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Quotation Marks - Download as DOC by NLCP


									Quotation Marks (“”) are used for the following:

         To punctuate titles (of songs, poems, short stories, magazine articles, etc.)
          Example: My favorite piece of writing ever is Langston Hughes’ poem,
          “Mother to Son.”

      To indicate special words
          You may use quotation marks (1) to distinguish a word that is being discussed,
          (2) to indicate that a word is slang or an unfamiliar expression, or (3) to point
          out that a word is being used in a special way.

          Example 1: The words “accept” and “except” are frequently confused.

          Example 2: Adriana feared being “treated” by her English teacher in front of
          the whole class so she worked extra hard on her paper.

          Example 3: Tom walked up to his teacher’s desk, flashed an “honest”
          smile...and then handed in a plagiarized paper.

      To signal direct quotations
       Example: “Your reflections could use some work,” Mr. McRaith said in class
          yesterday. “Perhaps you should visit the Writing Center to improve them.”

          Rules for quotes with quotation marks…
           Indent and start a new paragraph for each new speaker
           Always place periods and commas inside quotation marks (as in the
             example above).
           Always place semicolons or colons outside quotation marks.

                    Example: Brandon wrote, “I regret that I am unable to attend the
                    fundraiser for the Writing Center”; his letter, however, contained a
                    substantial contribution.

              Place an exclamation point or question mark inside quotation marks when
               it punctuates the quotation and outside when it punctuates the main

                    Example: The girl softly whispered, “Am I dreaming?” Had she really
                    heard him say, “This is the best paper you’ve written all year”?

Created by 2008-2009 Trimester 2 Writing Coaches

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