What s in IT for me The impact of PowerPoint Presentation Devaluation

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					           What’s in IT for me?
 The impact of technology on library
                service development

              John Cox
          Deputy Librarian
National University of Ireland, Galway
     A Talk of Two Halves

• IT and libraries…friend or foe?
• IT and me…just good friends
                            IT and Me:
              We go back a long way…


Br. J. Acad Librarianship, 1987
                                    IT and Me:
                   Still chasing the same goals…

            • 1980s: Tutored Video Instruction
            • Distance education focus
            • Latter-day VLE

“We are optimistic that TVI will allow either better
 quality teaching or saving of staff input” (1987)
TVI in Action…
IT and Me:
           IT and Me:
Judgement (occasionally)…
                                   IT and Me:

                          The End of CD-ROM?

March 1993….
                                            John Cox
                                      Medical Library
               Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine
               IT and Me:
                  The Good…

Managing Information, 1995
                     IT and Me:
                         The Bad…

Extroversion   Introversion?
                                                 IT and Me:
                                                              The Ugly…

O M N I P r o je c t O r g a n iz a t io n

                  P r o je c t B o a r d
                      E x e c u tiv e
                    S e n io r U s e r
                 S e n io r T e c h n ic a l

                P r o je c t M a n a g e r

                 S ta g e M a n a g e r

         P r o je c t A s s u r a n c e T e a m
    B u s in e s s A s s u r a n c e C o o r d in a to r
      U s e r A s s u r a n c e C o o r d in a to r
    T e c h n ic a l A s s u r a n c e C o o r d i n a to r
                        IT and Me:
                  Career progression…

•   Marketable skills
•   Project management
•   Overview - IT applies to all areas
•   Maybe seen as a “visionary”?
•   Good “package” overall
•   Creates positive perception
                                                               IT and Libraries:
                                                               User Disconnection…

To whom do you most commonly direct enquiries for information relating to your research? (please tick one only

Library Information Desk Staff                                                                    37.7 % of 3,177

                      Nobody                                                             32.6 % of 3,177

             Subject Librarian                                      19.1 % of 3,177

                        Other                     10.5 % of 3,177

                                 0   200    400          600           800       1,000   1,200       1,400
IT and Libraries:
Global Competition…
IT and Libraries:
 Skills Devaluation…
        Confirmation from OCLC…

    Taking on Google et al.

•   Integrating Library IT staff
•   Marketing image
•   Adding value
•   Competitive systems
•   Search expertise
        Library Technologists:
                a breed apart?

       “After reading this chapter you can
at least get a gist of what your IT colleagues are
  talking about and can explain in their words
         what you need from technology”
                           Library Technologists:

              “it is questionable whether the model of concentrating
                       systems support and development in a
                  single discrete unit of the library will endure…..
              It may be that systems staff will need to work within,
             rather than separately from, service teams ” (Cox, 1998)

E-Learning           Portal          EndNote          Institutional
  support            Access          Software         Repositories
The Library Brand…
A “cooler” image…
Adding Value to Google…
                           Meeting Google …

                 Survey Comment
“I feel the need for a unified access to online
resources (e.g. unified search engine, Google-type)”
Beating Google…
Search Expertise …
“Knowledge is of two
 kinds. We know a
 subject ourselves, or
 we know where we
 can find information
 upon it”
(Samuel Johnson, 1775)
“The Irish are a fair
 people; - they never
 speak well of each

(Samuel Johnson, 1775)

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