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									Introducing the Invisible Flood Control Wall (IFCW™)
From Flood Control America
   The IFCW™ is not a traditional flood control system. It is absolutely the opposite. The IFCW™ represents a
      brand new way of thinking about flood control. No longer does flood protection require a hugely invasive
                     system that robs a community of its charm, scenery and riverfront access.

  The IFCW™ is a removable floodwall. When floodwaters rise, the wall is quickly erected, and when
      those waters recede the IFCW™ is easily dismantled and stored conveniently away, leaving
      the waterfront free of obstruction, effortlessly solving the problems traditional flood control
      alternatives inevitably leave in their wake.
Historical Places
  When faced with a major flood control problem, communities are generally given little choice: earthen levee,
       concrete wall, or an invasive combination of the two. Unfortunately, these alternatives can be utterly
       devastating to the historical value of a community, robbing an area of its traditional, scenic riverfront.
     Citizens are left with a difficult decision: sacrifice their community’s historical charm or remain vulnerable
                                                  to flood devastation.
Historical Places (2)

    It is precisely this paradox that has made the IFCW™ the #1 flood control alternative where
        preservation of a riverfront setting is of significant consideration. With the IFCW™, there is
       no reason to sacrifice the historical value of the riverfront during the overwhelming majority
        of the time that the river flows below flood stage. It is only when waters rise that the wall
       is quickly and easily erected, transforming from an obstruction-less view to an unbreachable
                                  flood control system in a few short hours.
Green Spaces

  Too often it is the parks and riverfront walks that are depleted of the very beauty for which they
      have been preserved in the first place. There is nothing like a concrete wall running through
      the local park to destroy the charm and ecological value of the green space.
Green Spaces (2)

  While there has been a trend toward conserving park settings in traditional flood planning, the
      damage is nonetheless done. Additionally, permanent structures remain vulnerable to the
      inevitable, costly plague of vandalism (as seen in photo).
Green Spaces (3)

  Fortunately, it is not mandatory to concede parks to the ugly by-products of traditional flood control systems.
       With the IFCW™, parks and recreational spaces remain open and restful places where citizens can
       continue to go to unwind. This aspect of the IFCW™ highlights FCA’s guiding motto: Harmony with
Homes and Residential Areas

  The nightmare that follows is all too common. The devaluation of property and the complete
      loss of scenery can be devastating for residents whose homes lie within 100-year flood
      plains. In this photo, the earthen levee was not high enough to fit within the 100-year
      flood plain, so piles were driven and a concrete wall was constructed that ran 5’ over the
      pilings, completely obscuring the resident’s view of the river. What truly disturbed the
      resident, however, is that in 35 years the river had never even threatened his home. So
      why this apparent over-protection?
Homes and Residential Areas

  The truth is that flood control planning must encompass projected 100-year flood levels. However, by definition
              such levels are only reached every 100 years, meaning that 99 years or more may go by without
          permanent structures ever being necessary. Additionally, waters will only be above flood stage in the
       event year for two weeks or less, meaning that only 2 weeks out of 5200 weeks the permanent structures
        will be necessary. That translates to permanent structures being completely unnecessary 99.962% of the
               time. However, the views are obscured and the property values are devalued forever. Period.

   FCA believes that this is completely unnecessary, and that homeowners’ rights ought to weigh significantly in
       any flood control equation. The IFCW™ gives communities the option to preserve homeowners’ property
                              values and views, which is a great way to keep citizens happy.
Community Empowerment

   Too often communities are resigned to whatever traditional flood system the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
        dictates is the most appropriate system for their situation. Unfortunately, the C.O.E. simply places no
     value on the rights and wishes of the citizens of a community. If the C.O.E. decides the most appropriate
       flood control system is a huge concrete wall running the length of the downtown riverfront, then that is
                                          what the community is stuck with.

   Until now. The IFCW™ has now been installed in five C.O.E. projects, and the numbers continue to grow.
Community Empowerment

  However, it is absolutely vital that the community tell the C.O.E. what they want, and simply refuse to accept
      any unreasonable alternative. The C.O.E. needs to understand that they are working for the people, and
      that it is their civic responsibility to provide to the people the flood control system of their choice, as long
      as that system is of sound engineering and reasonable cost, which is exactly what the IFCW™ from Flood
      Control America is all about.
If you believe that your community could benefit from the advanced,
    removable flood protection of the IFCW™, please contact us.

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