Contact Center Markets and Technologies 2008 - 2013 Interactive Model by bhoumiks


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Contact Center Markets and
Technologies, 2008-2013
Publication: Oct-08   Product Codes: IMTC0289

                                                Why buy this interactive
                                                • Understand the growth in agent positions
                                                  and contact centers globally through 2013,
                                                  with a focus on vertical markets and size of
                                                  contact center

                                                • Recognize the spending patterns on core
                                                  technologies and understand the impact of
                                                  global economic conditions on spending
Contact Center Markets and Technologies, 2008-2013

 An introduction to the models
                           This report is the result of Datamonitor's annual contact center markets and
                           technologies mega-model. The model provides insight into spending on core
                           contact center technologies by region, technology and sizeband.

                           The Contact Center Markets and Technologies interactive model helps you identify
                           the inflection points for TDM and IP adoption, across 22 countries or sub-regions.
                           Additionally, the model helps pinpoint the impact of global economic conditions on
                           contact center spending by vertical market and country-by-country. The model helps
                           identify key growth opportunities in developing countries.

               Scope and coverage of the models
                Region Coverage                                                     Verticals:

                 -        North America                                             -    Energy and utilities
                 -        EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)                     -    Financial services
                 -        APAC (Asia Pacific)                                       -    Healthcare (including life sciences)
                 -        CALA (Central and Latin America)                          -    Manufacturing (including technology)
                                                                                    -    Media and entertainment
                                                                                    -    Professional services (including outsourcing)
                                                                                    -    Public sector
                  -       Total number of contact center agent positions
                                                                                    -    Retail, wholesale and distribution
                          per country and per size of contact center, across
                                                                                    -    Telecommunications
                          four sizebands
                                                                                    -    Travel, transportation, logistics and hospitality
                  -       Total number of contact center agent positions in
                                                                                    -    Utilities
                          12 vertical markets and by technology location:
                                                                                    -    Other
                          premise-based; hosted; as well as by IP and TDM
                  -       Total number of contact centers per country across
                          four sizebands
                  -       Spending on five technologies: inbound hardware;
                          switch-dependent software; switch-independent
                          software; non-switch software; and outbound
                  -       Spending on each technology per country and
                          across five sizebands
                  -       Spending on each technology across 11 vertical

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Screenshots samples
         Navigate with interactive tables to show agent positions in different countries and regions from 2008
         to 2013.

         Use interactive tables to drill down into spending on inbound hardware, non-switch software,
         outbound, switch-dependent software and switch-independent software by region, country and
         contact center sizeband.

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Contact Center Markets and Technologies, 2008-2013

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