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  KC Wong (Hong Kong)

       Ida Ho (Asia)

 Lydia Tsui (International)
Hong Kong              Minimum wage

               The level of minimum wage is set to be
                HK$28/hour November 8, to be
                implemented May 1, 2011.

               It is said that some 314,000 workers may
                benefit from the minimum wage, mostly
                from property mgt, retailing and catering;

               However, some 40,000 jobs will be cut
                down, 190,000 workers will cut work hours,
                to save cost
Hong Kong              Minimum wage

               Will the legislation on minimum wage help
                the working poor? There is some 1 million
                poor people in HK…

               Is it good for the economy of Hong Kong?
                Economy in HK is not that FREE as before

               Will there some business to find ―legal‖
                ways to cut down their cost
Hong Kong   Abuse of power by police

            •   The Independent Police Complaints Council
                (IPCC) released the 2009/10 Report Nov 10

            •   It endorsed the findings of 3,025 complaint
                cases investigated, involving 5,055 allegations,
                an increase of 17.6% and 11.8% respectively
                over 2008.

            •   The most common allegations were Neglect of
                Duty (with 1,997 counts in 2009),
                Misconduct/Improper Manner/Offensive
                Language (1,935 counts), and Assault (436
                counts). The 3 make up of 86% of the 500

            •   There is a case that a man was wrongly
                sentenced for 342 days, with a sentence of 18
Hong Kong   Abuse of power by police

            •   Number of complaints is increasing, why?
                Simply out of the culture of complaint?

            •   With number protests with pubic interest is
                increasing, will police turn to be a tool to
                suppress it?

            •   With the HK Human Rights Monitor file a
                submission to LegCo Security Panel on
                Police's handling of public meetings and
                public processions, and prosecution of
                assault on Police officers, Nov 11. Will police
                turn to be a political organ? How to monitor
Hong Kong   Asian Games

            ● The Asian Games Provisional Bid
              Committee (AGPBC) said Nov 9 to cut down
              the cost of hosting a possible 2023 Asian
              Games from the original estimate of about
              ($13.7 to 14.5 billion), to less than $6 billion,
              by scale back the original plan to upgrade 3
              proposed indoor sports centers

            ● Legislators complaint that the dramatic cut
              on the estimates reflected that the original
              proposal was immature.

            ● The deadline of consultation (if the HK
              government to bid for the 2023 Games) will
              be Dec 1.
Hong Kong   Asian Games

               Will holding the Asian Games good to the
                development of sports in HK, as proposed
                by the committee?

               Is the scale back – which means cutting
                down half of the budget – reflects a poor
                need assessment, as well as a poor
                financial budget in the planning process?

               Does cutting the budget to half means that
                the government had already decide to bid
                for the games? Cutting the budget is to
                lower the opposition?
            Rich family remembers
Hong Kong   servants sister

            ● The family of a late banker, Wu Jie Yee,
              donated 20 million HK dollars to a local
              university for the research on cancer.

            ● The research center, is named after the
              family’s servants, the late Ms. Shum Yiu
              Foon and Ms. Shum Bik Chuen. Both of
              them worked as helpers of the Wu family,
              and died of cancer.

            ● At the time of Japanese occupation to HK,
              the sisters protected the kids from
            Rich family remembers
Hong Kong   servants sister

               At a time when people are talking about
                ―angry at the rich‖, for the rich people are
                too mean to earn the most and ignoring the
                poor, the case of Wu is a good example for
                the rich.

               What is the interaction with the family
                members and their servants?
       Aung San Suu Kyi Released
Asia   ?

       ●   1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi's
           house arrest term expires on Sat. It was reported that she
           has been released by the Myanmar military government
           but no confirmation yet. She has been detained for 15
           years in the past 21 years.

       ●   65 year old Aung San Suu Kyi is the daughter of General
           Aung San who led Myanmar to the brink of independence
           from British rule before his assassination in 1947 when
           Suu Kyi was only 3 years old. Her presence in Myanmar
           was a constant source of tension for the military
           government and the government would love to see her
           go. A genuine iron lady, she refused to go into exile to
           visit her caner bed ridden British husband and her two
           sons. Failed to see her husband before he died. She
           insisted to stay with her people, at the expense of her
           own freedom, to fight for freedom against the military

       ●   Myanmar government is one of the most totalitarian
           governments which has ruled Myanmar for 48 years.
       Aung San Suu Kyi Released
Asia   ?

