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Dr. Charles F. Hall, Director                                 (352)955-7634
Title 1/Migrant Education/Dropout Prevention                  Fax (352) 955-7131 620 East University Ave

Dropout Prevention programs differ from traditional educational programs in their
scheduling, administrative structure, philosophy and curriculum setting. They employ
alternative teaching methodologies, curricula, and assessment activities in order to meet
the interest, talents and needs of qualifying students. Programs and services include:

      Alte rnative acade mic programs designed to improve the performance of
       students in reading writing and math. The program also prepares students to take
       and pass the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT).
      Alte rnative behavioral programs to improve the behavioral and social skills of
       students so that they can be successful in the regular school enviro nment and to
       reduce and eliminate discipline referrals.
      Department of Juvenile Justice programs to provide academic and behavioral
       services to students that are placed in the department of juvenile justice for
       violation of laws or probation. They included prevention programs, detention
       services and day treatment programs.
      Teen parenting programs to male and female students that have become parents.
       It is designed to offer parenting skills and daycare to allow students to complete
      Substance abuse programs designed to provide counseling and referral
       services to students that are abusing alcohol or drugs.
      Attendance and truancy services designed to keep students in school and to
       assist families in resolving attendance issue that lead to truancy and to reduce the
       number of students that may dropout of school.
      Horizon School alternative placement for students who have a history of
       disruptive behavior, have been charged with a felony or have committed a level
       IV violation of the Student Code of Conduct.
      Alte rnative Education Sites: Gainesville Job Corp, Florida Youth Camp, Santa
       Fe Community College GED, Adult Education.

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