Heat Waves and Extreme Drought Will Increase with Climate Change

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					Heat Waves and Extreme Drought Will Increase with Climate Change
 27 February 2009
The severe drought and searing heat that recently allowed wildfires to char much of Australia will oppress wide swathes
of the earth with increasing frequency this century, according to a forecast
by scientists who met this week in Beijing, China, the United Nations weather agency said today.
“The combination of record heat and widespread drought during the past five to ten years over large parts of southern
and eastern Australia is without historical precedent and is, at least partly, a result of climate change,” according to a
statement endorsed by the scientists at the meeting co- sponsored by the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Poor communities get help with climate adaptation
 25 February 2009 -
A new global initiative will generate and share knowhow on strategies to help the world's poorest and most vulnerable
communities adapt to the impacts of climate change. The Global Initiative on Community Based Adaptation to Climate
Change was announced by Saleemul Huq, senior fellow at the UK-based International Institute for Environment
Development (IIED), at an international conference on community-based adaptation to climate change in Dhaka,
Bangladesh yesterday (24 February). But adaptation should not focus excessively on short-term "palliative" adaptation
strategies that yield immediate results but might not be sustainable in the long run, warned Ian Burton, professor
emeritus at the University of Toronto, Canada, and scientist emeritus at the Meteorological Service of Canada.

Feeling The Arctic Heat
1 March 2009
As a young girl, Elisapee Sheutiapik could never wear short-sleeved shirts in her cold city. But in recent years, summer
days in her hometown of Iqaluit, close to the Arctic Circle in northern Canada, have reached 25 degrees Celsius.
Climate change has also had an impact on the lives of winter hunters from the indigenous Inuit people in Canada.The two
years of research by the International Council for Science and the UN’s World Meteorological Organization, at a cost of
$1.2 billion, “took place during a time when our planet was changing faster than ever in recorded human history,
especially in the polar regions,” the groups said. Michel Jarraud, the secretary general of the WMO, said, “The new
evidence resulting from polar research will strengthen the scientific basis on which we build future actions.”

Polar people feel climate change
March 1, 2009
As a young girl, Elisapee Sheutiapik never wore short-sleeved shirts, but the weather in the summertime in recent years
can reach 25 degrees in her hometown of Iqaluit, close to the Arctic Circle in northern Canada.
Climate change has also impacted on the lives of winter hunters from the indigenous Inuit people in Canada.
'Our older hunters, who go out to the land regularly, are sometimes stuck now, and we are conducting more search and
rescue missions,' said Sheutiapik, the mayor of Iqaluit.
La fonte des glaces des deux pôles s'accélère plus que prévu
Major scientific survey finds bigger than expected polar ice melt
Polar research reveals new evidence of global environmental change
Don't store CO2, put it to work
El calentamiento de las regiones polares es aún más grave de lo que se creía
El deshielo ártico y antártico alteralas corrientes oceánicas y atmosféricas
La fonte des glaces des 2 pôles s'accélère plus que prévu

Preocupación por el deshielo en los polos afecta a Colombia
Lunes 2 de marzo de 2009
Los riesgos por el cambio climático para la humanidad y el medio ambiente son más elevados de lo que se creían. La
situación para Colombia no es muy alentadora. "El mensaje del Año Polar Internacional es muy claro: lo que está pasando
en las regiones polares tiene consecuencias que nos afectan a todos", subrayaron los voceros de la Organización
Meteorológica Mundial (OMM) y el Consejo Internacional para la Ciencia (CIS), encargados de divulgar las primeras
conclusiones de la investigación esta semana en Ginebra (Suiza)."
Les médias ne doivent pas cacher l'ampleur du changement climatique, avertissent les chercheurs
Le public britannique ne prend pas le changement climatique au sérieux, notamment parce que les médias n'en parlent
pas comme ils le devraient. C'est du moins ce que pensent les chercheurs de l'université de Liverpool, au Royaume-
Uni....L'Année polaire internationale 2007-2008 est arrivée à un carrefour de l'avenir de notre planète», explique Michel
Jarraud, secrétaire général de l'Organisation météorologique mondiale. «Les nouvelles informations résultant des
recherches polaires renforceront la base de la recherche sur laquelle s'appuieront nos futures actions.»

Carbon dioxide emissions could last millennia, expert says
March 01, 2009
WASHINGTON - Until now, most discussion of climate change has been about what scientific evidence shows is likely to
happen between now and 2100. However, scientific research shows that the carbon dioxide gas released from burning
fossil fuels lasts in the atmosphere much longer than mere decades.

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Med Nations Top EU's Climate Change Risk List
BRUSSELS - Italy, Spain and Greece could bear the brunt of climate change in Europe this century, with heatwaves and
wildfires hitting tourism earnings and food production, according to a draft European Commission report. The economic
impact of climate change could be 6.2 billion euros (US$7.9 billion) a year by 2020 if the EU's 27 nations do nothing to
adapt, says an early draft of the "Adapting to Climate Change" report, seen by Reuters on Friday.

California Sees Billions In Losses From Drought
SAN FRANCISCO - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Friday declared a state emergency due to drought,
requested broad conservation measures and said agricultural revenue losses in the coming season could top $2 billion.
Total economic losses in 2009 could be nearly $3 billion, the governor said, and he requested urban users to cut water
consumption by 20 percent and state agencies to implement a water reduction plan.

Australia's Weather Bureau Warns Of Flooding
SYDNEY - Australia's Bureau of Meteorology said on Saturday it anticipated "significant flooding" in the country's mineral-
rich northwest as a developing tropical cyclone made landfall. The system had already prompted two oil field operators,
Apache Energy and Santos Ltd, to shut production from some fields, while other operators in Australia's "cyclone alley"
were on alert.

Hurricane Season 2008

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