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Colon Cancer Prevention Committee Meeting


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									                                           Colon Cancer Prevention Committee Meeting

                                                          December 17, 2009


The Colon Cancer Prevention Committee met Thursday, December 17 at the Frankfort Regional Medical Center. Attendees are
listed on page two.

Chair Bill Beam welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited introductions. Carol introduced Amy Sadler, a MPH graduate
student who is interning with KCP. Committee members introduced themselves and their respective organizations.

Bill asked for a proposal to approve the November minutes. The motion was made by Linda Hall and seconded by Ellen Schroeder.
The motion carried.

Bill reported that the Grass Roots and Advocacy Subcommittee held a conference call. Participants on the call included Eric Evans,
Ellen Schroeder, James Sharp, Katie Bathje, Claire Albright and Bill Beam. The purpose of the call was to develop a plan of action
for the upcoming General Assembly. Bill asked Claire to summarize the call and to review the documents related to the call.

Claire distributed the Preventing Colon Cancer in Kentucky (educate/advocate) fact sheet. The American Cancer Society logo was
added and the Colon Cancer Prevention Project was listed as the contact organization (see attachment).

Claire then distributed and reviewed the CCP Advocacy and Grassroots Plan (see attachment). She stated that the objective is to
obtain funding for the Colon Cancer Screening Program and to position the Committee for the future. Claire reviewed the 12
outcome initiatives including time frames and organizations/individuals responsible. Subcommittee members participated in the
discussion and provided additional details on their plans.

Bill facilitated the discussion and invited questions from the others related to the plan. It was noted that the bill will not be assigned
a number until January 5.

Next on the agenda was a discussion of the changes to state employees’ insurance plans to require that screening colonoscopies
limit co-pay charges by not charging additional fees if abnormalities are found. There was discussion as to whether other insurance
companies would follow suit. Kelly and Mel discussed Health Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures (colorectal
screening is not applicable to Medicaid). Kelly offered to bring the HEDIS information to our next meeting.

In other business,
      Mel reported that the pilot project with Scott County is moving forward.
      Luke reported that Suzanne Gude was not present due to recent surgery and that a groundbreaking ceremony was held
          for a new radiation center.
      Linda Hall noted that Whitney Jones will be in Pikeville on January 13 to give a presentation.
      Carol announced that District Cancer Councils will be meeting in January to work on colon cancer initiatives.

Bill closed the meeting by saying he thought the Committee had a terrific year, and thanked everyone for their efforts. Bill noted that
Whitney sent his regards to the Committee.

The next meeting will be Thursday, January 21 at the Franklin County Community Health Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Westbrook, CHES
Colon Cancer Prevention Committee Coordinator
                                                                                                                    approved 01/21/2010
                      Colon Cancer Prevention Committee Meeting

                                 December 17, 2009


Claire Albright                    Colon Cancer Prevention Project
Debra Armstrong                    Kentucky Cancer Program
Jason Baird                        Colon Cancer Prevention Project
Luke Barlowe                       Patient Advocate Foundation
Katie Bathje                       Kentucky Cancer Consortium
Bill Beam                          Colon Cancer Prevention Project
Mel Bennett                        Veterans Administration Medical Center—Lexington
Suetta Clevinger                   Pike County Health Department
Linda Cloud                        Kentucky Retirement Systems
Eric Evans                         American Cancer Society
Linda Hall                         Pike County Health Department
Carol Hurst                        Kentucky Cancer Program
Kelly Kelly                        Department of Insurance
Peggy Powell                       Cooperative Extension Service
Jennifer Redmond                   Kentucky Cancer Consortium
Susan Reffett                      Kentucky Department for Public Health
Amy Sadler                         Kentucky Cancer Program
Ellen Schroeder                    American Cancer Society
James Sharp                        American Cancer Society
Elizabeth Westbrook                Kentucky Cancer Program

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