          Check if she has been released. Senior
           members of the National League for
           Democracy (NLD) she leads can be a
           valuable source.

          What is the impact of her release. Will she
           revive the democratic movement in her
           homeland. That may mean more
           bloodsheds to come when the country is
           still under military rule.

          If the military government decided to detain
           her longer, will create another wave of anti-
           government activities. Our correspondent
           will watch.

       ●   US President Barack Obama, Chinese President Hu
           Jintao, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev arrived
           in Yokohama, Japan for the APEC summit meeting
           held 13,14 Nov.

       ●   Following the G20 meeting in Seoul, this is the
           second time in a week world leaders gather after The
           United States announced $600 billion QE2 measure
           to help restart US economy. Asian countries have
           voiced out their reservation towards US economic
           policy for fear of inflation flying even higher.

       ●   President Hu Jintao made a speech in Seoul hinted
           the US should be more responsible. It may also be a
           chance for the Chinese and Japanese leaders to talk
           on the Diaoyudao issue. Japanese Prime Minister
           Naoto Kan said whether they can meet was really up
           the the Chinese side.

          In the G20, major economies refused to
           support a US initiative to pressurize
           a Chinese currency rise. Chinese President
           Hu Jintao will give a key note speech in the
           opening of the summit on Sat morning. For
           sure he will express China's position on the
           world economy.

          There will be a presser in the morning. It is
           not know if US president Obama will appear.
           If he does, will be an opportunity for journalist
           to find out his position on US economic

          If Chinese and Japanese leaders meet,
           response from academics of Sino-Japan
       Zhao Lianhai stage huger strike
Asia   indefinitely

       ● Chinese milk rights activist Zhao Lianhai
         was sentence for two and a half year on wed
         for guilty of "inciting social disorder".

       ● After visiting him in jail on Fri, his lawyer
         Pengjian said Zhao was determined to put
         on a hunger strike indefinitely. Zhao refused
         to take the lawyer's advice to give up hunger
         strike and said his son would understand the
         reason of the struggle was for social justice
         when he grows up.

       ● Lawyer said that might mean forced feeding
         when it becomes necessary. Zhao's wife Li
         said it was just too cruel.
       Zhao Lianhai stage huger strike
Asia   indefinitely

          Our reporter in Beijing will visit Mrs. Zhao to do a
           feature on their lives without a breadwinner for over
           a year while their 5 year old son was suffering from
           kidney failure—a disease caused by drinking
           tainted San Lu Milk.

          Possible reaction from rights activists in Beijing on
           the impact of Zhao's long jail term. Would that be a
           signal to warn others not to create instabilities for
           the government.

          Some 'left wing' politicians in Hong Kong also said
           the jail term was not fair long . Ask what they plan to
           do. Will they submit a letter to the Chinese
           Government or The National People's Congress to
           reflect how Hong Kong people feel on this matter.

          Interview doctors to check the possible damage of
           prolonged hunger strike and the damage of forced
       Japan Costal Guards Search for Rest of
Asia   the Chinese Crew of A Cargo Ship

       ● Five of the 25 mainland Chinese crew were
           rescued after a Chinese cargo ship sunk off
           a Southern Japan island. Two were certified

          The Panama-registered cargo ship Nasco
           Diamond lost contact early Wednesday on
           open seas, about 340 kilometers south of
           Japan's southern island Iriomote.

          The survivors aged from 22 -25 said the
           cargo ship capsized after water gushed into
           the ship for unknown reasons.
       Japan Costal Guards Search for Rest of
Asia   the Chinese Crew of A Cargo Ship

          Keep an eye on the search and rescue

          Our correspondent in Japan will try to visit
           the survivors to find out what happened to
           the cargo ship.

