*
                                                          Guests of each hotel enjoy UNIVERSAL EXPRESSSM ride access† during their stay,
                                                          which enables them to bypass the regular attraction lines at both theme parks just
                                                          by showing their hotel key card (restrictions apply). Each hotel is connected to
                                                          Universal’s attractions by complimentary water taxis along picturesque waterways.
                                                          *Does not apply to previously proposed or groups already definite.
                                                          † On-site hotel privileges good for hotel stay as indicated on the room key card. Only good for number
                                                          of guests staying in room.

                                                            For More Information on Loews Hotels at Universal
                                                           Orlando®Resort, visit
Page 4                                                            visit
  Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando® Resort are among Associated Luxury Hotels’ Worldwide Membership of Luxury
    Four and Five Star/Diamond Hotels and Resorts. Let us assist you in placing your next meeting.
                                               ASSOCIATED LUXURY HOTELS

         New Culinary Discoveries…                                                            FAQ’s
                                                                                              Q: What is the status of the ALHI resorts in Cancun?
    New York City
    Cellini                                                                                   A: After visiting Cancun last month, the community and resorts are in
    During a recent visit to ALHI’s famed member, InterContinental The Barclay                   excellent shape, and are eager to serve U.S. group business. Cancun
    New York, I had the chance to dine at this wonderful nearby restaurant. Very                 has completed a multi-million-dollar project that fully restored its
    reasonably priced (by New York City standards), this quaint home-style
    restaurant really makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a trattoria in Venice.             beautiful white-sand beaches. Our oceanfront AAA Five-Diamond
    Maitre d’ Giuseppe greets you at the door, then leads you to your table in a                 Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach is in full gear and
    very comfortable dining room with hardwood floors and the customary white                    successfully hosting an array of meetings and incentive programs
    tablecloths. We started with the Carciofi Farciti, which consisted of baby
    artichokes filled with eggplant, pepper, Parmesan cheese and tomato – very                   now. The spectacular new beachfront Aqua will be a sensational
    tasty. For the entrée, I opted for the Envelope-Shaped Pasta, which was filled               resort after they complete their major enhancements this summer, to
    with sautéed mushrooms, baby spinach, homemade mozzarella, and veal in a                     be prepared to welcome group business at the resort in late fall. So it
    light tomato broth. Excellent. They have a very nice wine list (that didn’t                  is a good time to “Think Cancun” so your meeting and incentive
    break the bank), and the warm Italian ambiance was as inviting as the dessert
    options. I will be back.                                                                     program can experience these impressive resorts.
    (212) 751-1555
                                                                                              Q: Is incentive travel business demand growing in 2007?

    Cancun, Mexico                                                                            A: Travel continues to be a major motivational tool for companies to
    Luna Latina                                                                                  enhance performance. Demand for new venues continues, as well
                                                                                                 as seeking out unique options at popular incentive destinations.
    When you next visit Cancun, plan to dine at Luna Latina, a favorite of locals
    and visitors “in the know.” Featuring a scenic location overlooking beautiful                Spending in 2007 is going up, according to a poll conducted by
    Nitchupte Lagoon, this restaurant is known for its exceptional food, great                   Motivation Strategies, which found the majority of the incentive
    service, reasonably priced menu, and fun atmosphere. Luna specializes in                     industry professionals surveyed expect their incentive program
    international, California-style cuisine with a Caribbean flair, and offers indoor
    and open-air patio dining. We started with the Crab Claws with Garlic and                    budgets to increase in 2007 over 2006. Corporate Meetings &
    Herb Sauce, which were very flavorful. For the entrée, I truly enjoyed the                   Incentives’ annual incentive trends survey (published in January
    Surf and Turf that consisted of a perfectly prepared Beef Filet along with                   2007) reinforced this finding. Also, some organizations are now
    Giant Shrimps in a Spicy Tomato Sauce. For an extra treat, plan your visit                   incorporating meetings before or after their incentive program to
    to be on one of the nights when the restaurant features live musical
    entertainment, which provides a very festive and memorable Cancun                            conduct valuable business, and still showcasing their “Achievers” as
    experience. Have fun!                                                                        part of their programs. That’s motivation!
    (011) 52-998-885-2746                                           Q: Where are the ALHI “Diamond Tour” stops in 2007?

    San Diego, CA                                                                             A: We kicked off 2007 at MPI-PEC in January, where the beautiful
    1500 Ocean                                                                                   “Turtle Bay Resort Diamond” was awarded to a lucky planner who
    If you haven’t been to the San Diego/Coronado area lately, then you may not                  visited ALHI’s “Luxury Lane.” Our next stop is the “ALHI Luxury
    be familiar with 1500 Ocean. Opened in May 2006 at the Hotel del                             Showcase” in Washington, D.C. on March 29, where the “ALHI
    Coronado, this impressive ocean-view restaurant has been enjoying rave                       Diamond” will be given away, followed by ASAE’s Springtime on
    reviews – and for good reason. Our experience was truly outstanding. This
    elegant restaurant features a contemporary style, and specializes in fresh
                                                                                                 June 14. The impressive “Grand America Hotel Diamond” will be
    regional Southland Coastal Cuisine. To highlight its fine ingredients, it even               awarded at MPI-WEC in Montreal over July 28-31. The tour will
    has a working Butler’s Pantry that showcases its fresh herbs, cheeses and                    move to Chicago for ASAE Annual from August 11-14, where the
    desserts. Far too many specialties for me to list here – from the fresh fish                 dazzling “Fontainebleau Miami Beach Diamond” will be awarded;
    selections to the Roasted Shelton Farms Free Range Chicken. Save room for
    the Warm Chocolate Chipotle Cake, which is served with Banana and                            and then ITME September 25-27, where attendees can register for
    Caramel Ice Cream. I know – but this is worth it! Plan to visit here during                  the stunning “Pan Pacific Vancouver Diamond.” The final
    your next trip to the area. But as a tip: call in advance. This restaurant is                diamond of 2007 will be given away at Holiday Showcase in
    popular with locals and visitors alike.
                                                                                                 Chicago in December. It only takes a visit to ALHI’s Luxury Lane at
    (619) 522-8490                                                                               these shows for your opportunity at the “Bling Bling”!

     Gem Note: Stop #2 on our 2007 Diamond Tour is our own Luxury
    Showcase in Washington, DC on Thursday, March 29, from 4 – 7 pm.
      All attendees who complete a survey will be eligible to win the
         ALHI Diamond One-Carat Solitaire. For more information,                                David G. Gabri
         or to register, contact Jenna Weiner at                              President & CEO
                                                                                                                                                                                       Page 6

   Atlanta        Boston          California     N. California      Chicago          Dallas     Kansas City   New York City      Orlando      Philadelphia   Washington, D.C.     Other Areas
770-933-4150   781-263-9910     949-855-9455    831-484-9990                  w . a 816-850-7890 212-986-6767
                                                                         w w972-312-1153 l h i . c o m
                                                                 312-670-2203                                                 407-295-1950   215-978-3877    202-887-7020       1-866-303-2544

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