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					A. Kisan Credit Card

Canara Bank is the pioneer in implementing Credit Card Scheme for farmers.

                For meeting the cultivation needs of farmers and other short term requirements
                including those of subsidiary / allied activities and consumption needs.
                Individual farmers / joint borrowers / partnership firms/ private & public Ltd.
                companies who are owner cultivators / engaged in allied / subsidiary activities.
                Farmers who are cultivating authorized leased lands are also eligible. The
                farmer should not be a defaulter of any Financial Institution.

B. Loans for Agri clinics / Agri business Centres

For Strengthening Transfer of Technology and Extension Services in field of Agriculture

                For providing expert services and advice to farmers on cropping practices,
                technology dissemination, crop protection from pests and diseases, market
                trends and prices of various crops in the market, clinical services for animal
                Graduates in Agriculture / Horticulture / Animal Husbandry / Forestry / Dairy /
Eligibility     Veterinary / Poultry Farming / Pisciculture-Individuals / Joint / Firms / limited
                For individuals               : Rs.10 lacs
                For groups / partnership firms : Rs.50 lacs

C. Minor Irrigation / Pumpset Loans

                For purchase of electrical motors, oil engines, submersible irrigation pumpsets,
                for energisation of agricultural pumpsets, pipelines including installation
                charges, installing generator sets, solar pumpsets, installation of drip ./ sprinkler
                irrigation systems, fertilizer mixers.
                Owner cultivators with minimum 2 acres of land. Loans can be considered for
                less than 2 acres area provided, viability of the project is ensured.

D. Farm Machinery Loans

For Strengthening Transfer of Technology and Extension Services in field of Agriculture
               For purchase of tractors, power tillers, trailers, combine harvester, grain
Purpose        threshers, sprayers, dusters, ploughs, drills, mechanical weeders or any other
               modern agricultural machinery.
Eligibility    Farmers who satisfy the Bank's norms.

E. Farm Development Loans

               For digging / deepening of wells, construction of tanks, ponds, drilling of bore
               wells, soil and water conservation watershed development bundling land
               reclamation, leveling of land, terracing, conversion of dry land into wet,
               irrigable lands, fencing, construction of farm houses and other allied activities.
Eligibility    Farmer should be owner of the land

F. Vehicle Loan for Agriculturists

               For purchase of brand new vehicles such as bicycles, mopeds, two wheeler /
               three wheeler carriages, jeeps, vans and other light motor vehicles for
               supervising agricultural operation / management of farm / estate and for
               transportation of agricultural produce / inputs, vehicles may also be considered.
               Purchase of heavy vehicles such as lorries for big farmers owning at least 15
               acres of perennially irrigated land.
               Agriculurist cultivating his own land or engaged in allied activities such as
               dairy, poultry, sericulture, fish farming, etc.

G. Loan for Plantation Crops

               For establishment of estates, clearing of jungle, conversion of barren land into
               cultivable land, purchase of planting material, rejuvenation / replanting.
Eligibility    Owners of the land who have experience / knowledge in the proposed activity.

H. Loan for Marine Fisheries

                   Purchase / construction of mechanized fishing vessels, fishing equipments,
Marine Fisheries
                   working capital requirement for voyages
Inland Fisheries   Construction / deepening / widening / desilting of ponds, purchase of
                    fingerlings, equipments, manures, feeds and labour inputs.
Eligibility         Well experienced fish farmers with suitable land, professional fishermen

I. Loan for Sericulture

                For cultivation of mulberry, rearing of silk worms, construction of rearing
                house, purchase of rearing equipments / wire mesh / disease free layings (DFL).
                License / permission from Sericulture Department for rearing silkworms in the
                area, wherever required.
                Technical assistance from Sericulture Department or any other organization
                dealing with sericulture development should be available on continuous basis.
                For limits upto Rs.50,000/- : Nil
                For limits above Rs.50,000/- : 15-25%

J. Loans for Poultry and Duck rearing

                For establishing / improving layer / broiler farms and hatcheries including
Purpose         purchase of chicks, feeds, medicines, equipments, feed mixing plants,
                construction of poultry sheds, also for rearing Ducks / Turkeys / Qualis.
Eligibility     Person having experience / knowledge in poultry.