          Find out where they were from. A lot of
           Chinese crew come form the same area to
           make a living. One of the most possible
           location may be Fujian, a coastal province
           south of China. Male have a tradition of
           working as crew members or fishermen.
           Can do a feature on this tradition.
International   G20 or G2?
                ● Leaders from the nations with the 20 largest
                  economies gathered in Seoul to discuss how to
                  stabilize and grow the world’s economy.

                ● Currency stability was top on the agenda as U.S.
                  Federal Reserve recently created liquidity to
                  devalue the dollar.

                ● Washington blames Beijing’s currency policy of
                  giving an unfair advantage for its exports while
                  Beijing calls on U.S. to face its own problem
                  rather than casting blames on others.

                ● The summit wrapped up on Friday with a non-
                  binding agreement to avoid competitive
                  devaluation of currencies and come up with
                  guidelines to tackle trade imbalances which
                  affects world growth.
International   G20 or G2?
                ● US tried to pressure China to rise Yuan but
                  was not backed by other countries, including
                  its European allies. Is America losing its
                  influence on the global economy?
                ● As the world’s economy is increasingly
                  dominated by US and China, some
                  economists argue that G20 is actually
                  becoming a G2 summit. Is G20 still
                ● Asian countries and the developing world
                  play an important role in the tension
                  between US and China. What stance will
                  they take and how will it affect the region’s
                Iraqi new government falling
International   apart?

                ● After eight-months of political deadlock, Iraqi
                  leaders have finally reached a power-sharing
                  agreement that is expected to create a new

                ● Politicians reached consensus for Nuri al-Maliki
                  to be remained as Prime Minister and to create
                  a powerful new office that is expected to be
                  headed by his rival Ayad Allawi.

                ● The three major governmental positions will be
                  filled by the country's largest ethnic groups -
                  the Shiites, the Kurds and the Sunni Arabs.

                ● But Allawi-supporters walked out of the
                  parliament, casting doubts on the effectiveness
                  of the new government.
                Iraqi new government falling
International   apart?

                ● How will the walk-out affect the new
                  government and will it fall apart?

                ● PM Maliki is closely tied to Iran. What role
                  will Iran play in the new government?

                ● Has the livelihood of normal Iraqi citizens
                  been affected with the new government?
                  What is their expectation of this new
                Russian spy ring revealer
International   revealed

                ● In the biggest spy swap since the Cold War,
                  10 Russian spies were arrested in the U.S.
                  and sent back home last June.

                ● A newspaper in Moscow named a colonel in
                  Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service as the
                  U.S. source.

                ● Both the colonel’s daughter and son have
                  fled to the U.S. while Russian lawmakers
                  urge a commission to investigate the leak.
                Russian spy ring revealer
International   revealed

                ● Who is this colonel? Why did he provide
                  information to the U.S.?

                ● Russian President Medvedev confirmed the
                  report and said that he knew about it from day
                  one. But the White House hasn’t made any
                  comments. Will the US government make any
                  response? Who leaked the story to the
                  newspaper? Medvedev?

                ● Rumor says that a death threat has been
                  issued to this colonel. But some former Kremlin
                  officials say that operations like these were no
                  longer carried out. So will Russia reiterate?
                  How safe is the Russian defector?
International   The Queen joins Facebook

                ● The Queen has set up an official presence
                  on Facebook on Monday, when a British
                  Monarchy page launches on the social
                  networking site.

                ● Buckingham Palace says it is not a personal
                  profile page, but users can "like" the service
                  and receive updates on their news feed.

                ● A British Monarchy Twitter feed and a
                  YouTube channel are also available.
International   The Queen joins Facebook

                ● Within minutes that the site was launched, anti-
                  monarchist posed abusive messages about the
                  Royal Family or called for abolishing the
                  monarchy. Given the unfiltered nature of the
                  social media, how the site will be managed?
                  What is the Royal social media strategies?

                ● Besides sending out news feed to subscribers,
                  will the Queen use the site to communicate
                  with her loyal subjects?

                ● The Queen is said to surf the web and send
                  emails, so does her Royal Highness visit her
                  Facebook page? How tech savvy is the Royal

                ● What implication does it have to the social

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