K. Produce Loan

                  To keep the produce in an approved godown or warehouse or in farmers’
                  residence enabling them to sell the produce for a better price of a later date.
                  1. Farmers who have availed Crop Loan /KCC.
                  2. Farmers who have not availed Crop Loan /KCC.
                  Rs.10 lacs per party
Repayment         Within 12 months from the date of grant

L. Loan for Cold Storage and Rural Godown

                  1. For creation of scientific storage capacity with allied facilities to store farm
                  produce, processed farm produce and agricultural inputs.
                 2. Promotion of grading, standardization and quality control of agricultural
                 produce prevention of distress sale, strengthen agriculture marketing
                 Individuals / farmers, group of farmers / growers, partnership / proprietary
                 firms, NGO’s SHG’s, Companies, Corporations, Co-operatives, Agro-
Eligibility      Processing Co-operative Societies., Agricultural Produce Marketing
                 Committees, Marketing Board and Agro Processing Corporations, Grower’s

M. Drip / Sprinkler Irrigation Loans

                 For purchase of drippers, pressure regulators, filters, pipes, accessories,
                 fertilizer mixers and pumpsets. Construction of overhead tanks and
                 installation of sprinkler irrigation units. Purchase of water saving devices /
                 modern irrigation equipments.
Eligibility      Owners of land. Tenant cultivators can also be considered.

N. Dairy Loan and Raising Crossbreed Heirs

                      1. For construction of cattle shed, purchase of high yielding milch
                         cattle, dairy equipments, cattle feed, cultivation of green fodder,
Purpose                  transportation of animal, setting of on-farm processing and
Eligibility              pasteurization plants.

                      2. Purchase / rearing of cross breed heifers.
                      1. Farmer should have experience / knowledge in maintaining dairy

                      2. Veterinary facilities readily and easily available.
                      3. Should be cultivating or having arrangements for supply of green

                      4. Availability of technical assistance / guidance artificial insemination
O. Loans for Construction of Farm Structures

                   Construction of farm structures including storage rooms / godowns / sheds
                   for livestock and farm machinery.
                   Farmer shall be the owner of the land. Should be economic land holdings
                   having sufficient surplus income from agriculture to repay the loan.

P. Kisan Suvidha

                      •   For meeting the comprehensive credit needs of farmers.
                      •   Working capital requirements: for crop cultivation expenses,
                          working capital requirements for allied activities, maintenance of
                          farm machinery/ equipments, non-farm sector activities and
Purpose                   consumption needs.
                      •   Term loans requirements like purchase of agricultural implements,
                          land development, purchase of bullocks and carts, purchase of farm
                          machinery, minor irrigation.

                   Agriculturists can avail finance for working capital requirements either
Eligibility        under KCCS (Kisan credit Card Scheme) or under Kisan Suvidha scheme
                   and not under both the schemes.

Q. Canara Kisan OD

                   To provide a hassle-free overdraft facility for working capital expenses of
                   agriculturists to be incurred for allied activities, repairs and replacements of
                   farm machinery, working capital requirements or/and for non-farm sector
                   activities and consumption needs, subject to ceiling for each type of

                   The account can also be operated by ATM card (if facility is available in the
                   branch) or cheque leaves.
                   Agriculturists having satisfactory repayment record for the past 1 year.
                   The Scheme is operational only in select branches of the Bank.

R. General Credit Card Scheme (GCCS)

                      •   General Credit Card Scheme has been introduced as an important
Objective                 measure in the area of Financial Inclusion.
                      •   To provide hassle free credit to Rural and Semi-urban households
                           without insistence on security, purpose or end use of the credit.

                       •   Loan can be sanctioned for any general purpose including that of
Purpose                    consumption.

                       •   All Rural / Semi-urban households are eligible irrespective of their
Eligibility Norms          activity, whether agricultural or non agricultural and income level.

                       •   Loan quantum shall be 50 % of the net annual income of the entire
Loan Quantum
                       •   Maximum of Rs. 25000/-.

                       •   No margin shall be insisted
Tenability          Limit extended is of overdraft nature tenable for three years
Security            No security is insisted. No co-obligation / third party guarantee

S. Krishi Mitra Card Scheme

                       •   To provide easy credit to Individual Tenant Farmers, Oral Lessees,
Objective                  Share Croppers and farmers cultivating lands without proper records.

                       •   Cultivation of Crops
                       •   Maintenance of animals and farm machinery
Purpose                •   Repairs and replacements of machineries
                       •   Replacement of animals

                       •   Maximum of Rs. 50,000/- subject to Scale of Finance and a
Loan Quantum               maximum of 50% of the value of the produce.

                    Extended either as an operative limit with a tenability of 3 years (subject to
Tenability          annual review) or as a single transaction limit, repayable in 5 years in
                    quarterly / half yearly / yearly installments.
Security            Hypothecation of Crops.

T. Financing Joint Liability Groups of Tenant Farmers

                    General Credit Card Scheme has been introduced as an important measure
                    in the area of Financial Inclusion.
                    Cultivation of Crops based on the details of the crops raised by the JLG
Loan Quantum        Maximum of Rs. 50,000/- per farmer and Rs. 5,00,000/- per group.
                    Linked to marketing of crops - not to exceed 12 months for short duration
                    crops and 18 months for long duration crops.

U. Kisan Tatkal (only in select states)

                    To provide credit for meeting the post harvest expenses of the farmers who
                    have availed KCCS Loans
                    To meet the expenditure towards storing, processing, treatment of food
                    grains, godown charges, etc
                        • Minimum of Rs. 1,000/-
                        • Maximum of Rs. 50,000/- but not to exceed 50% of KCCS Limit /
Loan Quantum
                            25% of annual income

Repayment           In 3-5 years in half yearly / annual installments.
Security            Collateral of Securities extended to KCCS Loans.

V. Scheme for Redemption of Debts of Farmers from Non-Institutional Sources

                    To provide relief to farmers and remove the debt burden from non-
                    institutional sources.
Purpose             To prepay the debts availed by the farmer from non institutional sources
Loan Quantum        Maximum of Rs. 50,000/- subject to 150% of the Gross Annual Income
Repayment           Within 5 years – in quarterly / half yearly / yearly installments.
Security            Mortgage of Property, if the cumulative loans exceed Rs. 1,00,000/-

W. Gold Loans for Agricultural Purposes

                    To provide loans to farmers for various agricultural purposes against the
                    pledge of gold Jewelleries
Purpose             To meet all farm requirement of the farmers
                    Maximum of Rs. 3,00,000/- subject to 80% of the appraised value or per
Loan Quantum
                    gram limit specified from time to time.
Repayment           Within 12 months
Security            Pledge fo gold Jewelleries
Our Other Loan Products:

The schemes mentioned above are only illustrative and not exhaustive. We have other loan
products also to supplement the farmers' income. The important ones are:

Tissue Culture              Lift Irrigation Projects
                            Piggery, Rabbit Rearing, Bee Keeping, Bullock Cart Loans, Sheep,
                            Goat Rearing
Mushroom Cultivation        Bio Gas plants
Aquaculture                 Dealers of distribution of fertilizers, pesticides, seeds etc.
Export oriented             Custom service units for maintaining fleet of tractors, Bulldozers,
agriculture                 well boring equipments.
Seed production and         Loans for Farm Forestry, Bio-diesel Plants, Tree Borne Oil Seeds,
processing                  etc.

General information(Not Exhaustive)

   1. Proposed activity should be technically feasible and economically viable.

   2. The quantum of loan depends on scale of finance / accepted project cost.

   3. Rate of interest as applicable from time to time will be charged.

    4. Margin money of 15-25% has to be brought by the applicant depending on the quantum of

   5. Wherever subsidy is available it will be treated as margin.

   6. Generally for loans above Rs. 1,00,000, mortgage of landed property is to be provided as
security, subject to certain deviations as permitted under bank policy.

   7. Notified crops will be covered under Rashtriya Krishi Bima Yojana Scheme.

   8. Insurance in respect of assets created to be obtained as per norms of bank.

   9. Lien should be noted at RTO/Port authorities / MPEDA wherever applicable.

   10. Loan Applications will be disposed of as per time norms of the bank.
Documents to be produced by the applicant:

   1. Certified copies of records in respect of lands owned / leased.

   2. NOC / No Due Certificate from other financial institutions wherever applicable.

   3. Two passport size photographs.

   4. Documents of title and other relevant documents, wherever landed properties are taken as

   5. Plan and estimate in respect of construction / drilling / deepening of wells, proforma
invoice / quotations in case of machines, vehicle, etc.

   6. Valuation certificate of the land from a competent authority / panel valuer wherever

   7. Other documents related to specific schemes.

For all the Above Schemes Conditions Apply.
The information provided above are only illustrative and not exhaustive. For more details, please
contact your nearest Canara Bank Branch or mail to

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